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9 Best Tea Coffee Vending Machines in India 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Have you ever faced strong cravings for tea or coffee but don’t want to fire up the gas stove to make it right that moment? Fully tired of the work and need a tea or coffee break, but don’t want to visit the nearby coffee shop or tea stall? Yes, the case usually happens with almost all of us, even I faced it many times. But not anymore! There comes a perfect solution for this- Tea Coffee Vending Machine.

The appliance can serve you the best-tasted tea or coffee instantly whenever you want. So, get a dose of rejuvenation with a perfect cup of freshness by buying the best tea coffee vending machine either for your home or office.

The tea coffee vending machine, also known as tea coffee dispensing machine, can dispense any type of hot beverages, including tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and even soups too. So, you can enjoy your favorite beverages at just the touch of a button!

But, finding the right model suiting all your needs is quite cumbersome. Worry not; we are here with our Descriptive Buying Guide as well as with the compiled list of best tea coffee vending machines in India, so you can pick the best.

9 Best Tea Coffee Vending Machines in India

Here is the list of our top picks of tea coffee vending machine for quick overview. For detailed review of each of them scroll down.

Best Tea Coffee Vending MachinesLane OptionBuying Link
Cafe Desire Automatic
Read Review
Atlantis Air Press Touchless
Read Review
Atlantis Cafe Plus Tea and Coffee Vending Machine
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Godrej Excella Vending Machine
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California Metal Vending Machine
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Atlantis Select
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Smart Cafe Tea and Coffee Vending Machine
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Nescafe I Tea Coffee Vending
Read Review
2 Lane
Lipton Vending Machine
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4 Lane

Best Tea Coffee Vending Machine Reviews

1. Cafe Desire 4 Lane Fully Automatic Tea & Coffee Vending Machine (Overall Best)

Cafe Desire Vending Machine

Great tasting beverages are now at your fingertips with this wonderful automatic coffee vending machine from Cafe Desire. The model comes to the top of our list for its top-notch quality, performance, and outstanding features.

Whether it is home, office, hotels, restaurants, or any other small to medium workplaces, this vending machine is the perfect solution to get instant tea or coffee in just one touch. As the machine is fully automatic, there is no need for an exclusive operator to run the machine that is the biggest benefit.

The best part of this machine is that it can make four types of hot beverages at the same time. There are four canisters inside, and you just need to load the machine with different premixes (Cappuccino, Coffee, Cardamom Tea, Lemon Tea, Chocolate Drink, Tomato Soup, Plain Tea, Green Tea, Ginger Tea, Diet Coffee, Diet Tea, Low Sugar Coffee, and Low Sugar Tea. ). And you are ready to go with your favorite beverage instantly.

The dispensing capacity of the machine is 305 cups per day that makes it the best tea coffee vending machine for the office, shops, or restaurants.

Another biggest benefit of this machine is the in-built digital meter that tracks the daily consumption of beverages. Therefore you have full control over the premix powder, thereby no wastage at all.

Above all these features, Cafe Desire is a well-known brand with a heritage of almost 20 years, so you can blindly trust this product without any if and but.

Key Features

  • Fully automatic vending machine to make four varieties of beverages at the same time
  • Half cup and full cup capacity to take your beverage according to your need
  • Smart buttons to choose your favorite beverage option
  • Capacity to dispense 4 cups per minute
  • Silicone food grade pipes ensure that you get only hygienic, safe, and healthy drink
  • Easy to clean tray for any drips or messes
  • Two drink size options to choose from 80ml/100ml
  • Robust door and mechanism for its long life and durability
  • In-built digital meter to keep a count on the number of cups consumption on a daily basis to avoid any wastage
  • Very low power consumption to reduce your electricity bills


  • Aesthetic design and appearance
  • Easy to operate
  • Taste of the beverages it dispenses is delicious
  • The decent dispensing capacity makes it a good choice for office, hospitals, and commercial usage
  • Half cup option for both tea and coffee is a nice feature


  • Compatible with only Cafe Desire premixes, so you must have an adequate stock of it.

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2. Atlantis Air Press Touchless Tea & Coffee Vending Machine (Runner Up)

Atlantis Airpress Touchless Tea Coffee Vending Machine

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us to maintain social distancing and use touchless products as possible to stay safe. And therefore, our next best pick belongs to the same category that offers completely touchless operation for a better hygienic beverage consumption.

This touchless tea coffee vending machine from the house of Atlantis includes a ton of awesome features to give you an ultimate experience. It is a two-lane vending machine, which means it can dispense two types of beverages at the same time.

The operation of the machine is based on sensors, so you don’t need to press the buttons to dispense your favorite beverage. You just need to keep your finger one inch away from your preferred beverage image, and the machine serves it instantly.

Many other smart features like cup counter, water level sensor, and half cup & hot water dispensing option makes it a best purchase at all.

Key Features

  • Touchless programming for safe dispensing of the beverages
  • Two-lane machine to dispense two different types of beverages at the same time
  • Half cup and hot water dispensing option
  • Water level sensor to ensure when it needs refilling
  • Contactless drink selection from an inch away
  • Cup counter to keep track of the number of cups consumption on a daily basis
  • Includes free bottle cover and 200g of instant tea and coffee premix each


  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Looks stylish and appealing
  • The touchless operation makes it safe to use
  • Premix based beverage dispenser, easy to use


  • No downsides noted yet

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3. Atlantis Cafe Classic 2 Lanes Hot Beverage Vending Machine (Best Budget Pick)

Atlantis Cafe Plus Vending Machine

Our next best pick belongs to the same brand Atlantis, and the model is a great buy for those searching for a cheap and best tea coffee vending machine in India. Its pocket-friendly price tag doesn’t mean that it lacks advanced features yet comes with impressive specifications making it best for all.

The machine weighs only 17 Kg, and thus its compact design makes it easily portable. Plus, the attractive and stylish appeal adds a graceful touch to the area where you keep it.

This two-lane machine can dispense two different types of beverages at the same time that you couldn’t expect from such a compact-sized machine.

Using a water jar or pump in a vending machine is a lot of hassle and headache to refill it. But thankfully, this appliance comes with an in-built water tank of 3 l that takes off all the inconvenience to refill it again and again.

Another best feature of the machine is its adjustable preset powder and water quantities. It allows you to easily increase or decrease the premix to suit your taste buds using the buttons present on the front panel.

A unique “mixing-in cup” concept is also there that allows better machine hygiene. Overall, this vending machine is an excellent choice for home, small shops, and offices in each and every aspect, including ease of use, ease of transportation, pricing, and size all.

Key Features

  • Light-weight plastic material construction for easy transportation
  • In-built 3 liters storage water tank needs not to refill again and again
  • A unique Dial-A-Taste feature to adjust the premix powder and water per cup according to your taste buds
  • Mixing-in cup feature resulting in better machine hygiene
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Hot water function
  • Low power consumption of 500 W only


  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Light in weight for easy portability
  • The capacity to dispense hot beverages is perfect enough for small shops and offices
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Budget-friendly price tag


  • Compatible with premix only

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4. Godrej Excella Tea Coffee Dispensing Machine

Godrej Excella Coffee Vending Machine

This freestanding model from the brand Godrej is absolutely a bang for the bucks product. Its stylish European design meets at par standard of elegance and performance. Plus, the whole stainless steel construction adds to its durability and longevity.

No matter what your beverage choice is, the machine can dispense almost all types, including tea, coffee, soup, diet tea or coffee, hot chocolate, and much more. With easy beverage selection, you can get your favorite drink in just one touch of the button.

The machine comes with a water level indicator to let you know when it needs refiling again. So, it adds up as a convenience feature. There also comes a unique hot water tank design that allows easy cleaning and descaling of the tank to maintain hygiene.

It also comes with the option of adjusting the premix powder and water per cup, so you can increase or decrease the quantity as per your taste requirements. Even more, the half and full cup option allow you to get only that much you need, so no more wastage at all.

Finally, its high performance, longer shelf life, compact design, and low maintenance requirement make this product worth every penny.

Key Features

  • Two-lane vending machine with the capacity of 8 cups per minute
  • It uses an SMPS power supply to withstand voltage fluctuations
  • Compact design fits anywhere
  • Use to control valves enhances the consistency of the machine
  • Unique easy to open hot water tank design for easy cleaning
  • The thermostat and multiple fuses enhance extra safety
  • Water level indicator
  • Half and full cup option
  • Consumes 2000 W power


  • The sturdy stainless steel construction makes it durable
  • Programmable controls for easy usage
  • Various indicators for all your convenience
  • Safe to use
  • Requires minimum maintenance


  • Works only with Godrej vending premixes

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5. California 2 Option Metal Beverage Dispesing Machine

California 2 Option Vending Machine

Again a budget model from the brand California that is the best choice for small shops, offices, and even for your home too. The machine features excellent build quality, hygienic dispensing of your favorite beverages, easy operation, and a lot more.

The machine is compact in size and light in weight, makes it suitable for easy portability. And the sturdy metal construction makes the appliance durable and long-lasting.

This two option vending machine allows you to get your favorite beverages, including coffee, low sugar tea, lemon tea, cardamom tea, tomato soup, etc., in no time. What makes it best is its dispensing capacity of 5-6 cups per minute that is decent enough for any small organization

It also comes with the option of a separate water supply, so you don’t need to refill the machine again and again. Plus, the low power consumption of the appliance reduces the huge electricity bills that again saves the extra cost in the long run.

Key Features

  • Two-lane vending machine with different hot beverage options
  • Compact and lightweight appliance ensures ease of portability
  • Adjustable premix and water quantities so, you can get your beverage as per your taste preferences
  • Easy one-touch operation
  • The dispensing capacity of 5-6 cups per minute
  • Separate water supply reduces the load of refilling it frequently
  • One year warranty


  • Durable metal construction
  • Easy to use
  • Dispensing capacity is pretty good
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Don’t use the fresh milk; only compatible with the premixes

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6. Atlantis Select 7 Beverage Vending Machine

Atlantis Select Vending Machine

To pick your favorite hot drink instantly, Atlantis Select Vending machine is another excellent pick that comes with a lot more amazing features. This vending machine is a perfect buy for any commercial places, offices, shops, canteens, and restaurants, etc. What’s make the machine different from other models we have mentioned is its seven beverage options.

Its sleek aesthetic design takes very little space for placement and adds a graceful look to the placement area. The overall stainless steel construction makes it durable. Also, it features a magnetic sealing door that allows no cockroaches or bugs to enter into the machine, therefore maintaining hygiene too.

The machine also features a quality grade stainless steel water tank that rusts not at all and thus maintains its longevity.

What’s more is the cup counter feature that keeps track of how many cups are consumed on a daily basis, thus ensuring no more wastages.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel and ABS molded body makes it sturdy and durable
  • Seven beverage options
  • Half and full cup option to choose the preferred one accordingly
  • Water level sensor to let you know when it needs refilling
  • Adjustable premix and water quantities to mix it according to your taste
  • Cup counter to count the number of cups consumed on a daily basis
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Waste tray with optional drain facility for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • One year warranty


  • Not so bulky
  • Easy to use with just one-touch operation
  • With adjustable water and premix option, you will get the desired taste you want
  • Magnetic door sealing is a nice feature to avoid cockroaches and other bugs


  • No downsides noted yet

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7. Smart Cafe Beverage Vending Machine

Smart Cafe Beverage Dispensing Machine

Smart Cafe is one of the trusted beverage vending companies serving us with their products for five years. So, this hot tea and coffee vending machine from the house of Smart Cafe comes next on our list.

The appliance features excellent build quality, performance, ease of use, and multiple beverage options to choose from.

This is a tabletop vending machine with a lightweight feature and compact design. But it comes with a lot of beverage options, including teas, coffees, soups, hot chocolate, badam and pista drinks, and a lot more.

Some of the smart features of this machine include simplicity and speed of use, easy access and cleaning, pre-programmed beverage options, continuous dispensing function, user-adjustable temperature settings, and dispensing volume consistency. All these inclusive features make this vending machine a best purchase suitably at the best price tag.

Key Features

  • Two option vending machine
  • Auto shut down at high voltage protects it from any damage
  • Electronic sensor for better and cup temperature
  • Adjustable premix and water quantities


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Great performance
  • Easy to use and clean


  • No downsides noted yet

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8. Nescafe Tea Coffee Vending Machine- Inizio

Nescafe Machine

When it comes to coffee, the brand Nescafe always comes first to everyone’s tongue for its authentic, rich, and bold flavored coffee. And, mentioning not the product from the same brand would not be fair. Therefore, our next best pick is a product from Nescafe named Inizia that will surely a great deal in all manner.

The model Inizio from Nescafe is the most stylish option on our list. Not only stylish, yet many more sophisticated features make this vending machine an outstanding purchase for your office or shops, etc.

This vending machine features an internet-enabled 7-inch touchscreen that makes it interactive and user friendly. There are up to 48 menu options for easy beverage customization. So, now you can select from Cappuccino, Latté, Espresso, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate, and many more at just the press of a button.

Moreover, in-built food safety and hygiene features make this machine a great choice overall. So, get the cafe-style beverage experience by bringing this coffee vending machine to your workplace.

Key Features

  • Simple and elegant design
  • Compatible with Nescafe Gold and Nestle a+ Milk for indulgent beverages
  • Up to 48 menu options for easy beverage customization
  • Taste and consistency in each drink
  • Easy to operate with touch-based menu selection
  • Easy to load and clean
  • In-built food safety and hygiene features

9. 4-Option Lipton Tea Coffee Vending Machine

Lipton Vending Machine

Lipton is another big name in the tea industry. So, our last best pick belongs to the same brand that is a four-lane vending machine. It features an overall stainless steel construction that makes it sturdy and durable.

This vending machine offers you the best-flavored tea, coffee, and many other beverages instantly in just one touch of the button. Even more, with the dispensing capacity of 4-6 cups per minute, this can be a great choice for any corporate workplace.

You will surely love its digital cup counter specification that keeps track of the number of cups consumption per day. This feature avoids wastage of the beverages at all. Moreover, its quick start-up feature, longer shelf life, and less power consumption make this machine a must-buy product.

Key Features

  • Four option vending machine
  • Stainless steel construction and sturdy design
  • Bubble Top Water Filling
  • Digital cup counter for each lane
  • Dispensing capacity 4-6 cups per minute
  • Less power consumption

Tea Coffee Vending Machine Buying Guide

Different Types

Tea and coffee vending machines come in different styles with different price ranges depending upon the features present. Let’s have a look at its different versions:

1. Traditional Tea and Coffee Maker

These are the oldest versions and come in sturdy stainless steel construction, having an in-built boiler inside it. Plus, with fully automatic operation, it offers you excellent quality of decoction and is very easy to use.

These are comparatively cheaper over the other versions of tea/coffee vending machines. The best part is that these machines can dispense around 150-200 cup at a time, so a great choice for medium to large organizations.

2. Free-Standing Coffee/Tea Vending Machine

Like the name, these beverage vending machines require installation on the floor as a free-standing appliance. These are the best options for commercial places like offices, showrooms, developed canteens, shopping malls, etc. (dispenses 500 cups or more). Like the traditional versions, these models don’t require exclusive operators to run them; that is the biggest benefit.

The machine runs on an automated payment system integrated with the computer, touch control, and payment devices. You need to enter the coin inside, and the machine senses it to deliver your favorite beverage.

With the fully automatic operation, it can dispense a variety of hot and cold beverages like coffee, cardamom tea, lemon tea, chocolate drink, soup, diet coffee/tea, and a lot more. But, these machines need to get loaded with instant tea or coffee premix to dispense your favorite beverage. And just pressing the button, you can enjoy your great-tasting coffee and tea instantly.

3. Table-top Beverage Dispenser Machine

These vending machines are comparatively compact and smaller, suitable for small offices, institutions, even better for home use too. Like a floor-standing model, it is also fully automatic in operation to dispense your favorite beverage at just the touch of a button. The best part is that these are the most economical options but can dispense only a limited beverage amount.

4. In-cup Tea/Coffee Vending Machine

Simplest and most reliable, the in-cup tea/coffee machine is a great version that uses a vending cup preloaded with the precise amount of ingredients to dispense a quality and taste rich in-cup tea or coffee instantly. It means the pre-filled cups containing pre-ground coffee are loaded in the machine, and when you press the button, it adds water/milk/sugar to the cup for your consumption.
These are the most cost-effective and lowest maintenance vending machines.

5. Bean to Cup Coffee Vending Machine

If you want the richer taste of coffee or tea, this vending machine is perfect to go with. The reason is that it brews the freshly grounded coffee bean right there to offer you delicious coffee in a matter of minutes.

Check here for the best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Things to Look for Before Buying a Tea Coffee Vending Machine

1. Installation Space and Size of the Machine

Size matters a lot. A coffee vending machine requires a spacious area for installation, so you must consider the size that fits better to the area where you need to install it, either for your home or office. As an important note, some also comes with external jars for milk, water, or coffee beans that cover more area. So, keep in mind these factors before choosing a model.

If you have less space, you may consider the table-top models, but their dispensing capacity is too small than other versions. On the other hand, if enough installation space is there, then free-standing, in-cup, as well as bean-to-cup models are perfect choices as they come with a lot of features and beverage options.

2. Multiple Beverage Options

Isn’t it a great benefit to get your favorite beverage instantly in just one touch? Yes! then better to go with the model that comes with variable drink options to choose from, rather than only normal tea or coffee. Various tea coffee vending machines come with multiple beverage choices like coffee, cardamom tea, lemon tea, chocolate drink, tomato soup, simple tea, green tea, ginger tea, diet coffee, diet tea, reduced sugar coffee, and reduced sugar tea. So you can easily select your choice to get it.

3. Dispensing Rate

Dispensing rate means how much tea or coffee, or any other beverage, the machine can dispense at a time. For large commercial places, like shopping malls, industrial canteens, etc., it is important to go for a machine that can dispense a minimum of 500 cups at a time. For medium and small organizations, go for the one that can dispense around 150-250 cups at a time. As an important note:-

A free-standing machine can dispense around 600-700 cups, with the dispensing speed of around 20-30 cups per minute.

A tabletop tea coffee vending machine can dispense about 100-150 cups at a time.

So, first assess your needs and then choose the suitable model accordingly.

4. Cup Size

Considering the cup size in a coffee vending machine is another important thing to look for. Generally, most of the tea coffee vending machines can dispense one full cup at a time. But what if you are not in the mood of consuming that full cup. In such a case, the machine that comes with both the half and full dispensing options is far better.

5. Build Quality

Durability and functionality both are very important as the coffee vending machines are not the type of appliance that you need to buy every year. So, better to opt for the one with sturdy and durable build quality. Stainless steel and ABS molded machines are best to consider if you want them to run for longer.

6. Ease of Use

Go for the machine that comes with variable programmable controls, timer, and digital display, so that you can operate it easily without any hassle.

7. Ease of Cleaning

It is an important fact that regular cleaning and maintenance of any product make it durable and long-lasting. The same for a tea coffee vending machine; cleaning it on a regular basis removes pests away and maintains better hygiene. For your convenience, many advanced models come with the Auto Clean facility that makes the cleaning a bit more easier.

8. What Else to look for

  • Height-adjustable coffee dispenser to fit all cup sizes
  • Water level indicator
  • Cup Quantity counter and half cup facility
  • Continuous dispensing function
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Adjustable programmable settings
  • Safety lock
  • In-built hot and cold water dispenser
  • Steam wand to heat the beverages
  • Air-tight bean hopper to preserve the freshness of the beans

How a Tea Coffee Vending Machine Works?

The different types of tea coffee vending machines use almost the same process for dispensing hot or cold beverages according to your requirements. These vending machines have in-built compartments to hold different elements (premix tea or coffee powder/ tea and coffee granules, sugar, milk, and water).

When you select for your preferred beverage option, the machine mixes the desired amount of tea/coffee with water, milk, or sugar and dispenses it instantly.

Some vending machines also work on the basis of payment methods that include Coin-Operated Vending Machines, Cashless system, and Credit card system.

Coin-operated Vending Machines work by inserting the coin into the slot of the machine. The machine then dispenses the desired amount of tea/coffee on the basis of the coin you have entered in it.

The Tea/Coffee Vending machines with a cashless system allows the user to use a prepaid card or key. These machines are pre-loaded with the monetary balance and automatically deducts the cost of hot drinks dispensed by the machine that has been chosen by the user.

Vending Machine with Credit Card Systems comes with a credit card reader. To get your favorite beverage, you must simply insert your credit card in the slot to make payment for that.

Steps to Use a Tea Coffee Vending Machine

Some machines use a payment system, and some dispense the beverage without any payment. Here are some simple steps to use the beverage vending machine.

  • If a machine is free to use, you just need to enter your drink selection. If it charges, you need to either enter your payment first and then select your drink option, or you may be asked to enter your drink selection and then your payment- it depends upon the machine.
  • A range of drink options is present on the machine that you can choose from. Even some also have individual drinks displayed with their own button to choose your selection easily.
  • What you need to just press the button of your preferred beverage-that’s it.
  • Some machines will notify by blinking the light that your selection is accepted.
  • Then your chosen drink will be dispensed automatically in a few seconds.
Shortly after the pandemic started, many models of touchless/contactless vending machines are also launched in India to maintain hygiene and social distancing.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the vending machines are very important to maintain hygiene, impaired functionality as well as taste and quality of the beverages it dispenses. Here are some necessary cleaning and maintenance tips for tea and coffee vending machines.

  • Most of the vending machines come with an in-built tray underneath the cup dispenser. It collects all the spillages and overfills in it. So, it is important to empty and clean this tray each day. You can use warm and soapy water or disinfectant sprays to clean them.
  • The regular use of water in the internal mechanisms can accumulate hard water deposits, known as limescale. And this may affect the functionality of the machine. To descale the machine, you can use appropriate cleaning solutions, or else the mixture of one-third white vinegar and two-thirds water, is also the best option.
  • Regular use of the liquid components can also cause mold and mildew build-up. So, it is very important to use some disinfectant cleaner to avoid such situations. But keep in mind to rinse the disinfected elements with water to avoid any unpleasant aftertaste.
  • Tea coffee vending machines are featured with cooling fans to avoid overheating of the appliance. And there is the maximum possibility of dirt and dust accumulation on these fans, which may affect its performance. Therefore, you can manually clean these dirt and dust using a brush or soft cloth for the efficient performance of both the fan and the machine.
  • Many advanced tea coffee vending machines also come with special cleaning settings in their digital programming that makes very easy and convenient cleaning of the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the best tea and coffee vending machines in India?
The best tea and coffee vending machine brands in India are Nescafe, Lipton, Cafe Desire, Atlantis, etc. Well, the models we have listed are all the best tea coffee vending machines.
2. Instead of premix, can I use normal coffee powder or tea powder in a vending machine?
No, you can use only premix powders in a tea coffee vending machine.
3. How does a premix based vending machine function?
A premix based vending machine is a micro-controller based dispensing unit. These come with storage containers for the premixes. As you press the button for your preferred beverage, it mixes an accurate and preset amount of instant Premix powder and a preset amount of Hot Water (90-95 degrees) into a mixing bowl. Then dispenses your hot beverage within a few seconds.
4- Which is better- a premix based vending machine or fresh milk vending machine?
A premix based vending machine is far better than a fresh milk vending machine in terms of hygiene. The reason is that the premix powders are stored in specific airtight containers inside the machine that avoids any unhygienic exposure to the atmosphere. On the other hand, the fresh milk container in the vending machines is continuously exposed to climate change, parasites, and microbial contamination, leading to many health risks and wastage.
5. Do all vending machines have the option for tea?
Various advanced models come with the option of dispensing tea, yet many lack this feature too.
6. What if I don’t want to consume a full cup of the beverage?
Many advanced models of tea coffee vending machines come with both the option of a full cup and half cup, so you can choose the suitable option as per your drink requirements to avoid wastage.
7. Where can I install a vending machine?
You can install the vending machines in any small, medium, large offices, shops, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, showrooms, factories, industries, canteens, etc.
8. How long does a vending machine last?
A vending machine, if maintained properly, can last for 12-24 years.


Well, easy access to multiple beverages like tea, coffee, and other drinks is now at your fingertips with the availability of tea coffee vending machines. These machines are now very popular in various workplaces, like offices, schools, shopping malls, etc. And offers you to enjoy your favorite beverages at the same time with multiple cups dispensing facilities. Isn’t it a great appliance?

So, choose your favorite one from our best-picked products. Also, the buying guide we have covered contains all the necessary information you must need to choose the best suitable model for you.

As our personal recommendation, you may opt for Cafe Desire 4 Lane Fully Automatic Tea & Coffee Vending Machine, that is our best pick in all ways.

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