7 Best Gas Geysers for Hot Water in Your Home 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

With the continuous increase in the cost of electricity and other conventional methods of water heating, the demand for Gas Geysers has increased in the last few years. Gas geysers are the most efficient water heating systems than the electric geysers or electric water heaters. And also the great way to save a huge on your electricity bill month on month.

But how to find out the best gas gesyser for your needs, is a big question? So, we are here with our top picks of gas water heaters along with their complete reviews, specifications and pros and cons.

Key Takeaways

Here is the quick outline(TL;DR Version) of this entire post in case you are falling short of time.

  • According to our review the best gas geyser is Longway Decora. You can choose V Guard Safefloplus as an alternative if first one is not available.
  • If you need a gas geyser with PNG and LPG support, then select Racold Gas Geyser.
  • When choosing the right gas geyser, always check for capacity, space for intsalltion, safety features, after sale service and warranty. We have covered all this detail in our buying guide section below the review.

What are Gas Geysers?

Gas geysers are the water heaters that use the heat from burning fuel (primarily natural gas) for the purpose of heating water. This type of water heater offers instant heating and provides continuous flow of hot water. In terms of efficiency, they are also the most energy efficient geysers.

The gas water heaters also come with a much faster recovery rate and thus become a convenient option for large families. Moreover, these are easy to install and provide significant savings over time.

Top 10 Best Gas Geysers in India

We have compiled here the list of 10 best-selling gas geysers in India to make your purchase easier. All these are the most energy efficient models and also available at best prices. So pick the one according to your choice and preference.

Gas GeysersCapacityGas Type
#1. Longway Decora Instant Gas Geyser
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#2. V Guard Safefloplus Gas Geyser
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#3. Hindware Evito Gas Geyser
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#4. Racold Gas Geyser
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#5. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas Geyser
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#6. Havells Flagro Gas Geyser
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#7. Longway Xolo DLX Gas Geyser
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Best Gas Geysers Reviews

Now get the detailed review of each of our best picked models here.

1. LONGWAY Decora 7 Litre LPG Instant Gas Geyser

Longway Decora Gas Geyser

The model Decora from Longway is our top pick in the list of best gas geysers in India. It one of the best quality gas geysers with best performance and undoubtedly at a pocket-friendly price tag. This gas geyser comes with a capacity of 7 litres which is enough to use for medium to large sized families. It offers instant and continuous running hot water and also suitable even for long showers.

This gas geyser features a copper tank that ensures faster heating of water. It also enhances both the durability and efficiency of the appliance. Moreover, the anti-vacuum technology prevents it against rust and corrosion and thereby make it best for lasting-usage.

There are dial control knobs for easy operation. An Auto 20 min off timer is also there to protect the appliance from overheating. Plus, the unique safety features like auto cut, safety valve, flame failure protection device, and overheat protection, of this gas geyser make it the best out there.

Key Features

  • Copper tank for faster heating of water
  • 7 ideal capacity ideal enough for medium to large-sized family
  • Vertical mounting
  • 8 Bar working pressure
  • Auto 20 min off-timer for safety
  • Overheat protection
  • Protection against freezing


  • Instant heating
  • Awesome safety features
  • Works very well


  • No negative reviews

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2. V-Guard Safefloplus 6 l Gas Geyser

VGuard Safefloplus Gas Geyser

This V-Guard gas geyser is one of the safest and lightweight options for all your water heating needs in the chilly winters. Its modern and contemporary look and effective functions add a great appearance to your bathroom and also complements its décor.

This gas geyser has a provision for automated ignition. It also comes with a double solenoid valve for additional protection. The rated water pressure of this gas water geyser system is 0.008-8 kg per square cm. And it makes it ideal for use in the high-rise buildings as it will be able to function quite effectively with extremely low pressure as well.

With this geyser, you can now enjoy instant heating along with protection from overheating as well. It comes with the pre-set thermal cut out feature. And an auto 20 minutes cut-off timer is a great add-on.

Key Features

  • Automated ignition system
  • Ultra low-pressure application
  • Overheat protection
  • Effective heat retention feature


  • Built quality is awesome
  • Instant water heating
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Safety features are awesome


  • The geyser must install and use outside the bathrooms or well ventilation place only. Not recommended for closed apartment bathrooms

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3. Hindware Eveto Gas Geyser

Hindware Eveto Gas Geyser

Hindware Eveto is one of the best gas geysers that work on LPG. Its decent and elegant look adds a great style to your bathroom. Plus, its instant heating allows you to have a shower with warm water without waiting for long hours.

This gas geyser works perfectly even when there is low pressure of water. Another best feature of this appliance is climate based optimization. It means you can select the quantum of heat according to the season.

With this gas geyser, you can now enjoy instant heating along with the protection from overheating. The various safety features are also there including pre-set thermal cut out feature, an auto 20 minutes cut-off timer, flame failure protection, anti-dry heat protection, and child lock for your kids safety.

Key Features

  • Hi-tech design
  • Superior safety features
  • Low working pressure
  • 3S Optimization
  • Temperature Indicator


  • Nice and decent look
  • Works very well on both LPG and PNG
  • Water temperature indicator is awesome
  • ISI certified


  • No negative reviews

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4. Racold PNG Vertical Gas Geyser

Racold PNG Gas Geyser

The Racold PNG Gas Geyser is feature packed with new technology, quality, durability, and of course the performance. This gas geyser is perfect for all your domestic and household chores. It comes with high heating efficiency due to the use of precise and imported burners facilitating the complete combustion.

You can adjust the quantum of water easily using the dial control knobs depending upon the weather conditions. There is also a built-in safety feature against gas leak that ensures the appliance is very safe to use.

This gas geyser even starts working on low pressure that makes it suitable for those areas also having low water pressure. It is equipped with child lock feature that safeguards against accidents and ensuring safety for children.

Key Features

  • ISI marked and best quality gas geyser
  • Specially Company made for piped natural gas connections. No need to spend extra for LPG to natural gas conversion
  • Instant, continuous running hot water suitable for even long showers
  • Child lock feature
  • Auto 20 minutes shut-off timer
  • High heating efficiency


  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Works very well even on low water pressure
  • The safety features are awesome


  • No negative reviews

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5. Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Gas Geyser

Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas Geyser

The Bajaj Majesty Duetto gas geyser can make your life a lot more comfortable during winters. With a capacity of 6 litres, it is an ideal one for your family. It works instantly and offers hot and effective water for all your household chores. This gas water heater is equipped with two burner settings.

What makes it best is its suitability to work on both low and high pressure. It also comes with an oxygen depletion monitor that ensures the geyser is working in safe environment. The safety features include auto 20 minutes timer and flame failure protection.

Key Features

  • Advanced Combustion Technology for Best Thermal Efficiency
  • Burner Setting Facility to Save Energy
  • Heat Exchanger made of Extra Thick Copper
  • Auto Ignition
  • Adjustable knob for regulating Water and Gas Intensity
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor
  • Flame failure Protection Device
  • Over Heat Protection Cutoff
  • Dry Heat Protection


  • Works perfectly fine
  • Heats water instantly
  • Easy to install and safe to use


  • Flow is reduced to half so not very effective

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6. Havells Flagro 6-Litre Gas Geyser

Havells Flagro Gas Geyser

This gas water heater from Havells is one of the quality products with amazing performance and superb safety features. It comes with feroglass coated tank with single weld-line design and an Incoloy heating element for faster heating of water. It also has a 20-minute timer protection feature that automatically switches off after 20 minutes of continuous application.

And when it comes to safety, this product is really very awesome. Overheat protection, flameout protection, child lock, etc. makes it safe to use. So, get ready to fulfill all your quick hot water needs with this gas geyser from Havells.

Key Features

  • Capacity 6l
  • Feroglass coated tank with a single weld-line design
  • Incoloy heating element
  • High-density PUF insulations
  • Child lock feature
  • Low startup water pressure
  • LED temperature display
  • Overheat protection


  • Nice classy design
  • Instant water heating
  • Nice and sturdy built
  • Value for the money
  • Performance is great


  • No downsides noted yet

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7. Longway Xolo DLX 7 Ltr LPG Instant Gas Water Heater

Longway Xolo Gas Geyser

This is another best gas geyser in our list from the brand Longway. With a simple and neat structure, the product offers a classy and elegant look. The model comes with the capacity of 7 liters making it an ideal choice for the small-medium sized family. Its working is completely based on LPG and offers an advanced combustion technology for greater thermal efficiency.

The Longway Xolo gas water heater is equipped with heavy duty tank made up of copper that ensures faster heating and also retains the hotness for a long time. And when it comes to safety features, this product is completely a top-notch with amazing safety standards. Apart from this, this gas geyser comes with an automated ignition system and suitable for both low and high-pressure installations.

Key Features

  • Rapid heat technology
  • 5 safety features
  • Flame Failure protection
  • Overheating safety system
  • Battery operated automatic ignition
  • Extra large burner for quick water heating
  • Gas and water flow adjustment
  • Pure copper container for durability and efficiency


  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Excellent performance
  • Best in terms of safety
  • Easy to install
  • Best for both low and high-pressure installations


  • No negative reviews

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Gas Geysers Buying Guide

How do Gas Geysers work?

Gas geysers are activated when cold water is running through the unit. It means the system starts up the moment you switch on a tap. And it will automatically switch off again when you close the tap. This way, the gas water heaters offer hot water only on demand, and thus there is no wastage of fuel at all. Now the question comes what is behind the function of the whole unit?

The technology behind a gas geyser is a very simple. Firstly, the water moves through a pipeline which passes through a heat exchanger which has a water pipe covered with fins. And there is a gas burner below it. The gas burner is then ignited using the electric impulse formed using the inbuilt batteries. The flames then heat up the fins which in turn heats the water. And then the hot water is obtained from hot water outlet.

Pros of Gas Geysers

  • Gas geysers are an economical option rather than electric geysers or water heaters
  • Gas water heaters are three times faster than the electric geysers in terms of heating the water.
  • Can run on both LPG and PNG
  • You can easily control the level and rate of heating accordingly
  • No electricity is required to run a gas geyser
  • Energy efficient
  • With gas geysers, water remains hot for long time

Cons of Gas Geysers

  • Short lifespan over electric geysers
  • Installation is difficult
  • Not safer than the electric geysers

Precautions to follow with the use of Gas Geysers

  • Adequate ventilation area is perfect for the installation of gas geysers. Never install it in a confined area such as the bathroom
  • Never keep it near the explosive, corrosives, or inflammable, and even near the electric wiring
  • Check for the linking pipes to be clean and leak proof
  • Make sure to not leave the gas geyser on for a long time
  • The gas geyser should be kept at the height where the pilot flame is easily visible

Features to consider before buying a Gas Geyser

1. Size and Capacity

Choose the one with the size that easily fits the space where you want to install it. Even the capacity is also important to check before buying a gas geyser. For the smaller family with 2-3 people, the small capacity of the gas geyser is ideally suitable but to cater the hot water needs for more than 4 members in your family, you must install the one with large capacity.

2. Water Tank

It is recommended to choose the best gas water heater that comes with the vitreous enamel water tank. It saves the water tank from being corroded due to rigorous water supply, and thus will enhances its durability and longevity.

3. Safety Features

It is best to check all the safety features, the gas geyser must have that you are going to buy. Since gas geysers are more risky and unsafe to use over the electric geysers, it must surpass all the safety standards.

The most important part is to check whether it has ISI mark or not. Since, BIS (Beureu Of Indian Standards) has set some important safety and performance standard for the gas heaters, it will be safe to use them.

4. Brand

Choose the branded model always that comes with standard safety certification and performance standards. The cheap models have been risky to use. The best brands for gas water heaters in India are Bajaj, Racold, Havells, Kenstar, etc.

5. Space for installation

Make sure that you have the proper ventilation area for its installation as the gas geysers are not safe to be installed in the bathroom. If you don’t have the open space for the installation of gas geysers, you must go for the electric geysers instead.

Gas Geysers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the best gas geysers in India?
The brands that offer best gas geysers in India are Havells, Bajaj, Hindware, Crompton, Longway, etc. Their gas geysers are best in terms of performance, quality and most importantly comes with all the safety standards.
2. Which is better, a gas geyser or an electric geyser?
In terms of efficiency and power consumption, a gas geyser is far better than an electric geyser. It also offers fast and instant heating over electric water heaters. The only downside you will find in a gas geyser is that it is somehow unsafe than the electric geysers. You need to follow proper precautionary measures to use them safely.
3. Are gas geysers dangerous?
Gas geysers have many advantages over the electric geysers but if not installed properly, it may be a life threatening appliance. It must be installed in an open area, never inside the bathroom as it may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, make sure that the switch of the gas geyser must be at such a height that can easily be switched off. Following these precautions, you can use a gas geyser safely.
4. Are gas geysers cheaper than electric geysers?
The purchase and installation of a gas geyser is comparatively higher than the electric geysers but the operational cost of it saves a lot from your pocket in long run.


This is all about the best-selling gas geysers in India. All these models are the latest ones and also the most energy efficient gas geysers. But my recommendation is for Hindware Atlantic Ignacio Plus Gas Geyser that works effectively on both LPG and PNG. The other ones also have some specific and unique features. So get your best pick from the above listed gas geysers.

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24 thoughts on “7 Best Gas Geysers for Hot Water in Your Home 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

  1. Dinesh Shirvaikar says:

    Of the above geysers, which work with PNG?

  2. K Subramanian says:

    Is there any storage type gas geyser of 15 to 20 litres capacity ?

    1. Hi,
      There are few storage type gas geyser but not available on Amazon or flipkart. There is no testing or reviews on these products so we can not say about their reliability, quality or customer support.

      Few seller are selling them on indiamart.com. Seller like Swastik Sales Corporation, A.O. Smith and Akhand Jyoti Engineers are selling them. Search google or indiamart you will see the products.
      One problem with them is that they are of not less than 50 liters capacity.

      Hope we resolve your query, let us know if you need more information. We are happy to help.

  3. Sudhir Patil says:

    I need diesel gas geyser for two bathrooms connected which is suitable for this domestic application of family of 4

    1. Diesel gas geyser are not easily available in India. There are very few manufactures who make it. You can find them on IndiaMart.

      They are comparatively expensive, hard to install and maintain.

      We would suggest to go with gas geyser or electric geysers.

  4. P I Parmar says:

    I installed a new United brand gas geyser it is 6L low pressure geyser. It is not giving sufficient pressure at outlet.whereas inlet water pressure is good also flame is intermittently going on and off .Anybody pl.guide what can be the problem ?

    1. No one can guess it. It is advised to contact a technician. Try to connect with United customer care and ask for the help.

  5. I am planning to buy LONGWAY Decora 7 Litre Copper LPG Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser 5 Way Protection, 20 MNT Timer (Brown) from amazon. Please suggest your thought on it

    1. Thank you Anil for reading the review. The LONGWAY Decora is good model with all the safety and advanced features and we recommend it. Here are few points to check before you make final decision.

      1. You have to fit it on yourself, that mean you need plumber or you should do it yourself.
      2. You have to buy the fitting accessories yourself (Mostly pipes)
      3. Make sure 7 liter is enough for you use.

      If you can tell us your budget, we can recommend you few alternatives.

  6. I have natural gas supply from local municipal corporation. I want to have a gas geyser.
    I want warm water from shower for about 20 – 30 min for bath. Please suggest a solution.

    1. Hello Shrikant,
      You need a gas geyser which support PNG. There are few models which support PNG and there are models which do support both LPG and PNG. Also, if you know some local mechanic, ask them if they can change existing LPG variant to PNG.
      You can read our review on Best PNG Gas Geyser to select a 6 liter model.

  7. Rushesh GADHIA says:

    I have small bunglow in Ahmedabad Gujarat I like to fixed gas geyser. I have one bathroom in G.F. & 2 bathroom on first floor . I also need hot water in showers . So how many gas geyser I need & which place I put it

    1. Rushesh,
      Requirement depends on your usage. If you have a big family or number of the people using bathroom is higher, you will need a bigger size gas geyser.
      Now coming to your question, install one geyser per bathroom. If bathroom is big and you have more outlet and inlet points, you can install 2 geysers.

      Always install geyser in bathroom and make sure you have proper ventilation in your bathroom.

  8. Suketu Pandya says:

    I have small bunglow in Ahmedabad Gujarat I like to fixed gas geyser. I have one bathroom in G.F. & 2 bathroom on first floor . I also need hot water in showers . So how many gas geyser I need & which place I put it . i have also same question. but i hav e searched out one gas geyser company (Benchmark Agency Ltd.) which claim that one 8 litre geyser sufficient for 2 bathroom and i also want one geyser install for both bathroom .. any suggestions please.

    1. Hello Suketu,
      We don’t recommend using 1 gas geyser for 2 bathroom. Install one gas geyser in each bathroom. Benefit is that if one of your geyser has problem, you can use the other. If family is small, go for 6 liter geyser in each bathroom. We recommend Havells and Racold. Check this one – https://amzn.to/2P26lJN

  9. Hi, Looking to buy a LPG gas geyser for a people of 3.
    Can you please suggest one ?

    1. Balaji,
      For 3 people 6 Liter is more than enough. We suggest go with – https://amzn.to/2P26lJN (Havells Flagro Storage 6-Litre Gas Heater with Flexi Pipe, Safe Shock Plug).

      1. Hi Swapnil, thank you.
        I see that we will have to do the installation our selves.
        All the mentioned above LPG geysers have to installed by us?

  10. We have installed Jequar 3 way THERMOSTAT diverter want to fix PNG gas geyser ##some technician says it will NOT work some says will work please guide thank you in advance

    1. Jaquar 3 way THERMOSTATIC diverter will work with any gas geyser. We recommend to call the technician for home visit and inspect the available options. As per research and finding of OneReview team, we can say that PNG gas geyser should work with 3 way diverter.

    2. Shivam Miglani says:

      Go for bajaj.

  11. sudhir pratap singh says:

    little confuse between bajaj duetto,havells flagro and v gaurds safefloplus,please suggest best one in6 liter class.

    1. Go for bajaj duetto. We are using it for more than 3 years, no problem.

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