5 Best Innerspring Mattress in India 2020 – Review and Buying Guide

The innerspring mattress is very popular since the ancient times. And the latest models of these mattresses with new technological construction have made such a type one of the best bedding solutions all over the world. With the benefits of amazing support to your body and comfort factor, innerspring mattresses are the perfect choice for most of us. It is also ideal for a certain type of sleepers like tummy sleepers, heavyweight sleepers, and people with back pain. Moreover, these mattresses are economical too than other mattress types, so investing in it is really a good deal.

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What is Innerspring Mattress?

The Innerspring mattress is the bedding type with coil construction along with different types of foam. Let’s get understand the construction in a more simple way. An innerspring mattress is designed in two layers- the support core and the comfort layer. The support core consists of the metal springs or coils that are spaced evenly in the mattress to offer you ultimate support with even weight distribution. And the comfort layer is designed from the softer and more responsive material like memory foam or polyfoam to offer you the comfortable sleeping surface at all.

There are hybrid beds too again with the pocketed coil construction and includes a topping of memory foam, latex, or gel material with different depth and density of layers.

Check our Buying Guide Section to get an in-depth information on Innerspring Mattresses.

Our Best Picks of Innerspring Mattress

BrandModelMattress ComfortWarranty 
BostonHotel Comfort SeriesMedium Firm5 YearsView on Amazon
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KurlonDSL780072000600Medium Firm5 YearsView on Amazon
CoirfitOrthospring BonnellFirm7 yearsView on Amazon
SolimoSBS06Medium Firm5 YearsView on Amazon
SpringtekOrtho Pocket SpringMedium Firm8 YearsView on Amazon
View on Flipkart

Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Now, get dive into the full review of each of our best picked models to choose the one as per your preferences and budget.

1. Boston Hotel Comfort Bonnell Spring Mattress

Boston Bonnell Spring Mattress

Comfort and relaxation all you want in your quality sleep, and this innerspring mattress from Boston promises to offer you the same. Crafted with Bonnell spring technology, the mattress provides you perfect level of bounce and support. It has been designed in five layers making the mattress fully comfortable for long hours of good night sleep.

The core of the mattress comes with the tempered steel Bonnell springs that are not only supportive but also durable too. There comes a plastic mesh above the Bonnell spring layer that enhances the life of the padding layers. Then there is a thin layer of supportive heavy duty felt pad that creates a consistent feel across the spring. After that, there is an exclusive air ventilation foam that ensures proper air ventilation for better hygiene and comfort. The top layer comprises of knitted quilted fabric cover that includes an inch of cushioning foam for more comfort.

Key Features

  • Bonnell Spring and high resilience foam
  • 100% pure sleep grade foam
  • Exclusive air ventilation foam technology
  • Plastic mesh included enhancing the life of the padding layer
  • Heavy-duty gauge coils that are supportive and durable
  • Unique quilted cover includes an inch of cushioning foam
  • 5 Years of Manufacturing Warranty
  • Available in variable sizes

Buyers Feedback

The Good
  • Quality is very nice
  • Good for back and side sleepers
  • The mattress fully conforms to your body shape
  • It has medium-soft firmness for a comfortable sleep
  • The Bonnell spring used are of the highest quality that makes the mattress very durable
  • Reasonably priced
The Bad
  • No downsides noted yet

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2. Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6-inch King Size Spring Mattress

Kurlon Dream Sleep Bonnell Spring Mattress

When it comes to best mattress brands, how can we forget the name of Kurlon? And this innerspring mattress from Kurlon will bring the best night sleep guaranteed. It is a high tensile Bonnell spring mattress with helical wire technology that ensures more bounce and more comfort. Its circular helical wire support locks the springs to avoid their movements. The mattress is featured with thick PU foam layer both at the top and bottom of the mattress that maximizes the sleeping surface and provides you superior comfort and feel.

There also comes high-density cotton felt layers on top and bottom springs that gives the mattress firm support. Plus, there is a comfort layer of PU foam on the sides of the mattress that avoids spring aging and retains the original shape of the mattress, means no sagging at all.Not only this, but the mattress is also covered with polyester Jacquard fabric giving the mattress a premium look and finish. Moreover, its anti-microbial and anti-dust mite feature makes the mattress clean and hygienically to use.

Key Features

  • High tensile Bonnell spring for more bounce and comfort
  • Circular Helical wire support
  • Spring encased with Thermo bond felt to prevent the rupturing of layers in the mattress
  • Thick PU foam layer for a comfortable sleep
  • High-density cotton felt layers on top and bottom springs for firm support
  • PU foam side support avoids side sagging
  • Heavy-duty knitted Jacquard tapestry for nice aesthetics as well as comfort
  • Unique quilt pattern for a rich feel
  • Kurlo fresh technology to avoid bacteria, fungi, and dust mites
  • Anti-microbial feature to protect against micro-organism
  • 5 Years of Manufacturing Warranty
  • Available in variable sizes

Buyers Feedback

The Good
  • Great in terms of quality
  • Great for middle-age people and kids
  • Very comfortable for sleeping
  • Provides ultimate back support
  • Sag resistant mattress
  • No partner disturbance
  • Hygienically, the mattress is very good
The Bad
  • No downsides noted yet

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3. Coirfit 6-inch Ortho Bonnell Spring Single Size Mattress

Coirfit Bonnell Spring Mattress

This Coirfit mattress with innerspring technology is our another best pick that will offer you a luxurious sleep experience. Its Bonnell spring construction provides perfect bounce and excellent support to your body, and so proving to be a great mattress for orthopedic issues. The core layer is made with Bonnell springs making the mattress lighter with enhanced airflow. There also comes a top layer of super-soft PU foam to enhance comfort.

The Bonnell spring used in the mattress is crafted with anti-corrosive and high carbon wires, and so ensures a longer life span of the mattress. Plus, the reinforced spring support with foam encasing avoids sagging at the edges, that is also great for its longevity. Furthermore, the mattress is also covered with the breathable quilted premium fabric cover at the top that gives the mattress a smooth and rich feel with unparalleled comfort. This mattress is also featured with hypo-allergic and anti-fungal properties that keep the mattress hygienic to use every time. And also, it is great for those who are allergic to dirt and dust. So, get ready to sleep light and comfortable with this spring mattress from Coirfit.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Unparalleled comfort
  • Perfect configuration of support and comfort
  • Bonnell spring construction gives bounce and support
  • PU foam layer for added comfort
  • Breathable quilted premium fabric cover
  • Fire retardant treated fabric
  • No motion transfer
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dust-mite free
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • Available in variable sizes

Buyers Feedback

The Good
  • Best in quality and design
  • Great to offer perfect bounce and support
  • Provides firm posture and spine support
  • Great orthopedic mattress as well
  • 6 inch of thickness with best comfort
  • Reasonable price range
The Bad
  • Complaints of spring feel underneath while sitting or laying down on the mattress

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4. Solimo 6-inch Queen Spring Mattress

Solimo InnerSpring Mattress

This spring mattress from the brand Solimo is a perfect combination of superior comfort, premium quality, and great value. The mattress is designed to offer you good night’s sleep and proper support, so you wake fresh and rejuvenated every morning. When it comes to design, this mattress comes with the construction of Bonnell springs, providing you with great orthopedic support.

It is designed in three layers. The base layer is of Bonnell spring that ensures perfect bounce and support in the mattress. Then, the second layer is of quilted foam for extra comfort. And the top layer is of Damask Jacquard fabric that gives the mattress a superior finish and look. The best part is that its spring construction is encased in the foam that makes the mattress to stay in shape with no sagging at all. And thus, it increases the life-span of the mattress.

Key Features

  • The core layer of Bonnell springs for bounce and support
  • Quilted foam layer for cushioning and comfort
  • Springs encased in quilted foam to avoid sagging
  • Covered with 70 GSM Damask Jacquard fabric for a smooth feel
  • Durable
  • 5 Years of Manufacturing Warranty
  • Available in variable sizes

Buyers Feedback

The Good
  • Quality of the mattress is very good
  • The top layer of Jacquard fabric cover gives an appealing look to the mattress
  • Offers ultimate support to your body
  • Perfect level of firmness, not too firm, not too soft
  • Very comfortable
The Bad
  • No downsides noted yet

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5. Springtek Ortho 8-inch Queen Size Pocket Spring Mattress

Springtek Ortho Pocket Spring Mattress

The Springtek Ortho mattress is a combination of pocket spring and high-density foam construction. Like the name, the mattress is an orthopedic mattress that provides you indefinite spine support with its super hard pocket spring system. And so you don’t feel pain and stiffness in your body. Plus, its rigid and flexible core offers you a balanced level of back support. Since it also comes with high-density foam on its comfort layer, it alleviates the motion transfer and noise as well. And so it is a perfect choice of mattress for the couples. The top outer cover is made up of premium quality breathable fabric that gives the mattress a premium look and finish.

Key Features

  • Made with pocket spring and high-density foam
  • Good motion isolation
  • No noise
  • Ultimate spine support
  • Premium quality quilted fabric top for a soft and smooth feel and also gives the mattress a good look
  • Perfect bounce
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Sag resistant mattress
  • 8 Years Warranty
  • Available in variable sizes
  • Usable on both the sides

Buyers Feedback

The Good
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Quality of the mattress is very good
  • No motion transfer
  • No more pain or stiffness in your back
  • Medium firmness, not too soft and not too hard
  • Very much comfortable
  • Budget-friendly mattress
The Bad
  • The outer cover is white so, requires a lot more cleaning and maintenance

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Innerspring Mattress Buying Guide

Types of Innerspring Mattress

Well, the innerspring mattresses are categorized on the basis of four types of coil which is described below.

Bonnell Coil

Bonnell Coil System

The Bonnell coil, also known as open coil is the traditional one and most popularly used coil system in an innerspring mattress. These are molded from tempered steel to an hourglass shape. And then interconnected within a wireframe which are spiral-shaped and known as helicals. When it comes to price, the spring mattresses using this coil system is relatively cheaper than other coil systems. The Bonnell coils compress with soft pressure and usually provides firm support. That’s why this coil system is used in most orthopedic mattresses. The innerspring mattress with Bonnell coil construction is ideally best for dorms, hotels, nursing homes, guest room, and kids room.

Pocketed Coils

Pocketed Coil System

The pocketed coil construction in an innerspring mattress is the best coil type and is also known as Encased, Wrapped, or Marshall coil. It is designed with hundreds or even thousands of individual coil springs wrapped in a thin fabric. In such a construction, no helicals or attachment wires are used. The best part with this coil system is that it ideally conforms to your body and distributes your weight evenly. Thus it avoids the pressure points that can create back, hip, and shoulder pain. Also, the pocketed coil construction offers a high degree of motion isolation. Therefore, it is one of the best bedding types for the partners. But, these are the most expensive types.

Continuous Coils

Continuous Coil System

These are designed with the row of coils going from head to toe using a single wire molded into circular shapes and then joined by helicals on both the sides. However, this design is durable, firmer, and inexpensive than other coil types, but they do not conform to your body. That’s why it provides a minimal level of spinal support. Also, they are noisy too.

Offset Coils

Offset Coil System

The offset coil is somewhat in structure like Bonnell coils. These are made up of tempered steel and shaped like an hourglass, and each spring is hinged together by a helical wire on top. There are different versions of offset coils including top and bottom hinged, double and single-sided extension, double offset, and free arm. This type of coil construction provides better body contouring and a higher degree of motion isolation. However, these are also expensive.

Benefits of Innerspring Mattress

As we have mentioned above, different types of an innerspring mattress, they all come with varying levels of firmness, feel, and support. So you have a variety of options to choose from.

  • When it comes to budget, the innerspring mattress is the most budget-friendly type than other mattresses.
  • These mattresses have good edge support because of their coil-based support cores. So, there is less chance of sinkage around the corners where people usually sit.
  • Innerspring Mattresses also have a great bounce. So, if you have any issues getting in and out of bed, or moving around, these one are really great to have. Also, this feature makes it best for couples.
  • Like other mattresses, innerspring do not retain much body heat, and thus it has an excellent temperature control feature. So you can sleep cool and comfortable if you are a hot sleeper.

Features To Consider Before Buying An Innerspring Mattress

Coil Count

Coil count is one of the more important features to consider in an innerspring mattress as it influences the overall support and comfort that an innerspring mattress offer. The coil count is exactly the number of coils in the mattress. It determines the contouring ability and the life-span of the mattress. The higher the coil count, the more is its contouring and bounce as well as uniform firmness.

The coil count of most of the innerspring mattress ranges from 500 to 1000. However, it can also fall under 300 on the low end to more than 2000. And when it comes to price, the models with higher coil counts are found to be expensive over the models with lower coil counts.

Coil Gauge

The second most important thing to check in an innerspring mattress is its coil gauge. Now, what it means? The coil gauge is actually the thickness level of the coils used in an innerspring mattress. The higher gauged coils offer you the soft feel while the lower gauged coil will provide you the firm feel. So, to invest in a good innerspring mattress, you must go for the coil gauge ranging between 12 to 15.

If you want a firm and supportive feel in your bed, then choose the mattress with the 12-coil gauge. On the other hand, for a soft and bouncy feel, you can go afterward 13.5 coil gauge. One more important thing, the innerspring mattress with low-gauged coils has a longer life-span as compared to the one with high-gauged coils.


The different firmness levels in different regions of a single innerspring mattress are referred as zoning. And this makes the mattress to contour according to different body types. Our body is zoned in three different areas, including the lumbar, shoulder, and hip. And the innerspring mattress that is zoned offers different levels of firmness to different areas of your body. That means it provides a soft feel to the shoulder and hip area, while a firm feel to the lumbar region for more added support.

Life span

When it comes to the longevity of the innerspring mattress, it depends on various factors, the most important of which are coil count, coil gauge, and the composition. The mattress with low gauged coils has a longer life span over the high gauged coils.

Now, talking about the life-span of different types of innerspring mattress, it also depends on various factors. The tempered steel coils are durable as compared to non-tempered steel coils. That is why the pocketed coils with non-tempered steel and high-gauged construction are usually less durable. The offset and Bonnell coils have a construction of tempered steel with low to medium gauging, so these are best in terms of durability.


Budget is the most important factor while choosing any of the product. If you want a high-quality innerspring mattress, it is obvious that you must have to invest a big amount. However the low-cost innerspring mattresses are also available, but you have somewhat to compromise the quality.

Final Words

That is all for our best picks of innerspring mattresses in India and their full review along with the complete buying guide. And I am sure the information in the blog is pretty enough that will ease your buying decision. So, choose the one according to your preferences, sleeping habits, as well as budget.
And if you want to share your suggestions, feedback, or also for any of your queries, please do write in the comment section below.

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