10 Best Glucometers in India 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Diabetes is one of the most common problems that most of the people are suffering. And so it is very important to take care of their blood sugar levels to live a healthy life. In fact, monitoring the blood glucose level is the most important step in managing and treating diabetes. But due to our hectic and busy schedules, it is not possible to visit the doctor every time. Thanks to the modern technological invention Glucometers that lets you check your blood sugar level from the comfort of your home or anywhere whenever you want.

Now you no longer need to visit the labs or pathologies for your blood sugar tests. This small device will be your best friend if you have diabetes. How simply it indicates whether your blood glucose level is high, low, or even at the target, with one simple blood test. And so, the people with diabetes can take the proper remedy on the basis of the readings.

But when it comes to choosing the best glucometer device for your home use, you might get confused as variety of options are available with numerous features. To ease your buying decision, we have included a Comprehensive Glucometers Buying Guide , so that you can choose the best, knowing all the important facts on it. As well as, the reviews of top-rated models of glucometers in India will surely let you find out the best one for your use. So, lets get deep into it.

Top 10 Best Glucometers in India

GlucometersMinimum Blood Sample RequiredWarranty
Dr Trust (USA) Automatic Glucometer Machine
Read Review
0.5 mg/dl1 YearCHECK PRICE
OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer
Read Review
1 mg/dl3 YearsCHECK PRICE
Control D Blood Glucose Monitor
Read Review
0.5 mg/dl5 YearsCHECK PRICE
Accu-Chek Instant Glucometer
Read Review
0.5 mg/dl10 YearsCHECK PRICE
Accusure Simple Glucometer
Read Review
0.5 mg/dl1 YearCHECK PRICE
Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer
Read Review
0.5 mg/dl5 YearsCHECK PRICE
Accu Chek Active Glucometer
Read Review
1.2 mg/dl10 YearsCHECK PRICE
BeatO Smartphone Glucometer
Read Review
0.6 mg/dl1 YearCHECK PRICE
Contour Plus Glucose Monitoring System
Read Review
1.4 mg/dl1 YearCHECK PRICE
OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor
Read Review
0.5 mg/dl-CHECK PRICE

Best Glucometer in India – Reviews

1. Dr. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Glucometer Machine (Best Overall)

Dr. Trust Glucometer

Dr. Trust fully automatic blood sugar testing glucometer is our top pick in the list. The product is accumulated with many advanced features that make the blood glucose testing procedure quite quick, accurate, and comfortable.

It comprises an elegant blood sugar testing screen, which helps to evaluate glucose levels in your blood. The entire procedure of testing is quite simple and quick with this device. Like any other models or lab testing procedures, it doesn’t require a huge quantity of blood sample. Your test can be done in just 0.5µL blood sample, and that is relatively less painful.

This glucometer is based on the latest GDH-FAD strip enzyme technology. The GDH-FAD helps in preventing maltose and galactose intervention in blood samples. This device is not only suitable for home use but also can be used in clinics, hospitals, emergency wards for blood-glucose monitoring.

This glucometer has three modes: AC, PC, and General. AC mode is used on an empty stomach. PC is used after taking a meal, and General mode can be used whenever you like to take blood glucose measurements. There are a unique feature Day Average and Reminder alarm in the device. You can set the alarm as a reminder to take the readings.

The existing LCD screen has a backlight display and is very useful to read the test results at night. It also enlightens the place while insertion of the strip.

The manufacturer has also added humor in the instrument through which the readings are displayed on the screen with face symbols. The Smiley sign indicates the result with happy and sad smileys. If the result is positive, it will show happy smiley. The smiley converts to a sad one if the result is disappointing.

Moreover, it has enough memory space to store 1000 blood sample results with their particular dates and times. Undoubtedly, it is a good buy and absolutely worth for money deal.

Key Features

  • Get precise blood glucose result with No coding requires
  • Based on the latest GDH-FAD Strip Enzyme Technology
  • Ketone Alert with quick testing time
  • Alternate Site Testing
  • Remarkable smiley Indicator with rapid results
  • Strip Ejection
  • Day Average and Reminder Alarm
  • LCD with Backlight
  • The device comes with 3 Modes: Gen/AC/PC Modes. AC (empty stomach), PC (after meal), and General mode can be used at any point of the day to take blood glucose levels.
  • 1000 Results memory space


  • It requires no coding and gives you accurate results very quickly
  • It does not require a large blood sample to test the blood sugar level that makes testing less painful
  • Ketone alert gives you an indication if the level of ketones is ever-increasing in your blood
  • The glucometer has the space to store 1000 blood sample results with their particular dates and times
  • The backlight display of the unit increases readability at night and also enlighten the place where to put in the strip


  • A little bit expensive to other models

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2. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer (Runner Up)

One Touch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

A best glucometer device should be accumulated with advanced features and user-friendly functions. And our next best pick is obviously a simple and advanced blood glucose monitor from OneTouch. You can easily test your everyday sugar level with One Touch glucometer without visiting busy clinic and without wasting excess blood sample in lab testing.

The OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer requires no set-up and coding. Even, the device doesn’t compromise the accuracy of the reading. After all, it’s all about fitness and health. It also meets up with the latest international standards of ISO 15197:2013, that assures complete safety of you.

This glucometer is so straightforward and gives you precise results in just 5 seconds. The testing procedure is quite easy and painless. Just forget wasting too much quantity of blood samples in blood glucose testing. With this device, you can test your blood glucose level with only 1 µl of blood sample.

If you are visually impaired or an aged person who can’t view the result clearly, there is an audio signal feature, present in the device. So, for such persons, understanding their readings become much more easier and simpler.

Unlike other outdated glucometers, testing can be done in 2 simple steps with this One Touch Select Plus glucometer. You just have to slot in One Touch Select Plus test strip. Then apply the blood sample on the strip, and done. Your result will be displayed after 5 seconds wait. This model uses select plus test strips only, and the package provides ten free strips with this glucometer.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design and user-friendly model
  • No coding, no buttons & no set-up
  • User-friendly features with clear-cut instructions
  • Results are demonstrated with audio signal and color sure technology
  • Faultless accuracy in readings
  • Rapid testing time and requires only a small amount of blood


  • Very easy to use
  • Quick testing time of 5 seconds minimum
  • Simple two steps testing for accurate results
  • 1 µl of Blood sample range requires


  • The device uses Select Plus test strips only

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3. Control D Blood Glucose Monitor (Best Budget Pick)

Control D Glucometer

If you are looking for a budget-friendly glucometer that helps you evaluate blood sugar levels quickly and accurately, then Control D Blood Glucose Monitor is the best choice.

It is a smart glucose monitor device that is used for general information purposes. If you don’t want to visit pathologies to test your blood glucose level, it can be a matchless supporter in monitoring diabetes. It’s an excellent device for daily use with unusual features. Being compact, accurate, and efficient, the device features laser patterning and Amperometric biosensors.

With this device, taking the blood sample is a very easy and painless process. All you need to pull out only 0.5 microlitre blood to get an accurate sugar level in your body. Together with the test result, you can also see the time and date on the LCD display.

The device is quite sleek and solid and is easy to grasp. Its plastic mini case is very useful as the device and accessories can be stored neatly together. It’s very easy to carry this versatile device while traveling.

Control D is a very functional kit for diabetes management with fast draw technology. The package includes basic components such as Control D Blood Glucose Monitor device, 10 Lancets, 10 strips, and 1 pocket-size smart plastic box.

Key Features

  • Accurate results with fast draw technology
  • Simple and easy operation with no coding
  • Pocket size, sleek and smart kit
  • Amperometric biosensors and Laser patterning
  • Measurement unit-mg/dl
  • Testing time-5 sec
  • Ejection for used strip
  • Sample volume needed-0.5 microlitre


  • Amperometric biosensors make it more advanced and precise
  • The analysis time for glucose level in blood is quite less. It takes only a 5-sec wait
  • A budget-friendly device with clear-cut features


  • Complaints of inaccurate readings

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4. Accu-Chek Instant Glucometer

Accu-Check Instant Glucometer

If you are looking for a functional device for home use, you will hardly find a better model than this best glucometer from Accu-Check. It has been the best device because of its accuracy and fantastic features.

The device will help you weigh up your blood sugar levels very quickly and painlessly. To test your blood glucose level with this glucometer, all you need to do is prick a finger with a lancet, insert a test strip within, set a drop of your blood on the little green part on the test strip, and that’s done. You will get your results on the big screen in a few seconds.

The device is quite accessible and very easy-to-use. Even a low skilled person and aged people can operate it very proficiently. Other than providing precise results in a few seconds, the device is loaded with many additional features.

It has excellent memory capacity to store 720 blood sample results with a lifetime warranty.

The model also offers you with a graceful wireless synchronization. You can automatically record your blood sugar readings and transfer them to your laptop, PC, or smartphones wirelessly. All you need to be connected to mySugr diabetes management app previously. Through spontaneous target range meter, you may get graphic assurance and characterize it to meet your particular aspiration. Additionally, it has a pre and post-meal marker that is very helpful for you to sort out the readings before and after a meal.

It is suggested to read the instruction manual watchfully from top to bottom prior to measure blood glucose levels on your own. The whole kit includes Accu-Check Instant Glucometer, Softclix lancing device, 10 Softclix lancets, and a carry case.

Key Features

  • No coding featured device with accurate blood glucose measurement
  • Visual double-check option with two-button intuitive handling
  • Easy edge test strips
  • Effortless wireless synchronization
  • Storage memory: 720 blood samples, test average up to 90 days
  • Sample range: 1-2 microlitre or 0.6-33.3 mmol/L
  • Built-in USB port for data transfer especially saved test results to a PC or laptop, which is equipped accordingly.
  • Easy to use with influential features


  • Easy to use
  • The device doesn’t require any code chip for coding that reduces the risk of inaccuracy from a miscode.
  • Quick testing time with accurate results in few sec
  • There is a pre and post-meal marker to tell between the calculated readings before and after the meal
  • Test strips come up to 10, 25, and in 50 sets. You can choose the sets that meet up with the kind of treatment you are going on or that fits your budget
  • USB data transfer support, and it can be connected to phone via Bluetooth


  • A little expensive
  • Strips are not easily available everywhere

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5. Accusure Simple Glucometer

Accusure Simple Glucometer

Controlling diabetes is now at your fingertips. Accusure Simple Glucometer is a device that allows you to take control of your diabetes. It is a complete and trustworthy solution for diabetes management for home use.

Regular testing can help you in achieving your target blood sugar levels in the body. If you are an aged or working person, surely you won’t like laboratory rush and excess time to spend in the clinic for test results. This simple and easily understandable device is in your budget too. The testing time requires not enough minutes; it only takes a few seconds.

The device is a completely reliable solution to check and control sugar levels on a daily basis. Lancet is smooth, and pricking is not as painful as other devices do. This glucometer provides satisfactory readings, but it is suggested to go for some lab tests. It hardly differs from the actual reading, but it is good to validate your readings.

This glucometer is operated with AAA battery. You can simply replace the battery if the old one gets diffuse.

Key Features

  • Simple to use device
  • A big LCD with clear, understandable readings
  • Helps you monitoring diabetes and reach target blood sugar levels
  • Smooth Lancets
  • Reliable and accurate readings
  • Operated with AAA batteries


  • Economic device that anyone can buy
  • Easy understandable interface with logical readings
  • It helps you manage your diabetes and accomplish the preferred blood sugar levels
  • The package comes with other accessories too like needles, battery, strips, and bag


  • It provides only 10 lancet needles

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6. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer

Dr Morepen BG03 Glucometer

Another best glucometer in our list is model BG-03 from the house of Dr. Morepen. This smart glucometer form Dr. Morepen helps you to measure your blood glucose levels accurately, quickly, and comfortably at home.

The device functioning is based on biosensor biotechnology. Even, with “No Coding” technology, the device is very easy to operate. Plus, the simple controls, ensure a simple and hassle-free operation of the device.

This one glucometer needs only 0.5 microlitres of blood to display the results in not more than 5 seconds. It comes with a large display for your clear view and can store up to 300 test results that make it the more smart choice for the buyers.

Key Features

  • Accurate and ergonomic model
  • Only 0.5µL blood required
  • Beeper alert
  • Kit Includes: Dr.Morepen BG-03 GlucoMeter, Lancing Device, 10 Lancets, Battery, and Plastic Case


  • Fast and accurate glucometer
  • Great product at this price range
  • Nice and handy


  • No negative reviews

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7. Accu Chek Active Blood Glucometer

Accu Chek Active Glucometer

Get a hassle-free checking of your blood sugar levels with this glucometer kit from Accu Chek. With this glucometer you can get accurate results with the use of very small amount of blood.

Like other models we have listed, this one also comes with No Coding technology. Thus, using the machine is by far very simpler. There are only two buttons present on the device for easy operation and handling of the device.

The model also has pre and post meal markers for all your convenience. So, you can easily figure out the measured glucose level before and after the meal.

It comes with a LED screen that helps you to read the results easily, and the monitor is extremely easy to use as well. As a bonus, it comes with a memory function that can store up to 500 test results for your convenience.

This handy glucometer is easy to be carried around with you. Also, it is pain-free and gives you accurate results all the times.

Key Features

  • Easy to handle
  • Great functionality
  • Accurate readings
  • Fast results


  • Very compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Results are more accurate
  • One week and two weeks average is a nice feature


  • If two people are using the machine, then there is no way to segregate the readings

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8. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

This Smartphone based glucometer makes easy to self-monitor your blood glucose level. The device is not only handy and easy to use but also allows faster exchange as well as instant feedback from the medical experts on your readings.

With a compact design, the model is easy to carry along and thus, provides you on-the go glucose testing. The model is compatible with BeatO App on your Android devices and iPhones. So, you can check your trends and analysis through simple graphs.

One of the best features of this smart glucometer is an easy alert system. This alert system allows an easy share feature from your family, doctor, and medical experts so that you can get an alert when you are not in the safe zone. This glucometer automatically saves all your records, and thus you can get real-time personalized insights to control your blood glucose level.

Key Features

  • Accurate readings anywhere and anytime
  • Easy to use
  • Long battery life
  • Takes tiny blood sample (0.6uL)


  • Very small and easy to use
  • Easily plugged into the Smartphone
  • Compact, reliable, and user-friendly device
  • It is awesome to speak to your diabetes expert for complete guidance on your blood sugar levels


  • No negative reviews

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9. Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer

Contour Plus Best Glucometer

This glucometer from Contour Plus is simply a one-touch select glucometer that lets you monitor your daily blood glucose level at home. The best part is that no coding and no button icon is required.

It comes with audio and visual alerts that clearly notifies whether your sugar level is low or high in no time. Also, with the high-low alarm reference card, the device allows your doctor to customize your action plan allowing you to understand better what corrective steps to undertake.

It is compatible with the Contour diabetes app that seamlessly connects via Bluetooth technology. Thus, it helps in setting reminders to check and add appointments to the doctor’s schedule.

Key Features

  • No setup and coding required
  • High/Low alert feature
  • Simplifies diabetes management with audio alerts
  • High and low alert reference card to have your professional advice on hand
  • Compatible with Bluetooth
  • Memory for 800 results


  • Very handy in size
  • Accurate readings
  • User-friendly device
  • Quick reading with last read display
  • The carrying case is well organized


  • No negative reviews

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10. OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

One Touch Verio Flex Glucometer

The One Touch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor is one of the best glucometers that make the blood glucose testing very simple. The big and easy-to-read numbers on screen make your viewing of the results very clear. Even more, the simple color range indicator proves to be very precise and clear to understand your reading status whether it is low, high, or in-range.

It also comes with a memory feature that allows the device to safely keep you 500 test results for further usage.

The device is also equipped with a Bluetooth Smart wireless technology feature that smartly connects the OneTouch Verio Flex glucometer to the OneTouch Reveal mobile app that allows you to view your results. And also you can share them with the healthcare professionals.

Key Features

  • Simple color range indicator for low, high, and in-range glucose levels
  • Test strip design uses precious metals, gold, and palladium that gives you accurate results in just 5 seconds
  • Less pain while testing
  • Requires only 0.4 microlitre blood for testing


  • Very quick and accurate readings
  • Carry case is very nice
  • Easy to use


  • Bluetooth supported app is not officially available at Google Play Store

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How to Choose the Best Glucometer? (Buying Guide)

Modern glucometers machine for home use are designed to ease your task and save time with easy checking of your blood glucose levels. As technology is growing, various health care products are becoming more valuable and advantageous with extraordinary features. And so, glucometers are also mounted up with numerous unusual features like high memory storage, voice command, Bluetooth connectivity, and many others at a reasonable cost.

Whether you are buying a Glucometer for home use, you need to consider many features so that you get the perfect one for your need. All in all, you have to evaluate carefully the test strips, lancets, memory capacity, and other advanced features. To help you out, we have covered all the entire factors in detail that help you in making the right decision.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Glucometer

1. Reading Accuracy

While selecting a Glucometer for home use, your readings’ accuracy is very important in all probability. Usually, every glucometer shows different results in every testing. The results ranging from 10-15 percent is acceptable. But if the test results come imperfect all the time with a big difference, there is no point in buying that flawed device.

It is always recommended to go for the device that has automated coding. Manual coding devices result in some errors most of the time because of miscode or faulty entry in the device. It may reduce the accuracy of the machine. Hence, always prefer a glucometer that is automatically coded and has a flawless reading record.

To get a better idea of the precision of readings, it is better to double-check the readings with previous tests done in the clinic. You can adjust the readings accordingly for accurate results.

2. Ease of Understanding

Not everyone belongs to the medical profession, and so it is quite tough to understand the result, whether it is low glucose level or high. With the innovation in technology and novel ideas, it is now very easy to understand the readings. Most of the brands with advanced features use unique terms and expressions for an easy understanding of blood glucose levels.

One of the most unique and popular ways to differentiate low, high, and normal blood glucose level is happy and sad smileys. Some devices disclose the data on the screen with colored dots also.

3. Test Time

The operation time of every model is different, and it usually varies from 5-15 seconds. If you have a very busy schedule and have to check blood sugar levels very frequently, you can select a glucometer that has an operation time of 5 or 6 seconds. This test time is perfect for those who need to check their blood glucose level for two times or even thrice a day.

It becomes very boring and irritating when it takes a longer testing time. But some glucometers that show the results more thoroughly and accurately often takes a longer time to show results. Other than everything, operation time matters, and it is better to pick the device that takes minimum time, preferably 5-6 seconds.

4. Coding (Manual or Automatic)

When looking for a perfect glucometer for home use, the coding system can’t be unnoticed. It may be a manual coding system or automatic. In a manual coding system, you need to enter a code by hand into the meter. The glucometer read the testing strips and give you the precise reading. With manual coding in glucometers, you can get faulty results if the entered code is inaccurate. You need to be very careful while entering the code so that you get genuine results. Otherwise, it can result in a wrong diagnosis and faulty treatment.

It is always very beneficial to prefer glucometers with an automatic coding system because it lowers the risk of miscoding. And also, provide you correct reading without much effort. You can also save your time too.

5. Blood Sample Compilation

Glucometers show exact readings with a single blood drop. You don’t have to waste your blood for lab testing, as they would generally pull out a large amount of blood sample. And obviously, most of the people are very reactive to piercing with a sharp knife or lancing. Some glucometers also need to take out a plentiful blood sample to check out from inadequate blood error. Therefore, a Glucometer that requires a small blood sample range is the best one to go for. One microliter or less is an ideal unit of blood sample to provide accurate readings. It may vary with the model as well.

The easy edge strips are designed for the same purpose to prevent extra consumption of blood and avoid big tear for just blood samples.

6. Screen Size

If the screen size of the glucometer device is too small or not big enough, you cannot read the results on the screen contentedly. The display on the screen should be clear and easily understandable. Generally, a glucometer is a device that can use by people of all age groups. And it should be easy for them to understand the result clearly.

Always prefer a glucometer that has huge data display and readable numbers. Some of the devices have LED monitor with high-contrast that usually help in preventing your eyes from strain. Those who need to check their blood glucose level three or five times a day should go for one that has backlight also. Especially the old aged person so that they can easily check their results even at night.

7. Memory of the device

If you are going to purchase glucometer, then it is best to prefer new-age devices which have good memory space and data transfer system. The modern glucometer devices have a USB portal that allows you to connect it with other devices. You can simply relocate the stored data to your phones, laptops, and other devices.

The good memory space of a device offers 300-700 results, and it helps you to track your previous readings too. You can also send your readings to your consultant or doctor when needed.

The recent glucometers is featured with the most versatile app cloud storage that makes tracking very easy. It can store your readings, and the data is updated on the cloud ceaselessly. The app management facilitates you to record and monitor your meals and analyze your insulin supplies. Hence, if you want to monitor and control your diabetes, glucometers with sync to app feature should be an ideal choice.

8. Cost

It‘s always a wise decision to invest in a good-quality glucometer that lasts long. Cheap alternatives save retail price only, but what about the future expenses on the side dishes. Lancets, coding chips, strips, and batteries will increase your expenses in that manner. And the test strips make your blood glucose screening very expensive. Hence, always go for a brand that is affordable and provide quality test strips and other accessories. A good quality glucometer ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 4000, depending upon the features present.

9. Brand

Branded things always work, and when it comes to health tracking devices, do not go for unknown and local brands. A high-quality brand always ensures quality and excellence for both the device and accessories. In case of glucometers, the branded ones provide much accurate results and more long-lasting. Ensuring reliability and featuring the latest technology, the most famous brands are DrMorepen, Accu-Check, One Touch, etc.

10. Warranty

Warranty on any electronic device assures you about the quality of the product. The more long duration of the service contract is, the better it is. Generally, the company provides a minimum one-year warranty to a maximum five-years warranty on their glucometers. Warranty on these devices also prevents the repair costs or exchange, if required.

11. Battery or Charging

Glucometers that have a changeable battery option are good as after some tests; the device requires a change of batteries. Alternatively, the glucometers with a rechargeable feature prevent the trouble of changing batteries infrequently. You can charge it constantly like any other electrical device when needed. Glucometers that has rechargeable feature are more convenient to use and is much better than battery glucometers.

12. Audio Reading Feature

At present, with the advancement in technology, glucometers are also available in the advanced audio reading feature. It speaks up the mentioned results loudly. This feature is beneficial for aged and visually impaired people.

Hence, explore thoroughly and decide on a product that has all the advanced features in your budget.

How Glucometers Are Helpful in Managing Diabetes?

Management of diabetes at home on a regular basis is very important, and Glucometer is the best product for it. At present, everyone is very conscious about their health. And rather than visiting pathology and spending too much time in the clinic, they prefer screening their blood glucose levels through advanced glucometer devices.

With the advancement in technology, frequent health checkups are so easy now with many gadgets like blood pressure monitors, body fat analyzers, digital weighing scales, etc. These amazing products constantly track your health readings so that you can focus on maintaining your health status. The same a glucose monitor device do.

Glucometers tell you about the ideal sugar levels in your blood, so that you can control your diabetes and avoid other shocking illness. It also helps you to control your sugar intake and also what you need to avoid in eating to get better.

How to use a Glucometer device?

Using glucometer at home is quite easy and simple. In fact, it can be used by every age group person. To test your blood glucose level, all you need to do is:

  • Firstly, wash your hands and prick a portion of your finger. It may be less painful if you are using the side of the fingertip.
  • Then put in a part of the strip so that it adjusts perfectly in the meter.
  • Now, incise the blood sample with a lancing device.
  • And there you go!! Just wait for the Beep and get your results in a few seconds.
  • You need to throw out the strip after the result is displayed. It is avoidable to use the same lancet for someone else uses. Keep changing it after some uses or sterilized it properly.

Few Tips to Use Glucometer Properly

Any electronic device requires some attention. It is important to maintain Glucometer on a regular basis so that you avoid would-be problems. For good functioning, pursue these simple tips:

  • If you are using a battery-operated glucometer, make sure you have suitable batteries in stock for further use.
  • Use good-quality test strips; otherwise, you can get the imprecise result.
  • After pulling out the strips for testing, make sure you have secured the lid compactly. The strips get expired or damaged if the cap stays open because excess moisture or light can spoil the strip.
  • Maintain hygiene and clean the device after every single use. Keep checking the accessories for good functioning.

Glucometers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is using glucometer at home harmful?
No, it is absolutely safe to use at home. It does not cause any side effects—all you need to maintain hygiene with the product and keep up suitably to last longer. If you are a first-timer, use it under doctor’s recommendation or any healthcare professionals. Doesn’t matter you are well aware of using Glucometer, it is suggested to seek advice from physician for safety tips. You also need to consult some safety measures so that you can efficiently track your accurate blood glucose level.
2. When to use glucometer?
Glucometer is a device used to check and control your sugar intake. It is generally used if you are a diabetic patient. In diabetes, you may feel the indications such as dehydration, hunger, frequent need to urinate, and others.
The frequency of checking glucose levels in your body may rely on your particular type of diabetes. Consult with your doctor at what times in a day and how frequently you should be monitoring your blood glucose level. Seek advice from a doctor if your results are low or high.
3. What features to compare while buying glucometer?
To look for the best glucometer, you need to measure many factors but what you can’t skip is its functionality, convenience of use, and of course, battery life. The accuracy of the result is very important. Hence, it is advised to prefer the model that gives you precise results in just few seconds.
4. How to use Glucometers?
Using glucometers at your home is very simple. You just need to place a test strip in the glucometer and then draw a small amount of blood from your finger or other designated areas with a specially designed lancing device. Then place the blood on the test strip, and then the glucometer springs into action. And within seconds, you can get a digital readout of your blood glucose level.
5. Do the lancets, and test strips of glucometer can be used again?
No, repeatedly using the same strips and lancets is not recommended. As it collects the blood sample, and when kept unwrap, it may cause infections. It is not safe at all, and maybe you will be ill with other health issues. Hence, it is good to start another test with a new one and throw away the used one in a dustbin.
6. What is the reason behind imprecise blood glucose readings?
Precise data is all dependent upon how you use the device. If you use glucometer properly, you will get an accurate result, but if the readings are not accurate, it may be due to:

  • Dirty or oily skin you have. Wash your skin properly before use
  • Test strip is not properly slotted in the device
  • The battery may be exhausted
  • Possibly the blood sample is not enough to show glucose reading
7. Can the same device is safe to use for one or more person?
Yes, you can use the same device among two or more diabetic patients. You are safe to use the same device unless you use the same lancets and test strips.


This is all about the best Glucometers that you can buy to keep an eye on your blood glucose levels. As your health is the primary concern, so getting the right diagnosis and treatment should always be your priority. Glucometer devices cut off the expenses for visiting pathologies and also gives intant result without waiting much. So pick the best one from the above-listed glucometers to get the proper remedy on time. Though, all the models we have listed are top-notch, our personal recommendation is to go with Dr. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Glucometer Machine and OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer. These models will give you absolute value for money. Also, the buying guide we have covered has a thorough description on it that helps you to take the right decision.

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