12 Best Treadmills for Home Use in India 2020 (Top Motorized Treadmills)

With our daily hectic and busy schedules, it is very difficult to manage with all our health and fitness goals on a regular basis. It’s now a norm to work 9-5 for all who are working in a corporate office and so we all are leading an increasingly stressful life. Therefore, to reduce our daily stress, it is very much necessary to put some efforts towards our health and fitness goals. A lot of fitness accessories are available nowadays, and treadmills are one of the most popular cardio fitness equipment among them.
So, we came with this blog post for all our best picks of treadmills for home use to cope with your cardio fitness needs.

Since nothing beats an outdoor jogging, treadmills come closest, kindling you the experience of an outdoor jogging from the comfort of home. Also, treadmills are the best options when it comes to cardio fitness equipment and best for the people who need to keep a check on proper cardiovascular functioning.

The treadmills for home use are sized for convenience, powered by strong motors, and equipped with the right features for your workout guidance. And the best feature is that you don’t need to go outside for jogging, as it offers a steady and smooth ride from the convenience of your room.

For an in-depth information on Treadmills for home use, check our Buying Guide Section.

Our Best Picks of Treadmills for Home Use in India

With lots of options available in the market, it is quite difficult to select the best one. So, for your ease and convenience, we have rounded up here the best treadmills for home with an aim to help you find the best one that fits your budget, health goals, and lifestyle. Here is the quick list of best treadmills for home use.

BrandModelMax User Weight 
Powermax FitnessTDM-98Walking - 90 kg, Running - 65 kgView on Amazon
Powermax FitnessTDM-100S110 kgView on Amazon
Healthgenie4112M110 KgView on Amazon
QuanticoFS 385110 KgView on Amazon
LifelineDeluxe110 KgView on Amazon
Powermax FitnessTDA-125115 KgView on Amazon
FitplusFSAM0709110 KgView on Amazon
KoboTM-201120 KgView on Amazon
CockatooVelocity Series100 KgView on Amazon
DurafitHeavy Hike120 KgView on Amazon
WelcareWC2266100 KgView on Amazon
FitKitFT100110 KgView on Amazon

Best Treadmills for Home Reviews

1. Powermax FitnessTDM-98 Motorized Treadmill

Powermax Fitness TDM 98 Treadmill

The TDM-98 motorized treadmill from Powermax is the best overall, packed with tons of excellent features. Get a gym workout experience from the convenience of your home with this treadmill. Starting with the design, it comes with the 1.5 HP continuous motor that allows a smooth ride. The LED Display attached to it tracks your distance covered, time, speed, calories burnt, as well as heartbeat etc.

Featuring lightweight, compact and foldable design, this treadmill offers the perfect space saving solution for your home gym. It also comes has the steel crowned rollers with dynamic balancing that keeps the belt centered and ensures smooth movement of running belt as well as increases life of bearings and running belt. This treadmill is also featured with aux and USB input to listen music while exercising and keeps you in a good mood.

Key Features

  • LED display to track speed, time, distance, calories burned and heart rate
  • Running surface (l X w) – 43 x 15.75 inches, 1100 x 400mm
  • 12 preset workout programs for efficient workout
  • 1.5 HP (3 HP peak) continuous green efficient DC motor
  • Speed range of 0.8 to 14.8 km/h with heart rate sensors on handle
  • 90 degree folding for more space saving
  • Maximum user weight capacity – Walking – 90 kg, Running – 65 kg
  • Wheel for transportation, foldable and easy installation, aux and USB input and speaker

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Great quality product
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Worth value for money

The Bad

  • No negative reviews

View on Amazon

2. Powermax Fitness TDM-100S Motorized Treadmill

Powermax Fitness TDM 100S Treadmill

This one is another great option for all your exercising and fitness needs at your home. This folding treadmill from Powermax is an ideal choice for everyday running workout fitness. When comes to its designing, TDM – 100S is a lightweight, compact and foldable treadmill that offers the perfect space saving solution for your home gym.

It also comes with LCD screen that makes it easy to track your progress including speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse.The 12 Built-in workout programs enable you to see your results, and so you can get motivated and on pace.

Key Features

  • 5.5″ LCD Display
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 110 kg
  • Running Surface (L x W) – 1120 x 400mm / 44 X 16 inches
  • Speed, Time, Distance, Calories burned, Heart rate and FAT + BMI measurement
  • 1.5 HP Continuous GREEN efficient DC Motor
  • 3 level manual incline settings allow for the maximum variety
  • Speed Range of 0.8 to 12.8 km/h with Speed control FAST KEY provided on handrail
  • 6 Big shock springs for better shock absorption with 2 Jumping Wheels and Double Layer running board
  • 12 preset workout programs for efficient workout
  • Includes MP3 and USB input for Music, Speakers
  • Wheel for transportation
  • IPad holder
  • Auto Lubrication

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Quiet energy saving motor
  • Performance is very good
  • Easy to set it up and assemble
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • The soft drop hydraulic mechanism ensures safe and hassle-free unfolding every time

The Bad

  • No negative reviews

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3. Healthgenie 7in1 Motorized Treadmill 4112M

Healthgenie 7 in 1 Treadmill

This 7 in 1 motorized Treadmill from Healthgenie is a complete solution for your home gym. This complete fitness solution pack comes with a massager, a twister, a resistance tube, sit-ups, and a set of dumbbells. It has a two steps manual incline that provides you to explore options. Also, the 12 built-in programs allow the users to try it on different modes while hitting the treadmill.

This sophisticated treadmill also comes with a low noise DC drive motor and delivers the good speed range of 1-14 Km/Hr. If you are getting bored of your workout, don’t get worried as this treadmill comprises of the quality speakers that make your workout less boring. Also, its bright blue LCD showcases multiple actions like speed, distance, time, calories, heart rate, etc.

Key Features

  • Running Surface: 123.5 X 42 Cm
  • Motor Power of 2 HP
  • Speed Range of 1-14 Km/Hr
  • Bright blue LCD that offers time, distance, calories and heart rate
  • Quality Speakers enabling a Good Sound Experience while you are running on the Treadmill
  • Max User Weight: 110 Kg
  • 12 Preset Programs
  • This 7 in 1 treadmill comes as a complete fitness solution pack with a massager, a twister, Sit-ups, a resistance tube and a set of dumbbells

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Good quality treadmill
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Low noise DC drive motor

The Bad

  • The width of the belt could be a bit wider

View on Amazon

4. Quantico FS Treadmill

Quantico FS385 Treadmill

This treadmill from Quantico is simply a wonderful solution for exercise and workouts at your convenient location. It comes with 2.0 HP Continuous (4.0 HP Peak) Motor that offers a convenient and smooth ride. The LCD attached to it helps you in tracking time, distance, speed, calories burned, as well as the heart rate. The treadmill also comes with an extraordinary foldable feature along with the hydraulic release, children’s room, or sliding under the bed whenever you are not using it.

It has a safety lock option that holds the machine in a folded position and prevents it from falling over when stored in an upright position. Transport wheels attached to it make it more convenient and easy to move around. The Auto Inclination feature helps to incline or decline the running board from 0%-15% on a single command. And finally, the Auto Lubrication feature ensures zero friction and smooth movement of the running belt and hence increasing the life of the belt & the motor.

Key Features

  • 2 HP continuous (4HP Peak)
  • Running Area (1260mm X 420 MM)
  • Max User Weight (110 Kg)
  • Speed (1 Km/hr-14Km/hr)
  • Digitally adjust your incline up to 15 percent
  • 7-inch Color Display to track Time, Speed, Distance, Heart Rate, Calories
  • Auto Lubrication
  • Auto Inclination
  • 6 Level Shock Absorption
  • 12 Built-In programs

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Nice treadmill for the home gym
  • Provides more functionality at an affordable price
  • Easy to operate
  • Functionally very well
  • Reliable

The Bad

  • Belt is small in width which creates problem while running
  • Height of the handle is quite low

View on Amazon

5. Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill

Lifeline 4 in 1 Treadmill

This extraordinary 4 in 1 Deluxe manual Treadmill has been designed by Lifeline for experiencing an all-around fitness control. The treadmill comes with a user-friendly dashboard along with electronic meter display. And the electronic meter is equipped with pre-installed functions including speed, distance, time, calories, and
pulse. Its wider jogging surface and the extra space allows the easy leg movement.

This ultra-modern Treadmill also comes with a well-balanced twister helping you to slim the thighs, waist, and hips. The other smart features are 3 level manual incline, easy to fold, and easy to move.

Key Features

  • User-friendly dashboard with electronic metre
  • Flaunts a wider jogging surface
  • Hand pulse system monitors pulse rate
  • Foldable, portable, non-motorized treadmill machine
  • Provision of 3 Level Manual Incline
  • Thick and robust metal rods for heavy pounding
  • Wheels for moving the machine

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Performs very well
  • Nice build quality

The Bad

  • Cycle works better than the treadmill

View on Amazon

6. Powermax Fitness TDA-125 Motorized Treadmill

Powermax fitness TDA 125 Treadmill

This is another best model of treadmills for home from the brand Powermax to get a perfect commercial grade workout session. With a set of unique features, it also comes with durability, affordability, efficiency as well as great performance- All in one. The Powermax Fitness TDA-125 treadmill is equipped with the smart run function that easily records your activity for your next time workout. With 18 levels of auto-inclination, you can make your workout even more challenging. Also, there comes the set of 12 pre-defined programs that lets you do a variety of challenges with your workout.

When it comes to the design of this treadmill, it has a comfortable running track providing you a huge running environment. Also, the 6-Ply running board damping system offers the more responsive and bouncy surface for your energy conservation. It also has a thick 1.8mm multi-ply polyester satin interlaced multi-layer running belt that reduces shock. With its 5.5” Bright Blue LCD display you can easily read your time, distance, calories, speed, pulse, and inclination.

The handlebars of this treadmill are equipped with hand grip pulse sensors that let you monitor your heart rate in the real time. And the very best part is that it makes your workout even more enjoyable as it comes with built-in speakers along with AUX/USB Connection. This feature lets you listen your favorite MP3 songs while doing the workout.

Key Features

  • Motorized Treadmill
  • Smart Run Function
  • 5.5” Bright Blue LCD Display
  • Maximum User Weight 115 Kg
  • 12 Preset programs
  • Heart Rate sensor on crossbar handles
  • Auto Inclination
  • Built-in Speakers with AUX/USB Connection
  • ComfortTech 6-Point Commercial Grade Damping System
  • Anti-Skid Running Belt with 6-Ply Running Board
  • Hydraulic Soft-drop System (HSS) Folding
  • Quiet Energy Saving Motor
  • Comfortable Running Track
  • Auto Stop Safety Function
  • Roller for easy movement
  • Auto Lubrication

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Build quality is very nice
  • A decent treadmill for daily workout at home
  • Easy to install and use
  • Works very smoothly
  • The foldable feature is a nice option for easy storage

The Bad

  • No downsides noted yet

View on Amazon

7. Fitplus FSAM0709 3HP Motorized Treadmill

Fitplus FSAM0709 Motorized Treadmill

For all your walking, jogging, running, and daily fitness routine, this treadmill from Fitplus is the best choice not only for the professionals but also for the novice too. It is perfect exercise equipment for your home gym loaded with plenty of features for an amazing workout experience. This one offers a wide area for running along with comfortable and cushioned running mode.

It is equipped with an advanced digital dashboard that shows your speed, distance, calories, time, and heart rate. The treadmill is even very easy to operate with its easy to use start and stop buttons. With multipe preset programs, this treadmill offers more challenging workout to reach your fitness goals. And the most exciting part of this treadmill is its compatibility with the bluetooth feature that easily connects with the fitplus app. It lets you track distance, time, calorie count, and heart rate along with 6 months fitplus diet and fitness plan.

Key Features

  • Motorized treadmill
  • Wide running area
  • Speed Range 0.8-16 km/h
  • Maximum User Weight 110 Kg
  • Hydraulic soft landing system
  • Cushioned system
  • 3.0 HP Heavy duty motor
  • Ready to access button
  • Includes massager and dumbbells
  • Big LED display to show time, distance, speed, pulse, calorie, incline
  • MP3 support
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Fitplus App

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Built quality is very robust
  • The treadmill is very smooth and user-friendly
  • Elegant style LCD Display
  • Easy to assemble
  • Awesome functionality
  • Wide running surface with shockers makes running very comfortable
  • The fitplus app is very advantageous

The Bad

  • No downsides noted yet

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8. Kobo TM-201 Motorized Treadmill

Kobo TM201 Motorized Treadmill

Kobo is one of the well-known names in fitness, and sports industry and this motorized treadmill from Kobo is a great purchase for your home gym. It offers an easy and affordable solution for your entire cardiovascular workout at home.

Talking about the design, this one comes in a lightweight and foldable design that offers a space saving option. Also, there come the wheels for easy transportation means you can easily move it from one place to another. For a comfortable running experience, it comes with the wide running surface as well as rubber cushion for extra more comfort.

Now coming to the functionality, this treadmill comes with an LCD display along with six functions to check speed, distance, time, calories burnt, hand pulse and the inclination. Also, eight workout programs are there letting you do an easy workout at different levels. The best part is that it comes with a safety lock feature allowing you to stop the treadmill in case of emergency and thus preventing accidents and injuries.

Key Features

  • 3 Manual Level Incline
  • 2 HP DC Motor
  • Wide Speed Range
  • Wide running surface with rubber cushion
  • LCD display with 6 functions
  • 8 Workout programs
  • Grip Pulse Sensor
  • Safety lock system
  • Foldable with wheels
  • Maximum User Weight 120 kg

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Great quality treadmill
  • Performs very well
  • Easy to carry from one place to another as it is cylindrical foldable
  • Offers easy transportation due to the wheels
  • Easy to assemble and use

The Bad

  • No downsides noted yet

View on Amazon

9. Cockatoo Velocity Series 1.25 HP (2.5 HP Peak) & 1.5 HP (3 HP Peak) DC Motorized Treadmill

Cockatoo Motorized treadmill

If you want a commercial grade workout experience at your home, this one motorized treadmill from Cockatoo is absolutely a smart buy. With an amazing irresistible features, it is a must-have product for your home gym. Its 1.25 HP DC Motor with 2.5 HP DC peak is more powerful, ultra-quiet, and energy saving and provides the speed range of 0.8 to 12 Km per hour.

With a foldable design, this treadmill for home offers a space saving option and can be stored easily once you are done with your workout session. Moreover, this efficient treadmill also comes with LCD display providing you with all the vital information about speed, distance, time, hand pulse, calories, and body fat burnt. Featuring 12 programme settings as well as a versatile computer function, this one keeps you motivated towards your health and fitness goals. Also, its manual incline feature makes it the best choice to optimize your workouts.

Key Features

  • Motorized mechanism
  • Manual Incline
  • Shock Absorbing Belt
  • LCD display
  • 12 Program Settings
  • Speed 0.8 -12 Km/hour
  • Soft-drop folding
  • Maximum User Weight 100 Kg

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Great product with strong and sturdy built
  • Built-in programs are really very awesome
  • Easy foldable option for easy storage
  • Great treadmill in this price range

The Bad

  • The platform is little less wide
  • The pause button is missing

View on Amazon

10. Durafit Heavy-Hike 2.5HP (Peak 5.0 HP) Motorized Treadmill

Durafit Heavy Hike Foldable Treadmill

The next comes in our list is the Durafit Heavy Hike motorized treadmill that is perfect to take heavy loads, high speeds and intense training sessions. This compact sized treadmill is the best space saving option and ideal for those living in a small house/apartment. The 2.5 CHP extremely quiet motor of this treadmill is designed to support your prolonged workouts without even heating or slowing down. It is also equipped with an amazing range of 48 workout programs so that you never get bored and stay engaged during your workout sessions.

When it comes to safety, this motorized treadmill comes with special gravity pads on the sides that make it an ideal choice for older age people for a safe workout. Plus, it also has Dura-Spring Shock Absorption along with the Gel Cushioning System that offers excellent support for the knees and reduces shock on the knees at the same time. With its 16 levels of inclination, you can add more variety and challenges to make your workout more challenging and fun.

Key Features

  • 48 Preset Training programs (24 with incline and 24 without incline)
  • 16 level auto incline
  • Aux cable to listen music while workout
  • Wide LCD display
  • Maximum User Weight 120 Kg
  • Vertical Hydraulic Folding System for easily moving and storing the Treadmill
  • Dura-Spring Technology & Gel Cushion for additional Shock-Absorption
  • Hand-Rail Controls
  • Speed Range 1-16 km/hour

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Sturdy and strong built
  • Width of belt is 19 inch which is very comfortable for running
  • Auto inclination, speed adjustments, and speakers all are very handy to use
  • Easy controls on handle and panel
  • Wide running space

The Bad

  • No downsides for the product noted yet

View on Amazon

11. Welcare Wc2266 Motorized Treadmill

Welcare WC 2266 Treadmill

Make your workout sessions more fun and relaxing with this motorized treadmill from Welcare. It offers an efficient and straightforward aerobic workout from the comfort of your home. It comes with an easy folding mechanism as well as a soft drop system that makes the folding and unfolding of this treadmill a breeze. With its three levels manual incline system, you can burn more calories, tone more muscles, and build greater endurance.

Being available at such an affordable price, the Welcare WC 2266 doesn’t lack in the features that you want in a feature-packed treadmill. This treadmill comes with the speed ranging from 0.8-12 Km/hour, and you can easily select the speed level according to your physical condition and exercise based. Its comfortable cell cushioning feature minimizes the stress on joints by absorbing the maximum impact of each stride. Featuring an LCD display, this one comes with 12 preset programs for a more effective workout.

Key Features

  • 1.5 HP Green Motor
  • Maximum Weight Capacity 100Kg
  • Foldable and adjustable inclining design
  • Soft drop system
  • 5 layer Running Platform
  • 3 Levels Manual Incline
  • 12 Preset programs
  • Blue Backlight LCD display
  • Safety Key
  • Cushioning design

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Nice quality and sturdy built
  • Great for an effective workout session at home
  • Comfortable to use
  • Foldable option for easy storage
  • Performance is great

The Bad

  • No downsides noted yet

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12. Fitkit FT100 Series Motorized Treadmill

Fitkit FT 100M Treadmill

This is yet another best treadmills for home With an affordable price range, this treadmill from Fitkit comes with a host of unique features. It offers a great advantage to make your workout even more enjoyable and awesome. This treadmill comes with 12 pre-loaded workout programs to enhance your workout productivity. It also has 3 levels of manual inclination settings that offer multiple options when you start running on it.

Also, no more worrying about the maintenance of this treadmill as it comes with an auto-lubrication feature. And the very best part is that it is featuring aux input to listen music, which is an added bonus for all fitness freaks who love listening music while their workout sessions.

Key Features

  • 3 levels manual incline settings
  • Maximum User Weight 110 Kg
  • Speed Range 0.8- 14.8 Km/hour
  • Wide running surface
  • 12 Preset workout programs
  • LCD display
  • Wheel for transportation
  • Auto Lubrication
  • Aux Input to listen music

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Great in terms of quality and performance
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • The electric motor drives the treadmill very quietly
  • Collapsible feature makes it easy to store
  • Great treadmill in this price range

The Bad

  • No downsides noted yet

View on Amazon

Treadmills for Home Buying Guide

What is a Treadmill?

A treadmill is an exercise machine that comes with a moving strip or belt on which the people can run, or walk, staying at the same place. So, you don’t need to go for outdoor running, jogging, or walking. Staying fit and healthy, as well as maintaining your cardiovascular fitness is now very easy with the treadmills for home use.

This stationary cardio fitness machine includes variable adjustable speeds and levels of inclinations to vary your workout in just one push of a button. Treadmills for home come in various variants with different price tags. The heavier models are expensive, and the lighter one slightly comes at low price tags.

Benefits of using the Treadmills

Ease of use

Treadmills for home are one of the easiest exercise equipment you can use at home without worrying about the curbs, trails, and sidewalks as they come with a flat surface.

Tracking your progress

Some treadmills have special features like step counters and heart rate monitors so fitness progress can be tracked. Some also lets you create multiple users and save your stats so that you can see your improvement.

Weight loss

Running on a treadmill helps you in reducing your weight and if you combine your workout sessions with a healthy diet, you can reach your weight loss goals in no time.

Cardiovascular Health Improvement

With the cardiovascular workout on treadmills, you can easily improve your heart health.

Improved Muscle Tone

Running or walking on the treadmills strengthens and tones your muscles, and the incline feature will help tone your legs even more.

Improved Joint Flexibility

As a moderate-intensity exercise, treadmills helps in keeping your joints flexible. And since walking on a treadmill is smooth, you can reduce the impact on your knees and joints. Also, if you have arthritis, the treadmill is an excellent way to prevent your joints from unwanted pain.

Types of Treadmills

Mainly there come two different types of treadmills.

Manual Treadmills

The manual treadmills are not powered by a motor, and so the belt on these treadmills turn by your leg movements. These are smaller and lighter in weight. Some models come with a foldable option. They are thus providing you convenient storage also. It is also a budget-friendly option for doing cardiovascular exercise at home.

But on the downside, the manual treadmills are not as powerful as the motorized treadmills. Moving the belt of it totally depends on the movement of your legs. So it can run as fast as your legs move. Thus, it strains your hips, knees, and legs. These treadmills even don’t include smart and luxurious features like the motorized treadmill.

Motorized Treadmills

Like the name, the motorized treadmills run using a motor equipped with it. These are also known as electric treadmills or automatic treadmills. For doing exercise, you just need to set the speed and level of inclination as per your exercising needs. It is best for walking, running, and jogging, all.

With so many hi-tech features, these are best over the manual treadmills. Also, it doesn’t strain your legs because of the motorized movement of the belt. These are bulky and heavier over the manual treadmills, but again due to foldable option, it ensures secure storage.

The motorized treadmills offer you a variety of inclination settings and a wide range of speed settings. So, you can easily achieve your target goals. For all these reasons, the motorized treadmills are becoming very popular for home use as well as for the gym.

Different Parts of Treadmill- The Concept

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to do exercise on it, let’s get understand the different parts of the treadmill first.

Parts of a Treadmill

Treadmill Belt

It is the moving belt on the treadmill where you walk, jog, or run on. If you are buying the treadmill for home, you must consider the wider and longer belt size, so that it can cater to the multiple users in your family.

The standard measurement of the treadmill belt is 19×50 inches. This standard size is ideal for those who prefer to walk on the treadmill. But if running and jogging is your primary aim, then you must go for the extra-long and wider width of the treadmill belt.

Treadmill Deck

The treadmill deck holds the belt. It actually determines the length of the stride you can take.
Before choosing the right size of the treadmill deck, you must check your stride length first. Thus, it is important to find a deck where you can comfortably run or jog on.

Also, choose the deck, which is sturdy and durable, so that it can withstand your weight. The smart treadmills come with an inclination option letting you run as you run uphill. And some also have a certain amount of cushioning that reduces the impact on your knees and joints. Thus, it provides you a comfortable exercising option.

It is also important to choose the deck with excellent shock absorption. It reduces the risk of injury while running on the treadmill.

Treadmill Frame and Handrails

The treadmill frame holds every part of it, so a sturdy and heavy frame is considered to be the best. The heavy-duty frames ensure no more shaking while you walk or run on it.

The handrails on the treadmill are also known as handlebars or grips. These are used for stability when you are starting or stopping the treadmill. Some models of the treadmill come with the handlebar with a heart rate sensor on it. So, it will take your heart rate measurements while you are doing exercise on the treadmill. So, go for the one with comfortable grips and within easy reach when you need them.

Treadmill Console

The console part varies depending on the treadmill model. These are actually we can consider it entertainment units on the treadmill that covers many important things of your workout. It includes your speed covered, distance traveled, time taken, calories burnt, your heart rate, and much more information related to your workout.

Some advanced models also come with built-in TV, iPod dock to plug in your Mp3 player, mobile or tablet holder, water bottle holder, and cooling fans, etc. providing you ultimate exercising experience.

Choose the treadmill with an easy to use console. Most of the latest and advanced models come with a very nicely lit console, along with easy to read color and designs.

Features to Consider before buying the Treadmills for Home

Specify your need- Walking, Running or Jogging

It is the foremost consideration before buying a treadmill for home. Determine it first for which purpose you are going to buy the treadmill. If you only want regular walking, a simple manual treadmill is good for you. But if running or jogging is your main aim, you can go with the motorized treadmills. With so many hi-tech features, different settings for speed and inclination level, it will let you achieve your fitness goals faster.


Setting your budget is another main factor to consider before investing in a treadmill for home use. Purchasing a treadmill is a pricier investment. But thankfully, there are various affordable treadmills now available in the market for which you can easily go for. But before choosing the one, check for its power, weight capacity, and quality as they will surely lack some smart features of high-end models.

On the other hand, the high-end models are expensive, but they will never let you down in their quality and performance.

Space for treadmill storage

If you are purchasing the treadmill for home use, it is very much important to select the one that ideally fits the place where you want to keep it. So, if you have your own home gym, size may not be a big issue. But if you are short on space, you may opt for the lighter model with a foldable option.


Now the next most important thing to consider is the treadmill’s motor. As you know, the motorized treadmill runs on the motor. So you must always look for the one with a powerful motor. The power of the treadmill’s motor is measured in terms of Horsepower.

The treadmill with a powerful motor ensures its durability and delivers the best performance at high speed. So, it is recommended to look for a motor with at least 2.0 HP at a minimum. For jogging or running, you must look for the motor power ranging from 2.5 HP to 4.5 HP as per your need.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity determines how much weight a treadmill can withstand. It is ideal to choose a treadmill that can handle at least 20 Kg more than your body weight. For example, if your weight is 65 Kg, you must opt for the treadmill with the minimum weight capacity of 85 Kg.

Track size

Track size is also a very important consideration before shopping for a treadmill for home.
For a comfortable workout session, you may consider the following track size (including belt and deck length and width)

If you are purchasing the machine for light jogging and walking the track size of 20” (W) x 55” (L) is ideal.

For regular walking, jogging, and running, the track size of 20” (W) x 60” (L) is pretty good.

For sprinting, running, and for high inclination exercising, the track size of 22” (W) x 60” (L) is perfect.

Make sure to choose the ideal dimensions for the track suiting all your activities.

Track Cushioning

The track cushioning ensures low impact exercise without any strain in your knees and joints. It also reduces the risk of injury while doing the exercise on the treadmill. Some of the hi-end models also come with adjustable cushioning options. So, you can choose the desirable level of support while doing the exercise on it.

Speed Range

Different treadmill models come with varying ranges of speed. But it is always better to choose the highest speed setting on any motorized treadmill. Treadmills for home generally come with a maximum speed of 10 mph that is good for all average walkers and runners. But some latest models also include the speed range of up to 12 mph that is best for avid runners.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The option of heart rate monitoring is almost available with every treadmill, but its accuracy is extremely important. You can monitor your heart rate through the thumb sensors, contact sensors on the grips, and chest straps as well. The most accurate and convenient for them are the chest straps that lets you get into your running style.

Helpful tech Features

Treadmills equipped with hi-tech features offers you the programmed workouts designed by the professional trainers. These workouts will automatically speed up the treadmill and adjust incline ensuring an optimal workout. Also, the best models are connected with the fitness apps that allow you to download the exercise data so that you can easily track your improvements.

Treadmill Incline

This feature comes with nearly all the treadmills, but there are some varied incline features you should take care of. A good degree of incline should be 15% on any treadmill. So you must look for an electronically adjustable incline treadmill so that you can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout without any stop.


It is recommended to choose the treadmill with an easy to use console. So check whether it comes with an easy to read display, large buttons, quick one-touch speed, and so on.

User Profile

If you are buying the treadmill for home use, it may be a chance that it will be for your other family members too. In this case, considering the user profile option on a treadmill is best. This feature in a treadmill allows storing the data of multiple users with separate user IDs.


The treadmill is a pricey investment. So, considering the one with a solid warranty plan is better for you to ensure its durability.

Most of the reliable manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on the treadmill frame.

Also, the motor is an integral part of the motorized treadmill. Many brands come with motor warranties of 10 years or more, but some brands offer lifetime coverage also.

When it comes to warranty on parts, it is better to go for the one that covers at least one to three-year warranty on the parts of the treadmill. But some also include part warranties for up to five years.

Labor cost is also a very important consideration. Some manufacturers offer free labor for up to three years. But some charges for the shipping in case of machine maintenance.

Tips for Care and Maintenance of the Treadmills for Home

  • Always wipe down the treadmill after every workout
  • Some treadmills require oiling or lubricating, which must be done on a regular basis. But some of the best treadmills for home can lubricate themselves. So, you must do the lubrication only to that treadmill which needs lubrication
  • Always keep your treadmill in a climate-controlled environment because excess moisture, heat, and humidity damage the mechanics of the treadmill
  • Clean the dust and other particles from under the treadmill area using a vacuum cleaner every month
  • The treadmill belt wiggles and stretches out after continuous use. So, if you feel like that, tighten the belt when needed for a smooth workout
  • Always use the treadmill on a level surface to make the belt in an aligned position
  • If you feel a vibration while doing workout on the treadmill, you may opt for the treadmill mats


With many brands grabbing your attention, choosing treadmills for home use is quite overwhelming. I hope the list provided in the blog for the best treadmills for home as well as the buying tips will help you in narrowing down your search. Stay fit and active with our great picks of Treadmills and choose the best one as per your convenience. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below, if you feel anything is missing.

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