10 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

Any smart kitchen is incomplete without a smart appliance, and refrigerator is undoubtedly the best one to have. But is your single door refrigerator doesn’t offer enough room to store more? If yes, then its time to replace it with the best Double Door Refrigerator that will offer more storage room for perishable food items drinks, and lot more.

Now if you are thinking about your budget, let me tell you that the latest versions of double door refrigerator are more cost-effective and advantageous than the single door refrigerators. More storage room, decent look, various advanced features, frost free, and with great energy efficiency, a double door fridge is and ideal choice in every manner.

The double door refrigerators are ideally meant for medium-sized families with 5-6 family members. It comes with two separate doors up and down that allow you to access both the sections separately. Therefore, it saves a lot of energy in between, unlike the single door refrigerators that come with both the sections together.

To make your best pick as well as to get more detailed information on double door refrigerators, please head to our Buying Guide Section.

10 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India

Double Door RefrigeratorsCapacity / Energy Star Rating 
Read Review
260 L / 4 StarCHECK PRICE
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420 L / 4 StarCHECK PRICE
Whirlpool (IF INV CNV 305 ELT 4S))
Read Review
292 L / 4 StarCHECK PRICE
Haier (HRB-3404BS-R/E)
Read Review
320 L / 3 StarCHECK PRICE
Samsung (RT65K7058BS/TL)
Read Review
670 L / 3 StarCHECK PRICE
Godrej (RF EON 260C 35 RCIF ST RH)
Read Review
260 L / 3 StarCHECK PRICE
Panasonic (NR-MBG34VSS3)
Read Review
336 L / 3 StarCHECK PRICE
Bosch (Series 6 KGN56LB41I)
Read Review
559 L / 3 StarCHECK PRICE
Haier (HRB-2964PMG-E)
Read Review
276 L / 4 StarCHECK PRICE
Samsung (RT49K6338BS/TL)
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478 L / 3 StarCHECK PRICE

Best Double Door Refrigerators Reviews

Now, have a look at the detailed review of the above listed models of best double door refrigerators to get the preferred one .

1. LG 260 L 4 Star Double Door Refrigerator

LG GL I292RPZL.APZZEBN Double Door Refrigerator

This smart double door refrigerator from the brand LG is a perfect combination of power, precision, and performance. The model comes with ultimate features making it an excellent choice for your kitchen. Moreover, its clean and simple design in a decent shiny steel gray color suits every home.

Featuring a smart inverter compressor, this refrigerator proves to be the most energy-efficient fridge. It automatically adjusts the cooling power based on the refrigerator’s content. The best is that it works silently.

Multiple airflow vents ensure even and consistent cooling inside the refrigerator. Therefore, keeping the food fresh and healthy for long.

This frost free double door refrigerator has a unique Auto Smart Connect feature. It keeps your refrigerator connected with the home inverter. So, in case if there is a power cut, your fridge will run non-stop, by taking the inverter power automatically.

Another best feature of this LG double door fridge is its unique top LED. This one ensures unique brightness across the fridge, premium aesthetics, better interior appeal, longevity, as well as energy efficiency.

With its stabilizer-free operation, the fridge can withstand the voltage fluctuations and can perform well in the low voltage conditions. So, there is no need for a stabilizer connection.

One of the unique features of this inverter frost free double door refrigerator is that it can also run on solar energy. For this, you just need to connect a DC-to-AC converter, like UPS or PCU.

Key Features

  • Capacity 260 L
  • 4 Star Energy Rating
  • Frost Free Refrigerator
  • Smart Inverter Compressor
  • Ice beam door cooling
  • Multi Air Flow Cooling
  • Auto Smart Connect to run on home inverter in case of power cuts
  • Unique Top LED
  • 2L bottle storage
  • Moist balance crisper and humidity controller to keep vegetables fresh
  • Double twist ice tray to get extra ice
  • No separate stabilizer is needed for operation
  • Solar smart to run on solar energy


  • Appealing and sturdy
  • Top-notch performance
  • Good energy saver
  • Best on budget


  • Complaints of water leakage from the freezer

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2. LG 420 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator


In the list of best double door refrigerator in India, this one from LG is another great choice. This LG model is for those who want more spacious room for storing food items. It serves great for the family having more than five members. Reliable cooling features, sophisticated design, long bar handles, and top-notch performance makes this double door refrigerator a unique choice for your home.

Having four-star energy rating, the fridge is very energy efficient and saving a huge on your electricity bills. It also comes with a smart inverter compressor that again saves a lot of energy. Plus, it ensures super silent operation and unmatched performance too.

This LG refrigerator has a unique ice-beam door cooling features that circulates even cooling to every corner inside it. It maintains the prolonged freshness of the stored food items. Moreover, the moist balance crisper controls the moisture to make fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer.

The fridge also has an auto smart connect feature that automatically connects the fridge from your home inverter. It makes the fridge to run efficiently in case of power cuts.

Unique tower LED, built-in stabilizer, door alarm are some of the great features of this LG double door refrigerator. Like the previous LG model, it also runs on solar energy.

Key Features

  • Capacity 420 L
  • Energy Rating of 4 Star makes it less energy consumption model
  • Smart Inverter Compressor
  • Ice Beam door cooling
  • Auto smart connect with home inverter
  • 2L bottle storage
  • Large Vegetable Box
  • Double twist ice tray
  • Tower LED
  • Door Alarm
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Solar smart to run on solar energy


  • Spacious refrigerator
  • Deep freezer zone
  • Build quality is very sturdy
  • Elegant appeal
  • Low power consumption


  • No downsides noted yet

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3. Whirlpool 292 L 4 Star Double-Door Refrigerator

Whirlppol IF INV CNV 305 ELT4S Double Door Refrigerator

Enjoy the fresh and healthy food every day with this smart and best double door refrigerator from Whirlpool. The classy look of this refrigerator in German steel finish is the most eye-catching part. Its spacious interior allows more storage space. Also, with the 4-star energy rating, it is one of the best models for less energy consumption.

Featuring innovative Intellisense inverter technology, the fridge adapts the cooling as per the internal load, thereby saving energy. Also, in case of power cuts, it automatically connects to the home inverter for consistent cooling. Moreover, the advanced Zeolite technology, Microblock technology, and FreshFlow AirTower with Flexi Vents ensure freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to 15 days.

When it comes to hygiene and freshness of the stored eatables, this refrigerator retains the same due to its Microblock Technology. This technology prevents bacterial growth and thus assures freshness of the edibles.

This double door fridge also comes with five smart convertible modes that convert the freezer into fridge on your requirement. These modes include All Season Mode, Chef Mode, Dessert Mode, Party Mode, and Deep Freeze Mode. And thus, saves extra energy consumption.

The bigger vegetable crisper offers more storage space for storing fruits and vegetables. Also, the crisper is featuring honey-comb moisture lock-in technology that maintains the optimum moisture level in fruits and vegetables. So, they remain fresh for a more extended period.

Key Features

  • Capacity 292 L
  • 4 Star Energy Rating
  • Adaptive intelligence for optimum cooling
  • Intellisense inverter technology
  • Auto-connect to home inverter
  • Zeolite technology to prevent extra ripening of fruits and vegetables
  • Microblock technology to prevent bacterial growth
  • Freshflow air tower with Flexi vents for even cooling to every corner
  • 5 Convertible modes
  • Big vegetable box
  • Honeycomb moisture crisper cover


  • Clean and classy design
  • Build quality of the fridge is outstanding
  • Decent cooling and freshness
  • Very less power consumption
  • Temperature control at the freezer door looks fancy


  • Some manufacturing defects

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4. Haier 320 L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier HRB-340BS R/HRB-3404BS-E Double Door Refrigerator

This Haier model is another great option in our list of best double door refrigerators. It is a bottom freezer refrigerator with a host of unique features and functionalities. With the capacity of 320 L, the fridge can easily accommodate large quantities of vegetables, fruits, and other food items.

Its elegant design includes brushed metallic finish on the exterior and recessed door handle. Plus, the backside of the refrigerator is wholly covered, ensuring the safety of you. The best part is that you don’t need to bend down to take vegetables and fruits from the fridge because of its bottom-mounted freezer. And it is undoubtedly a boon to the people having back pain.

This double door fridge comes with four glass shelves of toughened glass that are height adjustable. There are three-door shelves with the bottom shelf wide enough to keep the bottles of up to 2-liter capacity.

The model has a unique 1 hour icing technology that makes the ice very quickly in an hour only. It also has the bigger cooling pads that retain the cooling inside for up to 10 hours, even in case of power failure.

Its 360-degree cooling technology allows even and thorough cooling inside the refrigerator that retains cooling and freshness inside it.

The fridge comes with a top LED light that lightens the entire refrigerator and also consumes very less energy. Moreover, it’s stabilizer-free operation protects the compressor from voltage fluctuations.

Key Features

  • Capacity 320 L
  • 3 Star Energy Rating
  • Frost-free refrigerator
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Inverter Compressor
  • 1-hour icing technology for fast ice making
  • Twin twist ice tray to get the ice cubes easily
  • 360-degree cooling
  • Top LED light
  • Operates easily without stabilizer due to built-in stabilizer
  • Bigger crisper
  • Toughened glass shelves


  • Attractive and appealing design
  • Build quality is very nice
  • Spacious interiors
  • Freezer is also large enough
  • Good performance


  • The freezer doesn’t have any lighting

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5. Samsung 670 L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Convertible

Samsung RT65K7058BS/TL Double Door Refrigerator

This Samsung double door refrigerator is a great buy if you have a large family. With the capacity of 670 L, the fridge is capable enough to store large quantities of food items. Clean and simple design with top-mounted freezer and the bar handles adds a touch of glamour to your home interiors.

This refrigerator features digital inverter technology that automatically takes power from your home inverter during the power cuts. Thus, you can get the benefit of uninterrupted cooling results. It also has a Cool Pack feature in the freezer compartment that keeps the food frozen for 12 hours in case of power failure.

Power cool technology is its another unique feature that ensures faster chilling of food and beverages. It also makes the food items fresh for a longer duration. Also, it has the power freeze technology that ensures quick ice making.

There comes an LED display at the top of the freezer compartment making the controls easy at your fingertips. With this, you can easily change the temperature settings and turn on the power cool and power freeze option.

This double door refrigerator comes with more brighter and power-efficient LED lighting that illuminates every corner of the fridge interior. The door alarm is an added feature in case you forget to close the refrigerator door.

The very best is its five convertible modes letting you convert the freezer into fridge with five different modes as per the requirement.

Key Features

  • Storage Capacity 670 L
  • 3 Star Energy Rating
  • Digital Inverter technology
  • Smart Connect Inverter
  • Digital display
  • LED light
  • Power freeze and power cool technology
  • Cool Pack feature to keep food frozen for up to 12 hours
  • Twist ice maker
  • Key Lock feature
  • Anti-bacteria protector to keep the fridge clean and hygienic
  • Door alarm to alert you in case the fridge door is open
  • Adjustable shelves of toughened glass
  • Big bottle guard
  • Stabilizer-free operation


  • Appealing look
  • Capacity is good enough for large families
  • Very spacious to keep large quantities of food items conveniently
  • Inverter technology saves your electricity bill
  • Nice cooling
  • The convertible option is beneficial


  • Expensive

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6. Godrej 260 L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Godrej 260 L Double Door Refrigerator

It is another innovative and best double door refrigerator in India with a host of smart features. The model boasts style, elegance, performance, and efficiency, all in a single appliance. With the spacious interior, you can store a large quantity of food items with ease. Its 3-star energy rating ensures more energy efficiency.

When it comes to design, the interior of the refrigerator has removable and adjustable glass shelves. There is a large bottle rack on the door that can easily accommodate bottles of 2.25 l. The best is its large vegetable tray that provides an extra space to store fruits and vegetables in a more organized way.

The freezer compartment has adequate space to store frozen food items easily. There are also polybag suspenders inside it, allowing you to conveniently hang the polybags of frozen food items.

This refrigerator has unique StayCool technology that retains the cooling inside it for up to ten hours despite the power cuts. There is a deodorizer filter that eliminates the foul smell from the fridge and retains the freshness of the stored food items.

One of the best features is its smart 6 in 1 convertible mode that allow you to use your fridge the way you want.

Key Features

  • Capacity 260 L
  • 3 Star Energy Rating
  • Quick Freeze technology for quick ice making
  • Cool Shower technology for even distribution of cold air inside the fridge
  • Innovative cooling technology
  • Easy store-and-serve bins to store dry fruits and chocolates
  • 2.5 l bottle holder with metal retainer
  • Polybag suspenders in the freezer
  • Large chiller tray
  • Large vegetable tray
  • LED lighting
  • Deodorizer function
  • Door lock
  • Built-in stabilizer, so no extra stabilizer is needed for its operation
  • 6 in 1 Convertible Modes
  • 1 Year Warranty on product and 10 Years on Compressor


  • Sturdy construction
  • Appealing design
  • Good cooling
  • Excellent performance of the refrigerator
  • Very energy efficient


  • Build quality is not satisfactory

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7. Panasonic 336 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator (NR-MBG34VSS3)

Panasonic Double Door Refrigerator

This Panasonic model is yet another smart choice for best double door refrigerators in India. Superior cooling technology , unmatched built, and excellent energy efficiency are some of the unique features of this frost-free double door refrigerator. Moreover, the storage capacity of 336 L makes it an excellent choice for the family, having 4-5 family members.

Featuring a unique Econavi technology, it offers up to 10% energy savings rather than other double door refrigerators. This technology actually combines the usage of sensors and program control software that monitors your pattern for more energy efficiency.

The spacious interior allows enough spacing for storage. There are height adjustable shelves for more efficient storage and convenience. Plus, the large vegetable storage of capacity 35 l provides extra spacing to store your favorite fruits and vegetables very conveniently.

This Panasonic double door refrigerator comes with surround cooling airflow feature. It maintains the optimum temperature and humidity in each compartment to keep the food items fresh for a longer period. Also, its unique AG clean technology eliminates bacteria, molds, and other harmful organisms to retain freshness and nutrients.

Key Features

  • Capacity 336 L
  • Energy Rating 3 Star
  • Surround Airflow Cooling System
  • Energy-saving LED lighting
  • Double Twist ice tray
  • Econavi technology
  • AG clean technology
  • Veg Jumbo storage of 35 l
  • Height adjustable toughened glass shelves
  • 1 Year Warranty on Product and 10 Years on Compressor


  • Great quality and performance
  • Superior cooling
  • Very spacious
  • Less energy consumption


  • Some manufacturing defects

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8. Bosch Series 6 Inverter 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Bosch KGN56LB41I Double Door Refrigerator

Now another renowned brand Bosch presents this smart double door fridge that ideal for a big family. Its eye-catching design with the bottom mounted freezer adds not only grace and style but also very helpful for those with back pain problems.

This large storage capacity bottom freezer refrigerator offers efficient cooling with minimum power consumption. It comes with a premium touch electronic control panel that keeps the setting and controlling of temperature at your fingertips. Also, there are separate temperature controls for both the freezer and fridge compartments.

Keeping pans and pots of different heights and weights are very easy with this frost free refrigerator as it comes with innovative adjustable shelves made of toughened glass. These transparent shelves also allow easy accessibility to the food items.

The fridge is equipped with VitaFresh Plus technology that maintains the freshness of fruits and vegetables two times longer than other refrigerators. There is an inclusion of multiple airflow system that ensures the even distribution of cold air to every corner of the fridge. Thus, freshness remains longer. Also, it has a fresh air filter that eliminates bacteria and foul odor.

Key Features

  • Capacity 559 l
  • Energy Rating of 3 Star
  • Modern sleek black glass doors
  • Premium touch electronic control panel
  • VitaFresh Plus technology to keep fruits and vegetables fresh two times longer
  • Easy adjustable toughened glass shelves
  • Super cooling and super freezing
  • Fresh sense technology for freshness inside the fridge
  • Separate temperature control for freezer and fridge compartment
  • Multi airflow system for even distribution of cool air inside the fridge
  • No frost
  • LED light


  • Stylish look
  • Sturdy construction
  • Super silent operation
  • Very spacious


  • Higher on the price side

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9. Haier 276 L 4 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier HRB-2964PMG-E Double Door Refrigerator

Again, this bottom mounted freezer refrigerator from Haier is a smart choice for the family with 4-5 members. No need to bend down for taking out the fruits and vegetables from the vegetable box. Therfore, a great relief for the people with back pain issues.

Adorable silver color option with a black finish on the door along with the square pattern design makes this fridge a stylish addition to your kitchen.

This best double door refrigerator comes with turbo icing technology for quick and faster ice making only in 49 minutes. There is a movable ice tray inside the freezer zone that you can easily shift from one place to another. It provides extra space for storing bottles, etc.

It has eight smart convertible modes that allow converting the freezer into fridge as per your usage and requirement. The best part is that this feature saves more energy and thus reduces your electricity bills. Overall, these features make it one of the best refrigerator in India.

Key Features

  • Capacity 276 L
  • 4 Star Energy Rating
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Twin Inverter technology
  • 8 Convertible modes
  • Turbo icing technology
  • Movable Ice Tray
  • Top LED lighting
  • Built-in stabilizer
  • Big vegetable box
  • Separate fruit box


  • Nice design and built
  • Energy-efficient refrigerator
  • The eight convertible modes save more energy
  • Perfect cooling


  • Complaints of noise coming from the fridge

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10. Samsung 478 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung RT49K6338BS/TL Best Double Door Refrigerator

This Samsung double door refrigerator is the smaller version of the previous Samsung model in our list. Storing food in large quantities is now very convenient with this spacious refrigerator. With a host of unique features, incredible performance, and superb functionality, this refrigerator is a great choice for you.

Simple design with elegant black inox finish, long bar handles, and digital display adds grace and appeal to your home interiors.

Featuring twin cooling plus technology, this fridge can keep food fresh for a more extended period. Even, its antibacterial mode protects the interior of the refrigerator from bacteria.

Its power freeze technology aids in quick ice-making and the power cool technology chills food and beverages very faster. Moreover, the toughened glass shelves feature easy sliding so that you can access the food items easily. The biggest benefit is that these shelves can hold the weight up to 150 Kg. So, you don’t need to worry about keeping heavy pots and pans.

There is an LED light present at the top side of the refrigerator compartment that illuminates every corner of the fridge interior for easy access. Plus, Its stabilizer free operation makes the fridge to withstand the high voltage fluctuation.

The very best is its five convertible mode function, including Normal mode, Extra Fridge mode, Vacation mode, Seasonal mode, and Home Alone mode. It makes the freezer to convert into a fridge and thereby catering various storage needs.

Key Features

  • Capacity 478 L
  • Energy Rating 3 star
  • Digital Inverter Compressor
  • Automatic smart connect inverter
  • Power Freeze technology
  • Power cooling technology
  • Digital display
  • Door Alarm
  • Key Lock
  • LED light
  • Deodorizing filter to eliminate bad smell and odor
  • Deep Freeze technology
  • Big bottle guard
  • Easy operation without stabilizer
  • 5 Convertible modes


  • Build quality is very nice
  • Stylish look
  • Great in terms of performance
  • Suitable for large-sized family
  • Convertible modes is a nice option


  • Pricey

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How to Choose the Best Double Door Refrigerators (Buying Guide)

Chooing the best double door refrigerator in India requires a lot of considerations. So, we are her with our buying guide to let you know about the necessary features before buying a double door fridge for your home.

Types of Double Door Refrigerator

Double door refrigerators come in two smart designs:

Top Freezer Model

Like the name, these refrigerators have the freezer compartment at the top of the fridge. Well, these types of refrigerators are of traditional style. But in terms of energy efficiency, the top freezer style is the ideal choice.

Bottom Freezer Model

Most of the new models come with this design, where you will find the freezer zone at the bottom of the fridge. Well, these are generally expensive over the top freezer model. But these models are advantageous for those who have backache issues.

Most of us use the refrigerator section more as compared to the freezer zone. So, this design lets you access the refrigerator section more conveniently without bending you down for getting the fruits and vegetables and other food items.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Double Door Refrigerator

1. Capacity

Deciding the capacity of a double door refrigerator is an important aspect before buying it. The double door refrigerators come in the capacity ranging from 145 liters up to 700 liters.

Choosing the right capacity also depends on many more factors. The first and foremost factor to consider is the available floor space to keep the fridge appropriately. Based on this factor, you can go for the appropriate size you need for the refrigerator.

The other important factor in choosing the right capacity of the double door fridge is to determine the size of your family. If you have 3-4 family members, you can opt for the fridge with a small capacity. And as per the members in your family, you can choose the right capacity of the double door refrigerator appropriately.

2. Energy Star Rating

Now almost all the electrical appliances come with BEE Star Rating. This star rating indicates how energy efficient the appliance is on the scale of five.

The more the star rating, the more the appliance will be energy efficient. However, the refrigerator with higher energy rating will cost you more, but in terms of power saving, it will let you save more in the long run.

3. Digital Inverter Compressor

All the latest models of fridges come with a digital inverter compressor that saves more power as compared to the traditional refrigerators. Moreover, the models of double door fridge with inverter compressor are functional for long duration and offers low noise operation.

4. Frost-free Technology

All the double door refrigerators come with frost-free technology. This technology ensures that the refrigerator has a set of fans to blow out cold air inside the fridge. It allows the refrigerator to have the freezer compartment free from any ice-build up like the conventional single door refrigerators. So, no more hassle of manual defrost system. Also, it ensures ease of cleaning as well.

5. In-built stabilizer

All the new models of refrigerators come with a built-in stabilizer that is again the very best feature out of all. In India, where the power-cut might happen most of the time as well as voltage fluctuations, this feature saves your refrigerator from the damage.

6. Automatic Temperature Control

The single door refrigerators require manual temperature control as per the weather condition or the right temperature maintenance to keep the food items fresh in the fridge. But the advanced double door refrigerators come with intelligent automatic temperature control that maintains the constant temperature inside the fridge. And hence there is no need for manual temperature control.

Though it requires more power consumption, the feature is more beneficial to keep the food items preserves its essential nutrients and fresh in the right way.

7. Cool Pad

All the double door refrigerators come with the smart cool pad technology that is actually a gel pad inside the fridge. This cool pad retains the cooling inside the appliance even during the power cuts. So, the food in your refrigerator gets fresh even when there is no power supply at all.

8. Adjustable shelves and drawers

It is amazingly the best feature of a double door refrigerator. I think most of you want to buy a double door fridge to get a spacious room for storing the food items. In this case, go for the fridges that comes with easy adjustable drawers and shelves. The movable shelves provide easy arrangements to hold large containers.

Also, make sure that the shelves come with the spill-proof feature. Therefore, if anything gets dropped to it, you don’t need to worry about that it will spread out to other shelves inside the fridge. And this way, you can also clean the messy drops and spills with ease.

9. Convertible Refrigerators

Most of the advanced models of double door refrigerators come with a convertible feature that converts the freezer zone to the regular fridge if you need more space for storing food items. Simply, this feature makes you convert the freezer into a fridge.

Even with different modes available, you can choose the desirable mode conveniently. For instance, if you want to turn off the freezer mode while keep running the refrigeration compartment, you can use the extra fridge mode.

Also, with the vacation mode, you can turn off the fridge compartment and make running the freezer zone.

In some models, you can find the home alone mode too. This mode is great when only one family member stays at home, and others are out. This mode converts the freezer compartment into a mini-fridge where you can keep all the foodstuffs conveniently. And the refrigerator compartment turns off up to that period.
All these modes are not only convenient but also saves a lot of energy too.

10. Price

The pricing of a double door fridge depends on its capacity and features present. Obviously, if you need more smart features as well as high capacity fridge, you need to increase your budget range. Most of the high-end models of double door refrigerators in India ranges from around Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000. Choice depends on your needs and features you want.

11. Warranty

Who likes to pay some extra cost for parts replacement or repairment if any malfunction occurs in your fridge? Of course not. In this case warranty on the product plays a very important role. Warranty provides you the complete relaxation in paying any extra cost for the parts replacement or fixing the issue. Almost all the double door refrigerators come with one year warranty on it and ten years on compressor. So, only go with the model that provides this much warranty.

Some Other Smart Features of Double Door Refrigerators

  • Deodorizer to retain freshness in the fridge
  • Portable and adjustable shelves for storing large food items conveniently
  • Humidity Control feature to control the level of moisture accordingly for keeping the food items fresh
  • Moist-fresh zone to provide an optimal environment for storing perishable food items to maintain its freshness for a more extended period
  • Ice dispenser to collect water or ice for avoiding spillage
  • Door Alarm to remind you to close the door of the fridge if you forget to shut that

Advantages of Double Door Refrigerators

  • Double door refrigerators offer you a more spacious room for storing foods and drinks. Even with the separate freezer compartment, you can easily access to the frozen items without touching the main storage section.
  • The other most beneficial feature of double door refrigerators is its enhanced cooling effect over the single door refrigerators. Thus, it keeps the food items fresh for a long period.
  • It allows accessing the fridge contents very easily because of its separate compartments. This feature also ensures more energy saving as compared to the single door refrigerators.
  • With these type of refrigerators, you get more shelves as compared to the single door refrigerators. It offers you a more organized way to store food items. Plus, the shelves are made of toughened glass, ensuring more extended durability.
  • One of the best beneficial features of the double door refrigerator is its frost-free technology. This feature assures no build-up of ice inside the freezer compartment, thus reduces the hassle of manual defrost system.

Disadvantages of Double Door Refrigerators

  • Not an ideal buy for small sized family.
  • They consume more power as compared to the single door refrigerators because of their large size.
  • Double door fridges are expensive over the single door fridges.

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

No matter what version of the fridge you are using, whether it is single door, double door, french door, or side by side, regular maintenance will provides a longer life to it. The regular maintenance also aids in running efficiently and saves on energy costs as well. So, here are few most important tips that you need to follow for taking proper care of your refrigerator.

  • Condenser coils (at the back of the fridge) are the most important parts of the refrigerator. It is best to clean them twice in a year by vacuuming the dirt accumulated on them. You can also clean them using a brush or dry cloth. But keep in mind to unplug the refrigerator while cleaning the coils.
  • Choosing the right temperature for both the fridge and the freezer section is very important for its efficient performance. The right temperature for the refrigerator compartment should be around 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit while for the freezer it should be set at zero degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keep checking the gasket and the door sealing. If it is not sealed properly, the cool air will escape out, that means wastage of energy and consequently, the fridge will not cool properly. For this, you need to make sure that the seals are free from any food residue. It is better to clean them every quarterly using the solution of baking soda and water or else using a toothbrush.
  • Do not open the fridge door for longer duration. Even in case of long power cuts, try to keep the fridge door closed as much as possible. It will keep your food safe and fresh for long hours.
  • Most of the advanced models of refrigerators include unique ice makers and water dipensers and comes with filter that needs replacement on a specific interval. For this, read the instruction manual carefully and then do the needful. It will keep these components clean and also allows to run them efficiently.

Double Door Refrigerators Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the best brands for double door refrigerators in India?
Brands like Samsung, LG, Godrej, and Whirlpool are the best choices for double door refrigerators in India. These all offer best in class features as well as good service and customer support.
2. What is the ideal size of the freezer in a double door refrigerator?
The double door refrigerator with 30:70 as the freezer to fridge ratio is considered to be the best choice amongst the Indian buyers. It offers enough of the freezer and fridge space best suiting your needs. Various models also come with the ratio of 20:80 and 50:50 that you can choose depending upon your food storage requirements. For those who love packaged frozen food items can choose the one with higher freezer capacity.
3. Do double door refrigerators cool better than single doors?
Yes, because the double door refrigerators use electric fans for cooling. These fans use air vents to throw cool air across the fridge, which ensures faster cooling. On the other hand, the single door uses direct cool technology to cool the fridge, which is comparatively slower.
4. Do double door refrigerators consume more energy?
Yes, it is because of their large capacity. Since these are designed to cool a large area, for this, they consume more energy. Even also, they use electric fans for cooling inside the fridge that uses more energy. Typically, they consume over 30-40% more energy as compared to the single door refrigerators.
5. Do you need a voltage stabilizer for a double door refrigerator?
Necessarily not. The advanced versions of double door refrigerators come with an in-built stabilizer that protects the fridge from high voltage fluctuations.
6. What is an inverter compressor in a double door refrigerator?
Inverter compressors ensure more energy efficiency as well as offer noiseless operation. The best part is that it helps in faster cooling and maintains an equal temperature in all parts of the fridge.
7. What are the important factors to consider before buying a double door refrigerator?
Various factors like star rating, size and capacity, price, warranty, power consumption, and the latest features are very important to consider before buying a double door fridge.
8. How many electrical units do a double door refrigerator consume?
Well, it depends on the energy star rating of that particular model. The refrigerators with four and five-star ratings will typically consume less energy as compared to the models having three or two-star ratings. Generally, the model with a three-star rating consumes around 210-220 units per year.


That’s all for our picks of best double door refrigerators in India for getting an efficient and spacious room to store perishable food items. We have covered all the necessary information in our buying guide that will let all your confusions away while choosing the best double door refrigerator. And I am sure; the blog will be pretty much helpful in choosing the most appropriate model for you.

Enjoy the refreshing drinks and fresh food items without worrying about the loss of essential nutrients with these double door refrigerators.

Still, if you think we must consider more points or have any queries, suggestions, and feedback, please do share with us in the comment section below.

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