10 Best Exhaust Fans in India 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Poor ventilation is a major crisis in almost every modern home nowadays. Be it a south-western or a south-eastern faced house; you have to invest an extra amount of cash to remodel the ventilation points in a newly purchased flat. While remodeling the vents, installing the best Exhaust Fan closer to the windows is a great initiative. It allows to pass away the heated air from the rooms during summer months and let the fresh air pass in from outside.

Of course, for that, you need to have a sound technical idea on where you should fix it in your house. Houses with small kitchens and bathrooms are one of the best places for fixing one such vent fan to avoid suffocation for the occupants.

Often buyers with limited technical knowledge fail to pick the best ventilation fan for their residence.

Well, that’s why, we have taken the responsibility to frame a Ultimate Buyers Guide and detailed product-list of the best exhaust fan in India that’s suitable for almost modern homes along with their individual technical features.

10 Best Exhaust Fans for Kitchen and Bathroom in India

Let’s take a close look at our best picks that we have shortlisted for you. Right from the ‘Overall Best,’ ‘Premium Pick’ to the ‘Economic Buy,’ we have covered the individual brand of the best exhaust fan that you can use for your home.

Exhaust FansPower / Speed / Warranty
Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan
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40 W / 1250 RPM / 2 YearsCHECK PRICE
Havells Ventil Air Dx Exhaust Fan
Read Review
32 W / 1350 RPM / 2 YearsCHECK PRICE
Havells Ventilair DSP Exhaust Fan
Read Review
40 W / 1350 RPM / 2 YearsCHECK PRICE
Crompton Brisk Air 150 mm Exhaust Fan
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25 W / 1250 RPM / 2 YearsCHECK PRICE
Crompton Brisk Air 250mm Exhaust Fan
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50 W / 1250 RPM / 2 YearsCHECK PRICE
Bajaj Supreme Plus Industrial Exhaust Fan
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55 W / 900 RPM / 1 YearCHECK PRICE
Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan
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19 W / 1050 RPM / 1 YearCHECK PRICE
Orpat Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan
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45 W / 1400 RPM / 1 YearCHECK PRICE
Orpat Ventilation Fan
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20 W / 1800 RPM / 1 YearCHECK PRICE
Luminous Ventilation Vento Exhaust Fan
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Best Exhaust Fans Reviews

1. Usha Crisp Air 200mm Sweep Size, 300mm Duct Size Exhaust Fan

Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan

Being established in 1934, Usha is one of the oldest fan-manufacturing brands in India. It has become a popular name in minimum Indian houses nowadays. So, our fort best pick of exhaust fan includes from the same brand Usha.

The Crisp Air model of USHA is a perfect addition to your kitchens and small bathrooms. The white version of the Crisp Air is much popular for its error-free performance. While there are multiple complaints from buyers that the white version of Crisp Air encountered technical problems post the installation, the elder sibling earned maximum popularity because of its high-efficiency factor.

The 1250 RPM speed of Usha Crisp Air exhaust fan has a 200mm blade sweep size to vent out heated air out of a small room or a kitchen. Each airflow assures maximum evacuation of the uncirculated air from a room by blowing it out from a single-window vent point. One of the greatest buying benefits of this fan is, a buyer can place 1-6 fans at a time in a single order. That adds value to a customer’s wallet, as it’s more economical than placing an order one by one for buying multiple exhaust fans easily.

This product is a smart fit in the category of a quiet bathroom exhaust fan for your house. The electricity consumption of the fan does not exceed 40 watts, which is a smart way to keep your domestic electricity bills optimum. The copper winding wiring of the coil always guarantees technical error-free performance in the long run. It has every potential to fit as the best exhaust window fan for small kitchens and bathrooms with a single outlet for ventilation.

Key Features

  • The blade sweep size is available in 3 different options- 150 mm, 200 mm, and 250 mm
  • It comes with 300 mm back-side duct
  • Completely meant for noiseless operation
  • Auto-shutter at the backside of the fan
  • Perfect money saver of your electricity bills
  • One year warranty from the house of the manufacturer


  • Affordable price range
  • Durable plastic base material which is easy to wipe
  • Rustproof blades
  • Lightweight- not more than 1.87-1.88 kg


  • Limited color option (Black Pearl and white)

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2. Havells FHVVEDXOWH08 Ventil Air Exhaust Fan

Havells Ventil Air Dx Exhaust Fan

Ventil Air DX series from Havells is an economical pick for those buyers who’re looking for a low noise operating fan for their house. Being easily installable near a mounting glass window, this model is the best economic pick in every way. Going by the reviews, it’s known for its durable high-end engineered plastic blades.

Another reason for including this exhaust fan belonging from Havells series is its modern aesthetic design. With a 200 mm blade dimension, it can swiftly and easily vent out bad odors, pungent smells from the room.

This particular Havells exhaust fan model is known to deliver 520 CMH airflow within a room. The fan is also known for its 1350 RPM motor speed. It has an additional gravity shutter feature to restrict dust and birds to make a nest upon it, which is a very common feature in ventilation window points of the Indian homes.

Often buyers get curious to know the reason behind the usage of plastic blades? The reason behind one such engineering technology is to make the blades light-weighted. Those lightweight, aerodynamic blades can move out the maximum amount of air from the rooms quickly. The plastic material is further resistant to wear and tear, and it can assure a technical dispute free performance for years.

Key Features

  • 1350 RPM for quickly evacuating bad odor, smells from a small room with a single-window vent
  • Aesthetic look with low noise emission
  • Creates minimum vibration while in use
  • Resists abrasion
  • Aerodynamic plastic blades to vent out air from the rooms
  • The robust motor gives the best performance for hours
  • Delivers 520 CMH air in each blow
  • Best to install it closer to the windows of a small bathroom/kitchen vent to avoid heated air circulation within the rooms
  • Consumes an electricity of 32 watts


  • Perfect buy for an economic buyer
  • Two years of product warranty available
  • Resistive to abrasion is an added benefit
  • Works silently


  • No such

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3. Havells VentilAir DSP Exhaust Fan

Havells Ventil Air DSP Exhaust Fan

Again from the same brand Havells, VentilAir DSP exhaust fan is our next best pick. It is an excellent example of a buyer’s choice looking ahead for the best exhaust fan installation in a small bathroom where low space is a significant factor. Since the price of Havells VentilAir DSP is almost the same with the DX series, buyers often take interest in this particular model of Havells. It’s one of the reasons for which people always take interest in it.

Though the differences between the models are not so prominent, there is a difference between the quality. While the DX series has a plastic-base, the DSP series from Havells has a metal body and blades. It delivers an air speed of 700 CMH. It’s always important to take the CMH factor in count. The word CMH stands for cubic meter per hour). One such measurement is used to calculate the airflow coverage rate within the entire area where the exhaust fan has been installed.

The DSP series has an upward and downward lifting mechanism that gives a more customized and personalized utility to the users. This particular model comes with additional grills, preferably meant for restricting the birds like pigeons to nest quite closer to it.

The power consumption of one such best bathroom ventilation fan is not more than 40 watts. That means you’re splitting your monthly electricity bills simply in two halves.

The copper winding wires used in the motor of this exhaust fan assures durable performance in the long run. It’s 1350 RPM can easily remove pungent smells and bad odors from the enclosed areas with a single ventilation point to avoid suffocation for the occupant inside the bathroom.

Key Features

  • Durable metal body and blades – which means rust and corrosion can’t affect it easily
  • Airflow rate – 510 CMH (which is pretty good for small bathrooms and toilets especially)
  • Additional 29 spokes are provided to guard the exhasust fan to avoid birds from nesting on it
  • The noise emission does not exceed 40-45 decibels that’s quite tolerable
  • The powdered coated metallic design gives an additional glow to the aesthetic appeal of the fan
  • Easy options available for manually lifting the fan from up to down and vice versa


  • Aerodynamic sweep blades that deliver 230 mm airspeed
  • Simple manual switch for on/off
  • The airflow rate is 700 cubic per hour (CMH)
  • Sturdy and durable construction


  • Not ideal for big kitchen and bathroom

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4. Crompton Brisk Air 150 mm Exhaust Fan

Crompton Brisk Air Exhaust Fan

With 75 years and above old brand popularity, Crompton is definitely one of the largest selling fan brands in India. The Brisk air is primarily popular for its lightweight feature. With a warranty coverage for 2 years, this one should definitely make its place in maximum Indian houses.

The Brisk air series is actually popular for its low power consumption factor. Taking a power consumption not more than 25 watts, this Crompton exhaust fan guarantees ventilation from small rooms where air can’t pass easily. Be it a storeroom or your loft; whenever you clean it at least once a month, your cleaning job won’t be a suffocating one with its 350 CMH air delivery rate.

It’s a beautiful addition for your kitchen, too, especially when you’re placing it closer to the chimney vents to blow out the heated air emitting from the gas ovens while cooking. The Crompton exhaust fans are known for their durable plastic base that keeps your fan rust and corrosion-free always.

It’s 2470 RPM speed signifies its entry into the category of the best exhaust fan that can always keep the indoor environment free from pungent smell and other unexpected odors. Buyers looking ahead to purchase the best exhaust fan for room at an economical budget should definitely try this one out for their homes. It does not require a huge installation cost to fix it in the corner of a small toilet or a bathroom for ventilating the air outside.

Key Features

  • Five bladed exhaust fan that weighs not more than 410 grams
  • Power consumption is 25 watts only, so you don’t have to worry about your energy bills
  • An elegant look to complement your modern kitchenette
  • 150 mm blade sweep – sufficient for small rooms that’s enclosed from all sides with a single corner window
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Inbuilt grills are an additional safety feature at the back-side of the fan


  • Nice airflow
  • Suits perfectly as the best exhaust kitchen fan
  • 100% genuine copper coil motor windings
  • Super calm and quiet operation


  • Build quality is not up to the mark

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5. Crompton Brisk Air 250mm Exhaust Fan

Crompton Brisk Air 250mm Exhaust Fan

This particular model from Crompton Brisk air is considerably more popular than it’s younger brother because it’s technical features are a bit advanced. While the Brisk Air assures 350 CMH airflow delivery rate, this Crompton exhaust fan delivers a 460 CMH rate. One of the major reasons for which this model earned popularity is its sweep blade size that’s 250 mm.

Aesthetic design with durable technical mechanisms is one of the major reasons for Crompton’s popularity in modern homes. Since the price is quite affordable, the product comes under the category of overall pick. The reason for which Crompton has been added in this product list is its low power consumption, that’s not more than 50 watts.

Crompton fans have a durable plastic base that can compete quite easily with the metal base fans. One of the biggest problems with metal fans is maintenance. It’s difficult to maintain the metal blades when a wide thick layer of dust gets stored upon it. It’s difficult to wipe those dust with your hands by putting it inside through the sharp blades. Whereas, a plastic base Crompton vent fan is easy to wipe and clean. A dry fabric is sufficient to wipe the dust off from the blades.

The lightweight factor must not be overlooked while browsing the technical features of the best exhaust fan in India belonging from the Crompton brand. The 2420 gram weighted fan is easy to install at suitable points of your house where you need to blow out the heated air from the rooms.

Key Features

  • Blade sweep size is 250 mm that covers sufficient area in a small bathroom, making it a perfect toilet exhaust fan for small bathrooms
  • Energy-efficient fan that requires a power not more than 50 watts
  • Never compromises with rust
  • Perfect addition for the compact modular kitchen when fixed right close to the chimney vent
  • 2 years warranty since the date of manufacturing


  • Low noise emission
  • 2370 RPM, that’s sufficient for comparatively smaller rooms
  • The air delivery rate is 460 cubic meter per minute
  • Great in look


  • Difficult to clean the back-side of the blades
  • Very flimsy

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6. Bajaj Supreme Plus 300mm Industrial Exhaust Fan

Bajaj Supreme Plus Exhaust Fan

Back in the 1990s, the popular commercial ad for ‘Humara Bajaj’ Chetak scooter was quite popular one. We have grown up seeing the Bajaj scooters and motorcycles, and by late 20s, Bajaj’s electrical appliances gained maximum popularity in the Indian market.

The Supreme Industrial grade Bajaj exhaust fan has a 300 mm blade sweep size for assuring 1275 cubic meter per hour airflow, which is sufficient to circulate out the blocked air within a room. Though the RPM speed of Bajaj Supreme exhaust fan is 900 only, but its air delivery rate cubic meter per hour is far superior than it’s elder sibling Bajaj Maxima, which has an air delivery rate of 1125 CMH only.

This metal base structure of this particular Bajaj model is known for its durable ball-bearing feature. Its low power consumption is an added benefit in a small bathroom or kitchen. If you’re looking for the best exhaust fan for a small bathroom at a standard budget, then this one should definitely fit in your buying list.

Key Features

  • Aesthetic design and stylish look
  • Double ball bearing system
  • Blade sweep size is 300 mm, which is sufficient to blow out blocked air and enhance air ventilation suitably
  • Nominal power consumption- not more than 55 watts
  • 900 RPM (Motor speed)
  • Copper Winding
  • 1275 Cubic meter per hour


  • One year warranty from the house of manufacturer
  • Enhanced load-bearing capacity
  • Best exhaust for small bathroom and toilets
  • Quiet in working


  • No such

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7. Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan

Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan

Again a model from the house of USHA, Crisp Air Premia, is another addition in the list of the best exhaust fan available for sale in India. This sophisticated exhaust fan is best for your kitchen and bathroom for evading fumes, smokes, and bad odor easily from enclosed spaces. The fan is a perfect fit for those rooms of your house where air ventilation is a big problem indeed. Its 1050 RPM motor is sufficient to blow out foul air from a small room that is enclosed from all sides.

The automatic front shutter is an added benefit of the ventilation fan. Since the entire front side of the exhaust is shaded with an automatic shutter, low noise emission is an added USP with the product. This particular model of Crisp Air exhaust is suitable for a fall ceiling. The size of its blade sweep is 260 mm.

Key Features

  • Motor designed for long-lasting operation
  • Known for its stylish aesthetic design
  • Power consumption does not exceed 19 watts- which is very low
  • Barely weighs more than 1.96 kilograms
  • Added aesthetic design is a smart suit for a false ceiling exhaust fan for small bathrooms and kitchens


  • Rust-proof body and blades
  • Perfect extension for air ventilation in non-spacious rooms
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Copper winding motor coil
  • Optimizes your monthly electricity bills


  • A bit noisy

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8. Orpat Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan

Orpat Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan

The reason behind including the name of Orpat in our product list is its prolonged popularity. The Orpat’s 12-inch exhaust fan comes with copper winding. The popularity of the fan is known for its extensive durable feature. The 300 mm blade sweep size is perfect for ventilating out the heated air from a room where air circulation is difficult.

Thanks to its metallic blades with the copper winding coil that has a double ball bearing propellor for ventilating out foul warm air from a toilet or bathroom. The 1400 RPM motor does not consume more than 45 watts of electricity for operation. It’s 300 mm blade sweep size is sufficient for assuring an air delivery rate of 1600 cubic meter per hour, that’s more than enough for ventilating out the concentrated air from a room that’s enclosed from all sides.

Key Features

  • Durable copper coil windings for heavy-duty use
  • Durable quality metal base
  • Additional guard rails provided to keep the birds away from it
  • Powerful capacitor provided with a rubber-mounted feature to reduce noise emission
  • Special powder-coated material provided to evade rust and corrosion
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Vibration-free rotation
  • Suitable blade sweep to assure maximum airflow -1600 CMH
  • Minimum power consumption


  • No such

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9. Orpat Ventilation Fan

Orpat Ventilation Fan

The 6 inches ventilation fan from Orpat is a perfect addition for all those small rooms in your house where ventilation is a major problem. One of the key reasons for maximum users to select 6 inches exhaust fan from Orpat is its aesthetic appeal, in-built removable plastic grills, and 1800 motor speed.

It suitably fits in the category of best exhaust fan as it’s a smart fit for the windows, easy to fix, consumes an electricity that’s not more than 20 watts. The 150 mm blade sweep size is sufficient to blow out the blocked air out of the room to enhance fresh air circulation quickly.

Key Features

  • Rust-proof plastic body
  • Low noise emission
  • Added inbuilt plastic grill guard to avoid dust storage on it
  • 1800 RPM – which is sufficient to vent out filth air from the rooms
  • 6 inches 150 mm blade sweep size for maximum airflow within an enclosed rooms


  • Elegant white color
  • Lightweight plastic made- weighs not more than 800 grams
  • Consumes less power
  • Works quietly


  • No downsides noted yet

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10. Luminous Ventilation Vento Exhaust Fan

Luminous Vento Exhaust Fan

Vento from Luminous is a standard exhaust fan for every such kitchen where air ventilation is a big challenge. The 200 mm blade sweep size of the exhaust is a perfect addition for your kitchen.

This exhaust is a wise choice for your kitchen because of it’s rust-proof body. Its strong air suction capacity is an added benefit for circulating the heated air prevailing within a non-spacious kitchen. The perfect place to fix the exhaust in your kitchen is on the top of the chimney. That way, it’s easy to vent out the blocked air from any room.

Key Features

  • Perfect window exhaust for non-spacious kitchenette
  • 200 mm blade sweep size to assure maximum ventilation
  • Dust protective shutters
  • Guarantees an airflow of 250 cubic minute per hour
  • 1350 RPM – that’s enough for cooling a low spacious kitchen
  • Minimum power consumption that does not exceed 30 watts
  • Zero noise emission perfect for smooth operation
  • Aerodynamic blades for maximum air circulation within a room


  • Added shutter for dust operation
  • Additional duct provided for better temperature control
  • Perfect for AC cabins
  • Maximum airflow for circulating the foul air from the rooms
  • Additional blades provided to vent out polluted air from the rooms


  • Quality is not up to the mark

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How to Choose the Best Exhaust Fan? (Buying Guide)

Now that you have gone through the different brands of exhausts, it’s time for you to know how to select the best exhaust fan for your home. Or else, you might end with wasting your cash for picking the wrong product for your kitchenette.

Types of Exhaust Fan

1. Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan

Wall mounted exhaust fans are installed within a cut-out in the external wall or within a window. These models are very effective as they directly expels the stale air outdoors, keeping the indoors with fresh air.

2. Ceiling-Mounted Exhaust Fan

If there is no cut-out option in the external wall or window for the ceiling fan, you may opt for the latest ceiling mounted exhaust fans. These need to be installed in the false ceiling along with a duct connection to expel the stale air of indoors to the outdoors. Some smart models of the ceiling-mounted exhaust fans are integrated with light that works as an additional light point.

Features to Consider Before Buying an Exhasut Fan

1. Size Factor

Size is the most important factor to consider before buying an exhaust fan for your kitchen and bathroom. Depending upon the size of your kitchen and bathroom, you can choose the desired size of an exhaust fan. Well the airflow of the exhaust fan is measured in CFM (Cubic Ft. Per Minute). And generally, 1 CFM of airflow is required for each square foot of the kitchen and bathroom. So, you must choose the exhaust fan by calculating the CFM according to the square feet area of your kitchen and bathroom.

2. Power Consumption

Before purchasing an exhaust, it’s always necessary to take the power consumption factor in your count. An exhaust that takes power consumption not more than 19 watts will be perfect for your room. If you’re planning to fix it in your bathroom, then Crisp Air Premia from USHA is going to be a smart fit from every way to keep your power consumption low. That’s why we have added it in the category of the best exhaust fan for the bathroom, as exhaust fans belonging from the other brands can’t match its power consumption capacity.

Comparing the USHA Crisp Air with other brands:

  • Crisp Air 260 mm from USHA- 19 watts
  • Crisp Air 200 mm from USHA- 40 watts
  • Bajaj Supreme with 300 mm blades- 55 watts
  • Crompton Brisk Air with 200 mm blades- 50 watts
  • Crompton Brisk Air with 150 mm blades- 25 watts
  • Havells VentilAir with 230 mm blades- 40 watts
  • Havells VentilAir with 200 mm blades- 32 watts

3. Air Delivery Rate

The air delivery rate is another important aspect that a buyer must not overlook while buying an exhaust fan. Normally the air delivery rate factors have to be estimated when you’re choosing an exhaust for large bathrooms. Well, for one such purpose, Bajaj Supreme Plus is the best exhaust fan for a large bathroom, as it’s air delivery rate in cubic meters per hour is 1275.

Whereas, the air delivery rate of the other brands in cu meter/hour are:

  • Crompton 250 mm blades- 460 cu m/min
  • Crompton 150 mm blades- 350 cu m/min
  • Ventil Air DSP from Havells- 510 CMH
  • Ventil Air Dx from Havells- 520 CMH

4. Quality of the Blades

The quality of the blades is another important factor that must not be overlooked. Frankly, though some users may prefer plastic blades as their lightweight, it’s better to prefer the exhausts with metal blades. That’s because the fine sharp edges of the metal blades can cut the air and quickly blow out the polluted air from a room better than the plastic exhausts. For one such purpose, VentilAir DSP from Havells can be the best exhaust fan for your home.

5. Mesh or External Guard

Most of the exhaust fans comes with a mesh or external guard, mainly metallic fans while the plastic exhaust fans are exception in this case. It not only prevents the lizards and birds from housing the assembly but also prevents any accidental contacts with the moving blades. And most importantly, these external guards prevents the dust to enter in your house.

6. Noise Factor

It’s always important to select a quiet exhaust fan for your kitchen/bathrooms. An exhaust fan producing a noise within 0.3 to 4.0 sones is always considered ideal for your house.

Note: Sones is the market accepted standard measurement unit for measuring the level of the noise of an exhaust installed in your house.

Exhaust fans ranging from 0.3 to 4.0 sones are suitable for the users who’re looking for an economic and quiet exhaust fan for the large/small bathroom of their house. An exhaust that has the capacity to ventilate out maximum air from an enclosed room via a single vent by producing minimum noise should always be your primary choice. It’s always important to consider one such factor in your count when you’re willing to select an exhaust for your rooms that makes low noise. Always compare the number of CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) to that of the air sones to find out which exhaust delivers maximum air at low noise.

7. Budget

Setting a budget is very crucial before buying any product either online or offline. In case of exhaust fans, you must first assess what you need and then decide on your budget. The best quality exhaust fans are available within a price range from . So, you can choose the one depending upon your budget preferences.

8. Warranty

Warranty on the product matters a lot, after all, it ensures the durability and longevity of the product. In case of exhaust fans, it is better to invest in the branded models to get better warranty and aftersales services. Many branded models come with the minimum of one year warranty and some come with the extended warranty period of two years. It is better to go with the models with the minimum warranty of one year, not less than it.

Why Do You Need an Exhaust Fan for your Kitchen and Bathroom?

An exhaust fan can quickly steer away the strong pungent smells, fumes, and heat from the kitchen while cooking. Even the production of steam is obvious while cooking which may lead to a humid indoor environment. The installation of exhaust fan in your kitchen replaces this humid air with fresh air and prevents the growth of mold and mildew that may cause various serious allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

Apart from the kitchen, if your bathroom has a single ventilation point, then the installation of an exhaust-fan is ‘must’. Bathroom is the place where there are high chances of humidity and moisture level. And this high level of moisture and humidity may cause mold and mildew growth as well as damage the wood materials inside the bathroom. Even without proper ventilation points in your bathroom, there’s a high chance to feel suffocated due to foul odors. An exhaust fan expels out the moist and humid air. It also removes any bad odor from the bathroom and prevents mold and mildew build up.

Benefits of Installing an Exhaust in Kitchens and Bathrooms

  • Maximum air circulation
  • Easy to blow out foul air quickly from enclosed bathrooms
  • Ample scope for the outside air to circulate within a small bathroom/kitchen
  • Saves additional expenses on the extension work for installing window vents in a small kitchen
  • Easy to circulate out the heated air from the window vents in a small enclosed bathroom/kitchens
  • Maximum option to regulate and circulate air within a spacious bathroom/kitchen

Cleaning and Maintenance of Exhaust Fan

It’s always important to maintain the exhaust fans after buying it to maintain its efficiency and no-noise operation . If you’re looking ahead to maintain the longevity of the exhaust fan, you must invest sufficient time for maintaining and cleaning it accordingly. Here are few tips to maintain and clean your exhaust:

  • It’s always necessary to clean your exhaust at an interval of 3-4 months, If it’s stalled near your window vent, it’s necessary to check whether birds have nested close to it or not. So, if you find any twigs or leaves carried by birds to form a nest, it’s important to remove them and get it free from dust. If a thick layer of dust is stored on the sharp edges of the blades, you need to wipe it off, or else the air delivery speed might be compromised.
  • Most of the models come with a mesh. To clean it thoroughly, first remove the mesh and clean it with a solution of one part ammonia and 2 two parts of water. Scrub gently, and then wipe it out to let it dry completely.
  • Exhaust fan blades catch a lot of dirt, stains and grease. So, it is very important to wipe the exhaust blades at least once after two to three weeks. You can also use solution of ammonia, baking soda and hot water to clean the blades.
  • It’s easy to wipe the plastic blades with a dry fabric. It’s a bit tricky to wipe the metal blades. For one such purpose, you can always use a dry fabric to avoid molds and mildew storage in the fan blades.
  • Always switch off the main plugs of the power point while cleaning the blades, to avoid getting electrocuted.
  • Be careful while cleaning the metal blades of the exhaust. Make sure that you’re wearing rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with electricity, especially while cleaning the surface of the motor cover where maximum dust gets stored.
  • The biggest problem with the metal blades is that they are quite prone to get affected to rust and corrosion. It’s quite important to clean them up from time to time, or else the durability of the blades might be compromised. Always unplug the switches and use a wet fabric to clean them. However, once you’re done, you may choose to wipe the wet surface with a dry fabric to clean the blades efficiently.
  • For the more thorough cleaning of exhaust fan, it is better to unscrew it, remove the blades, and then scrub and clean all the blades separately, wipe it properly and assemble it again.

Exhaust Fans Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which are the most reliable exhaust fan brands in India?
Companies like USHA, Bajaj, Crompton, Havells have a sufficiently good reputation for manufacturing the best exhaust fans in India. These brands are one of the oldest exhaust fan manufacturing companies in India. These are all known for durability, better air delivery rate, and affordable price range. That’s why it’s wise to select an exhaust fan belonging from any of these brands.
2. Where should you install an exhaust?
It’s always wise to install an exhaust in a room with limited ventilation outlets. By fixing an exhaust in one such corner of a small bathroom or a small kitchen, it’s easy for you to assure maximum air delivery rate within a room that’s enclosed from maximum sides. It’s an added benefit to install an exhaust closer to the windows from where the air can ventilate out freely.
3. What should be the primary concern before investing in an exhaust fan?
Since you’re planning to invest in an exhaust, you need to look into some of the key technical features before ordering an exhaust for your home. They’re:

  • Size of the Room- Room size is the key concern before installing an exhaust near the windows. If the room size is not big, choose for small exhausts. Brands like USHA, Crompton, Bajaj, HAVELLS have multiple series of exhausts for small bathrooms and kitchens. They easily fit in small window vent points.
  • Air Delivery Rate- It’s always important to take the air delivery rate in your count while buying an exhaust. It’s better to choose an exhaust that can deliver more than 520 CMH airflow for ventilating the foul air within closed rooms.
  • Quality of the Blades- It’s important to look into the blades’ quality while buying an exhaust. Stainless steel blades are perfect for your exhaust.
4. Why should you check the motor speed of the exhaust?
The motor speed is calculated based on the RPM, which stands for Rate Per Minute. It is a unit that’s used for calculating the motor rotation speed of the exhaust. If the motor speed of the exhaust fan is less than 900 RPM, it’s better to abandon the product from the buying choice list. Instead, it’s better to choose an exhaust fan with 1350 motor speed to generate maximum airflow within the room.
5. Is it necessary to clean the exhaust?
Yes, to ensure the better performance and efficiency of the exhaust fan, it is important to clean your exhaust fan once in a 3-4 months. It is necessary to check whether birds have nested close to it or not. If you find any twigs or leaves carried by pigeons to form a nest, it’s important to remove them and get it free from dust. If a thick layer of dust is stored on the sharp edges of the blades, you need to wipe it off, or else the air delivery speed might be compromised.
6. Why should you check the motor speed of the exhaust?
The motor speed is calculated on the basis of the RPM, which stands for Rate Per Minute. It is a unit that’s used for calculating the motor rotation speed of the exhaust. If the motor speed of the exhaust fan is less than 900 RPM, it’s better to abandon the product from the buying choice list.
A good exhaust motor should have at least 1350 motor speed to rotate the blades for generating the air that blows out foul odors from a room. If your exhaust is unable to rotate the motor at a speed equivalent to 1350 RPM or more than that, there’s no point in buying an exhaust fan for your home.


Amongst all these products that has been mentioned above, VentilAir DSP from Havells can be considered as the overall best exhaust fan from every way. Though the price range of it is a bit high, in comparison to the other available exhaust fan brands for sale in the Indian market, it’s a one-time investment only.

However, if you prefer to choose from any brand, you may pay a visit to the above-mentioned product list as well to choose the best product that suitably meets your choice.

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Unleash Storm 6 inch(150MM) Cut Out Size 100%...
₹2,499 ₹646
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DIGISMART 300mm High Speed 12 Inches Pure Cop...
₹1,490 ₹1,049
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Crompton Axial Air High-Speed Plastic Exhaust...
₹1,599 ₹1,099
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HM Heavy Duty High Speed Fresh Air Exhaust Fa...
₹1,599 ₹849
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HEWA 6 Inch 150mm Exhaust Fan 100% Copper Mot...
₹1,299 ₹645
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DIGISMART High Speed 1600 RPM 6 Inches 150mm ...
₹1,190 ₹679
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