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There are a lot of hi-tech home appliances now available that are making our life easier. And in today’s hectic schedules, we all need smart home appliances not only for luxury, but they are now becoming our necessity too. One such appliance is a refrigerator. From cold water to refreshing beverages to store fruits and vegetables and the leftover food and other eatables, a refrigerator helps a lot. For fulfilling the needs of different people, there come various versions of refrigerators. And here we are going to discuss one such beautiful version, the Triple Door Refrigerators.

To get the in-depth information on Triple Door Refrigerators, please head to our Buying Guide Section.

Best Triple Door Refrigerators in India

Triple Door RefrigeratorsCapacityWarranty 
Whirlpool FP 263D PROTTON ROY (N)
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240 L1 year on fridge
10 years on compressor
Whirlpool FP 283D PROTTON ROY
Read Review
260 L1 year on fridge
10 years on compressor
Read Review
300 L1 year on fridge
10 years on compressor
Read Review
330 L1 year on fridge
10 years on compressor

Best Triple Door Refrigerators Reviews

We have covered here the detailed review of the best Whirlpool multi-door refrigerator models listed above. Get dive into it to pick the best one for your kitchen.

1. Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 240L Triple Door Refrigerator

With lots of good customer ratings, we have considered this model of Whirlpool triple door refrigerator at the top of our list. This multi-door fridge has a capacity of 240 L serving best for a small family. There are various color options too, so you can choose the preferable one suiting your kitchen interiors.

Its intelligent 6th Sense Active Fresh Cooling Technology ensures the long-lasting freshness of all the food items. And the unique moisture retention technology preserves the level of moisture and freshness of fruits and vegetables.

One of the best features of this triple door fridge is its energy efficiency. The model utilizes very less consumption of power due to its three separate doors. It means the fridge can save a substantial amount of power as you will open the doors separately at a time.

There is an Active fresh zone of capacity 32 L that can store a large quantity of fruits and vegetables. The best part is that there are separate zones for storing fruits and vegetables. So, there is no odor mixing to other edibles.

When it comes to freshness and hygiene, the fridge comes with unique microblock technology. This feature prevents bacterial growth and thus keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

Key Features

  • Frost-free refrigerator
  • Better cooling retention due to three separate doors
  • 6th Sense active fresh technology for the long-lasting freshness of fruits and vegetables
  • Zeolite technology to prevent extra ripening of fruits
  • Moisture retention technology to maintain the natural moisture of fruits and vegetables
  • Microblock technology to prevent bacterial growth
  • No odor mixing due to separate compartments
  • Exclusive bottom drawer with 32 L capacity to store large quantities of fruits and vegetables
  • Customizable temperature control knob to set the desired temperature
  • Energy Efficient
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Ice twister and collector
  • Stabilizer free operation


  • Outstanding build quality
  • Appealing design
  • Even and thorough cooling inside the compartments for the long-lasting freshness of the edibles
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent fridge in budget


  • A bit noisy when the compressor is running

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2. Whirlpool 260 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 260 L Triple Door Refrigerator

This one model again comes with all the features we have mentioned for the above Whirlpool model. The only difference is their capacity. This 260 L frost-free triple door refrigerator is an excellent choice for the small to medium-sized family. And with fine and appealing aesthetics, the fridge is surely a great addition to your home.

It comes with three separate compartments for different storage needs. The upper compartment is the freezer zone. Middle one for groceries and perishables, and the bottom compartment is for fruits and veggies. The fridge is capable of saving more energy because of the opening of different doors at different times.

The large bottom compartment ensures a significant space for storing fruits and vegetables in large quantities. Plus, the intelligent 6th Sense active fresh technology keep remains them and other food items fresh for a longer duration.

The unique ice twister and collector ensures the hassle-free collection of ice in the ice collector box. Also, this triple door refrigerator comes with an advanced temperature control knob feature. It lets you adjust the temperature accordingly for the storage of different types of food items. Check all the exclusive features below.

Key Features

  • Frost-free refrigerator
  • Optimum cooling technology offers the right amount of cooling in each three-compartment
  • Air booster for uniform cooling inside the fridge
  • Large bottom drawer for storing fruits and vegetables conveniently
  • Microblock technology to prevent bacteria build-up
  • Highly energy-efficient LED light
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Easily adjustable temperature control knob for appropriate temperature settings
  • Stabilizer-free operation


  • Offers enough space in such a price range
  • Very energy efficient
  • Retains freshness of eatables for a longer duration
  • Looks nice and stylish
  • Cooling is excellent even on the minimum temperature setting
  • Available in various colors


  • No child lock feature to control children interventions

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3. Whirlpool 300 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 300 L Triple Door Refrigerator

It is yet another best triple door refrigerators from the brand Whirlpool in their Protton Series. With the capacity of 300 L, the fridge can accommodate large quantities of fruits, vegetables, and your favorite food platters. Efficient cooling, powerful performance, and pleasing aesthetics make this triple door refrigerator a unique choice for your kitchen.

Its unique design features three separate doors with freezer at the top. Also, the unique bar handle ensures ease of use. With its optimum storage level, you will never run out of space for storing your favorite delicacies.

Like the other models of Whirlpool triple door refrigerators, this one also has unique 6th Sense active fresh technology to ensure long-lasting freshness of the food items. And the advanced microblock technology prevents bacterial growth in food items. Thus, it makes them fresh and hygienic for a longer duration.

No odor mixing of fruits and other food items with each other because of separate storage zones. Another great feature of this fridge is moisture retention technology that maintains the essential level of moisture and natural freshness to the contents.

Featuring toughened glass shelves, it can accommodate the heavyweight of stuff as well as pots and utensils. Plus, the glass shelves ensure easy accessibility of the food items. A clear and bright light bulb is also there for higher visibility, and it is energy efficient too.

Key Features

  • 6th Sense Active Fresh Technology
  • Moisture Retention Technology
  • Refrigerator Compartment RC Lamp Bulb
  • Quick Chill Bottle Zone
  • Microblock technology to eliminate bacteria growth
  • Air Booster System for uniform cooling inside the compartment
  • Ice Collector for easy collection of ice
  • Separate Vegetable Drawer
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Built-in stabilizer
  • Frost-free refrigerator


  • Very attractive design and looks classy
  • Super silent operation
  • Very energy efficient
  • Super fast cooling


  • There is only one bulb in the middle compartment. The freezer and bottom zone have no lighting

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4. Whirlpool 330 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 330 L Triple Door Refrigerator

The modern and unique design, along with the powerful performance, is all this triple door refrigerator from Whirlpool boasts about. However, the price is a little bit high over the above models we have mentioned, but the capacity justifies its cost. This multi-door fridge offers spacious room for storing perishables. And thus a great buy for the medium-sized family having 4-5 members.

There is better cooling retention in all the compartments because of its three separate doors. Moreover, it also consumes less power. Thus, it helps you a lot in saving from the huge electricity bills. Also, there is no odor mixing because of separate zones. It ensures lasting freshness to all the food items.

If hygiene is your main concern, this fridge is a great choice. All the compartments come with microblock technology that protects the food items from germs and bacteria. It again ensures in maintaining freshness and hygiene to all the eatables.

The best is its advanced 6th Sense Active Fresh Technology that retains the long-lasting freshness in fruits and vegetables you have stored in the fridge. Also, there are separate compartments for storing fruits and vegetables. And it is really a nice feature to store them in a more organized way.

With various toughened glass shelves, it makes the organization of food items very easy. Also, there are multiple storage boxes for storing chocolates, medicines, and cosmetics, etc.

Key Features

  • 6th Sense Active fresh technology for the long-lasting freshness of the food items
  • Large 32 L fruits and vegetable storage space
  • Better cooling retention due to three separate zones
  • No odor mixing
  • Exclusive bottom compartment with Active Fresh technology for the freshness of fruits and vegetables
  • Microblock technology for prolonged protection against contamination
  • Customization temperature control knob to set the temperature accordingly
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Ice twister and collector


  • Large and spacious fridge
  • Excellent cooling
  • Low power consumption
  • Silent operation
  • Powerful performance


  • No lighting in the bottom and top zone

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Triple Door Refrigerators Buying Guide

If you are confused about how to select the best triple door refrigerator for your home, the below Guide will help you a lot. So have a look at the following sections to make your buying decision easier and simpler.

What is a Triple Door Refrigerator?

Triple Door Refrigerator, also known as Multi-door Refrigerator, offers you three different doors or compartments for storing eatables. The top compartment is the freezer zone, and the middle and bottom compartments can be used to store food items, fruits, and vegetables, etc.

The presence of multiple doors in the same fridge enhances the appeal of it and thus beautifies your home and kitchen interiors. The best part is that, with multiple compartments, it lets you organize the foodstuffs more easily and conveniently.

The Downsides

  • Triple Door refrigerators are costly in comparison to single door and double door fridges
  • You will find the capacity of such variants ranges from only 240-350 L, but double door refrigerators range from the capacity between 230-495 L
  • No BEE star rating is available with triple door refrigerators, so these are not much energy efficient as compared to single and double door refrigerators

Some Smart Features of Triple Door Refrigerators

  • No Frost
  • SealFresh Technology to retain prolonged freshness in fruits and vegetables
  • Moisture retention technology to retain proper moisture in vegetables and fruits
  • Air booster for even distribution of cold air to every compartment
  • Deep freeze technology for faster cooling and ice-making
  • Child Lock feature
  • Inverter compressor to save energy
  • Low noise
  • Stabilizer free operation to withstand high voltage fluctuation

Features to Consider Before Buying a Triple Door Refrigerator

1. Capacity

Choosing the right capacity for the fridge for your home is very important. The triple door refrigerators are available in the capacity ranging from 240 L to 350 L. So; you can decide the right capacity as per the members in your family. Generally, the triple door refrigerators are ideal for the family having 3-5 members.

2. Size

Triple door refrigerators are compact in size, but before going to buy a new one, you must consider your family size first. It determines how much food you store food on a regular basis. And this factor ensures whether a triple door refrigerator is an ideal fit for you or not.

The same, you must also consider the space where you want your fridge to get installed. Go for a triple door refrigerator, only if you have sufficient installation space.

3. Build Quality

A refrigerator is an expensive investment, so you all want to invest in one such model that offers long term durability. To ensure longevity, you must consider the one that not looks only stylish but also made of durable materials.

The metallic finish is now very common in the new refrigerator models. So, also keep in mind that it must have a finger-print and stain-resistant feature.

The latest models have toughened glass shelves. Check it once, whether it can bear heavy loads or not. Also, ensure these shelves should have a spill-proof feature. It avoids the dripping of spillages to other shelves and parts of the fridge.

4. Energy Efficiency

However, the triple door refrigerators do not come with BEE Star rating, but the latest models are highly energy efficient. They also come with intelligent temperature setting options. So, you can choose the best temperature as per your usage and requirement. It lets you save more energy and thus resulting in lower electricity bills.

5. Freshness and Hygiene

Keeping the food items fresh and healthy for a longer period is one of the major factors for buying a fridge. Thankfully, the smart and innovative refrigerators are available that retains the freshness of fruits and vegetables and other food items for long.

The triple door refrigerators come with unique technology that retains the essential cooling inside the fridge. Thus, it keeps the food items fresh and healthy. Also, it preserves the essential moisture into fruits and vegetables.

Some also come with freshonizer and deodorizer feature that ensures the circulation of fresh air inside the fridge. So, no more smell of food items you will get from inside.

6. Adjustable Shelves and Multi-Utility Box

These refrigerators also come with adjustable shelves to nicely accommodate various kinds and sizes of storage. With the inclusion of multiple utility boxes, you can neatly store the items like chocolates, medicines, etc. Some also come with removable mini shelves helping you out in storing the cosmetics and other small items. Most of the models also include separate boxes for storing fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of Triple Door Refrigerators

  • Ensures better cooling retention because of three separate zones for variable storage requirements
  • The exclusive bottom drawer for storing fruits and vegetables prevents odor mixing to other compartments
  • Provides good storage space
  • It also ensures good organization of stuffs due to three separate compartments
  • The compact size ensures they do not require more installation space
  • Like double-door refrigerators, these are also frost-free


That is all about the best triple door refrigerators and their reviews. All these multi-door fridges are top-performing models with excellent features. We have covered here only the Whirlpool Triple Door Refrigerators review. However, there are other models, also including Samsung, and LG Triple Door Refrigerators, etc. Soon, we will also write reviews on them once they will be available to purchase in India.

Hope the buying guide we have covered will let you decide the best model for you. But still, if you think we must cover something more, please suggest to us in the comment section below.

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