5 Best Coir Mattress (2024) for Healthier and Comfortable Sleep – Reviews

When it comes to buying a new mattress, a lot more choices are available in the market as well as online. As different types of mattress including memory foam, spring, hybrid, or gel mattress, etc. are popular, it is quite confusing which one to buy. Though all types of mattresses have their own benefits and disadvantages, the best coir mattress is a great solution for getting right orthopedic support.

So, we are here with our reviews of best coir mattress in India that will let you pick the right one.

Getting a quality sleep is really an important factor to attain physical health and wellness. And buying a perfect mattress for you is really a cumbersome task. However, choosing the right mattress is also very much important depending on your sleeping style or for any medical issues, or for any other reasons. So, if you are confused in deciding the suitable one for you, please, check our Ultimate Buying Guide for How To Choose The Right Mattress, to select the most fittest bedding for you.

What is a Coir Mattress?

Coir mattress, also known as rubberised coir mattress, is simply the mattress designed with the combination of coconut coir fiber and latex solution. And then covered with the premium quality fabric to give the mattress an appealing look and perfect feel. It comes with a sufficient layer of coir sheets that maintains the firmness of the mattress to provide you excellent support for all sleeping positions. The coir mattress also supports your backbone and keeps the spine in natural shape.

To get an in-depth information on Coir Mattress, please head to our Buying Guide Section.

5 Best Coir Mattress in India

Coir MattressManufacturing Warranty
Extra Sleep Premium Coir Mattress
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Duroflex Back Magic Coir Mattress
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Kurl-on Kurlo Bond Coir Mattress
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Sleepspa Coir Orthopaedic Mattress
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Centuary Lotus Coir Mattress
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Best Coir Mattress Reviews

We have detailed here the full review of each models of the coir mattresses we have mentioned, along with their key features and buyers feedback that will surely help you in finding out the right one for you. So, have a look.

1. Extra Sleep Premium Coir Mattress

Extra Sleep Premium Coir Mattress

The Extra Sleep Premium Coir Mattress is our best pick because of its unmatched quality, outstanding support to your body, and great comfort. The mattress is made up of natural rubberised coir that supports your back and spine by maintaining the correct posture of your body.

Moreover, the PU foam on the base enhances the support of the mattress while adding more comfort at the same. It is also finished with a premium quality quilted cotton fabric that not only adds a great appeal to it but also provides the breathability to your mattress. As since only natural fiber is used in its construction, the mattress provides the right temperature both to your bed and body, so you can sleep cooler and comfortable.

Key Features

  • Natural rubberised coir layer to support your back
  • PU foam layer at the base to enhance support to the mattress
  • Quilted cotton fabric for breathability and premium finish
  • 5 Years of manufacturing warranty
  • Available in variable sizes


  • Excellent quality coir mattress
  • Coir is distributed very well in the mattress
  • It is quite hard which helps your back have a good position while sleeping
  • Very comfortable
  • Good for orthopedic issues
  • Durable


  • The mattress is not soft, so if you are searching for the mattress like hotels, this one is not for you

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2. Duroflex Back Magic – 5 Zoned Orthopedic High-Density Coir Mattress

Duroflex Back Magic Coir Mattress

The Duroflex back magic is our next great pick for best coir mattress in India. This orthopedic mattress is featured with a dense core of high-density coir and rebonded foam layer that provides amazing support to your body. Designed with the seven layers, the mattress includes knitted fabric with PU foam quilting, 5-zoned full prone support layer, PU foam, high-density coir, rebonded foam, high-density coir, and Jacquard woven fabric. All these layers make sure to provide you overall comfort, full prone back support, enhanced reinforcement, natural ventilation, increased durability, and optimum pressure relief from head to toe.

Its 5-zoned full prone support layer offers amazing support and pressure relief to all the five zones of the body including head & neck, shoulder & upper back, lower back & hips, upper leg and knee, and lower leg & ankle zone. The mattress is also featured with heat absorption technology that regulates your body temperature for a cool sweat-free sleep. So, you will get an only comfortable and restful sleep with this mattress.

Key Features

  • High-density rubberised coir for ideal back support
  • 5-zoned support layer to support each of the five zones of the body
  • Seven tiered support
  • Natural ventilation
  • Reinforced core of rebonded foam packs firmness and increases durability
  • Knitted Fabric with PU Foam Quilting for a plush finish that enhances the overall comfort
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • Available in variable sizes


  • Excellent quality mattress
  • Great look and finish
  • Very comfortable
  • Great for old age people
  • Offers a lot of relaxation to backache
  • Maintains your body posture very well


  • No downsides noted yet

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3. Kurl-on Kurlo Bond Coir Mattress

Kurlon Kurlo Bond Coir Mattress

Kurl-on is one of the largest selling mattress brands in India with top quality and luxurious mattresses. And this mattress Kurlo Bond from the house of Kurlon is one of its great coir mattresses with amazing features. The mattress comes with a unique construction of thick bonded foam covered between high-density coir blocks and the RC layer. The high-density coir blocks is the core bonded foam that makes the mattress firm, and the RC layer offers a springy effect to the mattress for optimum body support and bounce. Moreover, the mattress also comes with a beautiful polyester tapestry cover that offers an appealing finish to it.

This multi-layered rubberised coir mattress is featured with Advanced Center Densification that increases the material density at the center of the mattress to offer you ultimate back and body support. Its anti-microbial technology prevents the growth of harmful micro-organism in the mattress. Also, the anti-dust mite protection feature lets you enjoy a healthy and hygienic sleep.

Key Features

  • Generous thickness high-density natural coir core layer aided with ACD & VCT technology to both top & bottom
  • Re-bonded foam core layer to provide ultra-firm support to the body
  • Homogeneous thick High-density PU foam comfort layers on the top quilt for comfort and support
  • Beautiful polyester tapestry for an ultimate finish
  • Anti-microbial technology
  • Anti dust-mite protection
  • Advanced center densification for optimum back and body support
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Available in variable sizes


  • Provides superior comfort in sleeping
  • Quality of the mattress is too good
  • Look wise; the mattress is perfect
  • Offers excellent support to the back and whole body
  • Worth for the price


  • No downsides noted yet

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4. Sleepspa Coir Orthopaedic Back Support Mattress

Sleepspa Orthopedic Coir Mattress

No matter how tired or stressed you are, this mattress from Sleepspa from the house of CoirFit offers a good night sleep only. The best part of this mattress is that it is a reversible type mattress that provides you dual comfort to use its both sides for sleeping.

Featuring a rubberized coir core along with a top layer of PU foam to provide you amazing comfort and support. The rubberised coir core construction provides the mattress best-in-class durability. And also it helps in relieving stress and fatigue after you sleep in. The PU foam layer provides great cushioning to the mattress as well as a soft surface to relax better. Moreover, there also comes an outer breathable quilted premium fabric cover that ensures a smooth, rich feel with unparalleled comfort.

Since it is a reversible mattress, you can use its coir side in summers to get a cool and refreshing sleep. And the PU foam side, you can use in winters for a warm and plush feeling. The mattress also has anti-fungal and hypo-allergic properties that keep it hygienic to use all the time.

Key Features

  • Reversible mattress for dual comfort
  • Rubberised coir from one side
  • PU Foam on the other side
  • Breathable fabric
  • Beautiful tapestry for aesthetic appeal
  • Orthopedic mattress
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Hypo-allergic
  • Suitable for both summers and winters
  • Sag resistant mattress
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Durable
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Available in variable sizes


  • Uncompromising quality
  • Provides dual comfort from both sides
  • Its spinal relaxation technology helps in relieving stress and fatigue by preventing concentrated pressure points in your body
  • Dust and mite free
  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable


  • No downsides noted yet

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5. Centuary Lotus Coir Mattress

Centuary Lotus Coir Mattress

Now, last but not the least, the model Lotus from the brand Centuary is another best coir mattress in our list. It not only looks premium but also gives you ultimate comfort and amazing support to your body so that you can sleep peacefully at night. The mattress is designed with rubberised coir core and profiled PU foam along with PU foam quilt and Jacquard fabric cover on the top for an appealing finish. So, this multi-layered structure offers excellent comfort and restful sleep all over.

Key Features

  • Rubberised coir mattress
  • Comfort layer of PU Foam
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Superior bounce
  • Provides the right level of support to your body
  • 4 inch thickness
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Available in variable sizes


  • Great in terms of quality and comfort
  • Appealing design
  • Good for back pain
  • Nice and stiff


  • Price is little high

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Coir Mattress Buying Guide

Why Choose Coir Mattress? (Features of Coir Mattress)

The coir mattress is a perfect combination of the benefits of airy, breathable coir fiber (coconut fiber), and the resilience of latex. For those who prefer, the dense and firm mattress, coir mattress is the most ideal choice. So, have a look at the salient features of the coir mattress.

1. Good Ventilation

These mattresses are made up of natural fiber that is airy in design. Thus, it ensures maximum airflow in and out of the mattress and keeps the mattress very cool. This way, it maintains an ideal temperature for sleeping. Also, if you are a hot sleeper, the coir mattress is a great choice for a cool and comfortable sleep.

2. Hygroscopic Nature

The coir mattress has the tendency to absorb moisture from the air that is called hygroscopic nature. It can hold water molecules from the surrounding surface if water or any other liquid splits over it. And thus, it retains a good amount of moisture in it. This way, it offers a cooling sensation and maintains a refreshing impression on the body.

3. Great body support

With the firm nature, these mattress offers an accurate support to your body. These are specially designed in a way that well supports your backbone and also keeps your spine aligned properly. Also, this mattress is very good for all sleeping styles.

4. Ideal for people with allergies

The mattress with only natural contents doesn’t allow the harmful breeding of dust mites, bacteria, or molds to it. And so, it keeps you away from any allergies and breathing issues like asthma, and other respiratory disorders, etc.

5. Environment-Friendly Mattress

The coir mattress construction includes 100% natural fiber without any harmful chemicals. That is what it makes the mattress not only good for your overall health but also great for the environment too.

6. Good for children and elders

Coir mattresses are considered to be the best type for normal and good development of bones. Therefore, these mattresses are ideal not only for adults but also for children whose bones are in the developing stage and for elders whose bones need more support.

7. Durability

With the sufficient layers of coir sheets, these mattress maintains an ideal firmness level. Also, the excellent quality coir mattress comes with anti-sagging feature. And, the exact firmness along with the little cushioning makes these mattress durable and long-lasting.

The Pros & Cons of Coir Mattress


  • It keeps you cool and comfortable while sleeping
  • Provides accurate support to your body
  • Suitable for people allergic to dust and dirt
  • High moisture absorption
  • Maintains an ideal temperature to sleep in comfortably
  • Environment-friendly Mattress
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Resistant to fire
  • Very safe as no harmful chemicals are used in the construction
  • Affordable


  • Too firm so creates discomfort to the people who prefer sleeping on the soft surface
  • It increases the pressure points resulting in pain in many areas of the body like hip pain, shoulder pain, back pain, etc.
  • It doesn’t balance and distribute your body weight evenly, so provides only an average sleep at all


That’s all about the best coir mattress in India with their detailed review along with the pros and cons of each. These are Eco-friendly mattresses with only natural fiber construction providing you with a breathable, well-cooled and aired sleeping quality. By far these mattresses are very firm and dense, but for a good body support, these are ideally the best choice. I am sure, if a firm mattress is your preference, the above buying guide, as well as the review of latest coir mattress, is pretty enough to pick your favorable one.

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