10 Best Air Coolers Under Rs10000 in India (2024) – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Summer is in full swing this year too, and its scorching heat is increasing year by year. So, you all are searching for the options to battle with this unbeatable heat for getting relaxed and comfortable. Air Conditioners are now the most preferred choice for all of us but are expensive and not affordable for many of us. Here comes the best cost-effective solution Air Coolers.

The air coolers offer you the right amount of cooling you need to beat the heat of summers. Even these are very pocket-friendly and consume less electricity over the air conditioners. And the biggest benefit of the air coolers is that they are environment-friendly and offers long-lasting performance.

The market is full of numerous brands and models, making it hard to find the best air cooler for your needs. So, we have made it simpler for you by compiling the best and latest models of air coolers from the renowned brands like Symphony, Bajaj, Orient, Crompton, etc. We have also covered their complete reviews as well as a Comprehensive Buying Guide on it. So, you can make the best-preferred choice.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India

Below is the list of the best air coolers in India which are listed on the basis of their performance, build quality, customer reviews, and rating.

Air CoolersCooling CapacityWater Tank CapacityPower ConsumptonWarranty
#1. Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler
Read Review
550 sq ft75 L190 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
#2. Kenstar Icecool RE Honeycomb Air Cooler
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550 sq ft60 L190 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
#3. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque Room Air Cooler
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150 sq ft36 L100 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
#4. Symphony Diet 50i Air Cooler
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200 sq ft50 L170 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
#5. Bajaj Icon DC2015 Room Cooler
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600 sq ft43 L200 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
#6. Symphony Diet 12T Air Cooler
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100 sq ft12 L170 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
#7. Bajaj Tc2007 Air Cooler
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300 sq ft34 L175 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
#8. Orient Electric Supercool CP3001H
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130 sq ft30 L140 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
#9. Symphony Diet 22i Air Cooler
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150 sq ft22 L170 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
#10. Symphony Hicool Air Cooler
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175 sq ft31 L185 W1 YearCHECK PRICE

Best Air Coolers in India – Reviews

Here is the detailed review of all the above listed models to make your buying decision easier.

1. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler (Best Overall)

Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler

Crompton is one of the leading manufacturers of fans, lights, pumps, and various other household appliances. So, our top pick belongs from the house of Crompton Greaves that is packed with awesome features and performance.

This Crompton Greaves Ozone desert air cooler is a smart buy for your home to get optimum cooling performance. Its sleek and portable design adds a great charm near your bed, sofa, or dining table. Moreover, its impressive functionalities, features, and quality makes it a best air cooler in every manner.

It is one of the best energy efficient models that keep your electricity bills low, so you can enjoy only the best cooling without worrying about more to lose from your pocket. It can store up to 75 liters of water in one go, so you don’t need to worry about refilling the tank frequently.

Its amazing wood wool cooling pad design offers improved water retention and better cooling performance. There is also a separate ice chamber to add ice when you need extra cooling. With its inverter compatible feature, you can now enjoy uninterrupted cooling even when the electricity is out.

Key Features

  • 75-liter capacity forprolonged operation
  • Sleek and portable design adds elegance to your room decor and enures convenience
  • Wood wool cooling pad offers impressive cooling performance
  • Separate ice chamber to get more cooling effect
  • Motorized louver movement
  • 4-way air deflection ensures uniform airflow all around the room
  • Rust free body ensures durability
  • Inverter compatibity allows you to run the appliance in case of power cuts


  • Energy efficient air cooler
  • Great to cool room up to 500 sq ft
  • Nice build quality
  • Superior cooling
  • A very little bit humming sound
  • Honeycomb pads are of good quality


  • No water outlet
  • A bit expensive

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2. Kenstar Icecool RE 60 Litres Honeycomb Air Cooler (Runner Up)

Kenstar Ice Cool Air Cooler

Coming to our runner up pick, this model from Kenstar comes equipped with all the features equivalent to our top pick. So, it is another best air cooler in India that you can buy to get ultimate relaxation from the harsh summers.

The first thing we liked about this product is its appealing design in elegant white color option that perfectly matches every room decor. The next is its water tank capacity of 60 l that is pretty big enough to ensure long hours operation without refilling it frequently. It also comes with a water level indicator, so you can easily check the level of water inside the tank without opening the cooling pads.

The cooler includes honeycomb cooling pad that is far better than the traditional cooling pads in terms of durability and cooling performance. And the best part is that the cooling pads are openable, so allows an easy access to you for filling and cleaning the water tank in easy way.

Operating the appliance is super easy with its unique remote control operation. Plus, its noiseless performance and impressive cooling capability makes it a good choice for any medium sized family.

Key Features

  • Water Tank Capacity 60 L ensures operation for long hours
  • Honeycomb cooling pads provide impressive cooling and are durable too
  • Water level Indicator to check the water level inside the water tank
  • Three speed settings to use it accordingly
  • Humidity control
  • Smart remote control operation for your ease and convenience


  • Good quality air cooler at a decent price tag
  • Rust-free plastic body
  • Nice cooling performance
  • Very quiet operation
  • Humidity control is a nice feature


  • No such

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3. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (Best Budget Pick)

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque Air Cooler

Style, elegance, good size, amazing performance along with incredible cooling is all the features, this air cooler from Bajaj comes with. The Bajaj Platini PX 97 Torque air cooler is the best economical option to beat the unbearable heat of summers. Featuring a sleek and compact design, it’s a great addition to your room decor.

It comes with a powerful motor and 4-way air deflection system that ensures the efficient and consistent cooling in your room. Plus, the three-sided honeycomb pad offers the fast and extra cooling to your room.

For easy mobility, the cooler comes with four caster wheels that make it easy to move from one place to another. It is also featured with the quiet performance that makes you go into a deep sleep without any annoyance. Plus, it is compatible with the inverter so that you can enjoy the cooling even amidst power cuts.

Key Features

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Efficient cooling
  • Chill trap technology for super fast cooling
  • 3-way speed control
  • Powerful air throw
  • Four-way air deflection
  • Honeycomb cooling media
  • Caster wheels for easy movement
  • Quiet performance


  • Stylish design with strong and sturdy construction
  • Cooling coverage area is good
  • Water capacity is also good
  • Low noise operation


  • Not ideal for large rooms

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4. Symphony Diet 50i 50-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 50i Best Air Cooler

This air cooler from Symphony is a compact air cooler for your home. It has a water tank capacity of 50 litres that is great enough for long hours usage. This air cooler also has a powerful air throw that effectively helps to cool any room in minutes. You can even manage the speed of the fan with the option to choose between high, medium and low speed.

The device has high-quality honeycomb cooling pads for better cooling. The compact size of this cooler and its multi-functional wheels make it easy for you to move it around the house, from room to room. In case of a power cut, the Symphony Diet cooler works on an inverter, ensuring that your house remains cool.

The model also comes with a digital control panel and also a remote control fr easy operation. The best part is that it occupies less floor space and delivers incredible energy efficiency.

Key Features

  • Ideal for a room size of 200 Sq ft within the maximum temperature range of 44 Degree
  • Dura Pump technology, empty water tank alarm, and system restore function
  • Product Dimension: 363mm x 414mm x 1315mm
  • Powerful air throw, high-efficiency honeycomb pads, and automatic louvers
  • Cooling Area (Mtr.3/Ft.3): 57/2000
  • Capacity: 50 liters, Power: 170 watts; Operating voltage: 110-230 volts


  • Good cooling capacity
  • Water tank capacity is good
  • Nice design
  • It has the power to keep a room with ventilation cool


  • Noisy vibration

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5. Bajaj Icon DC2015 43-Litre Room Cooler

Bajaj Icon DC 2015 Air Cooler

Bajaj is a well-known brand, and this model from Bajaj is an ideal one for dry and arid climates. Featuring iconic, unique design and style, this air cooler is ideal for big halls, offices, and restaurants. It has a water tank capacity of 40 litres that ensures longer cooling as it comes with continuous water supply system. The castors wheels attached to the air cooler lets you move the air cooler from one place to another.

This air cooler has special wood wool evaporative pads, and it is made of attractive, corrosion-free engineering thermoplastic material that ensures its durable performance.

Key Features

  • Unique iconic design and style with optional color trim
  • Always allow for cross ventilation in your room/area
  • Large water tank capacity for longer cooling with continuous water supply system
  • Powerful air flow with air delivery of 4000 cubic meters per hour (peak) and 3000 cubic meters per hour (average)
  • Large cooling capacity of 600 sq ft with powerful air throw 50-feet
  • Water inlet from front, top and back side, castors wheels for easy mobility
  • Special wood wool evaporative pads, made of attractive, corrosion-free engineering thermoplastic material for durable performance


  • Good cooling and better air throw
  • Water tank capacity works fine for night


  • Heavy noise

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6. Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air Cooler-For small room

Symphony Diet 12t Air Cooler

Now again a model from Symphony that is another best air cooler in terms of features, performance, and quality. This air cooler is efficient and perfect for your day-to-day use. This air cooler has a water storage capacity of 12 litres. Also, this air cooler has a powerful air throw of 1,000 cubic meters, effectively cooling up any room in minutes. You have the option to manage the speed of the fan as high, medium or low.

The model uses dura-pump technology for greater durability with a long lasting life. With honeycomb cooling pads, this air cooler ensures better cooling. Moreover, the compact size of this air cooler and its multi-functional wheels make it easy for you to move this one around the house, from room to room. In case of a power cut, this model efficiently works on an inverter. To prevent dust and insects, this air cooler also has the mosquito and dust protector.

Key Features

  • Ideal for a room size of 100 Sq ft within the maximum temperature range of 38 Degree
  • Plug the drain outlet properly to avoid leakage from the drain pipe
  • Always allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area/room, else cooler won’t work effectively
  • Multi-directional wheels and ice chamber


  • Best cooler for small room
  • Very convenient and light weight
  • Nice design and efficient one


  • The capacity is only 12 litres so you need to refill it again and again after 4 hrs
  • Its blower makes little noise when the speed is high

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7. Bajaj Tc2007 34-Litre Air Cooler

Bajaj TC 2007 Air Cooler

This model from Bajaj is the perfect one to enjoy cool air in summers. With 34-litre tank capacity, this air cooler is ideal for bedrooms and offices. It has a powerful airflow with air delivery of 2000 cubic meters per hour (peak) per 1200 cubic meters per hour. The model is also equipped with castors wheels, and so you can easily move it from place to another. It’s easy to read water level indicator easily lets you know how much water is there in the cooler.

It’s chill trap technology and 4-way air deflection ensure the air is cool and uniformly distributed all over the place. This model comes with the latest state-of-the-art design and also has 3-speed blower control that gives you the option to choose the speed as per your requirement.

Key Features

  • Always allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area/room, else cooler won’t work effectively
  • Type of machine cooler design compact climatic condition suitability all climates and coastal regions
  • Air features air delivery (M3/Hr) 2000 air deflection system 4-way speed control 3 speed
  • Other features include chill trap technology – unique ice box – dust protection screen – operates on inverter
  • Capacity: 34 liters


  • Good product and cost effective
  • Perfect cooling with better air flow
  • Nice design
  • Quite big and convenient water tank so no need to refill it frequently


  • Makes a lot of noise

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8. Orient Electric Supercool CP3001H 30 Litres Air Cooler

Orient Electric Supercool CP 3001H Air Cooler

With this Orient Electric Supercool model CP3001H, get that perfect chill in your room and enjoy the winter like weather. It comes with an 8-metre air throw and a motorized vertical and horizontal louver movement. The model comes with a water tank capacity of 30 litres allowing the cooler to run for long hours.

It is a tower air cooler model that is not only aesthetically pleasing but its performance is also outstanding. Featuring honeycomb pads, it offers superior cooling performance. There comes three speed control options-low , medium and high. It lets you choose your preferred setting for the speed as per the cooling you need.

One of the best features of this cooler is that it is combatible with the inverter that makes it more energy-efficient. Plus, maintenance of the device is too easy, making it absolutely worth for the price.

Key Features

  • Always allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area/room, else cooler won’t work effectively
  • 4 ways air deflection
  • 4 castor wheels
  • Inverter compatible
  • Air delivery – 1300 cubic meters per hour with 3-speed motor
  • Air Throw Distance: 8m


  • Good cooling and nice air flow
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Compact design


  • Noisy vibration
  • Pump maintenance is a problem

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9. Symphony Diet 22i 22-Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 22i Air Cooler

This one is perfect for small rooms featuring smart and efficient cooling. With this air cooler, your room can get cooled within minutes. This air cooler has a water storage capacity of 22 liters, letting you don’t refill it at short period of time. The special feature of this model is that it has an ice chamber that ensures extra cooling.

The model also uses advanced dura-pump technology with a highly efficient honeycomb cooling pad to absorb heat from the room. This air cooler comes with a remote control letting you adjust fan speed or to switch the device on/off more easily. For unscheduled power cuts, you can run this air cooler on an inverter as well.

Key Features

  • Ideal for a room size of 150 Sq ft within the maximum temperature range of 40 Degree
  • Product Dimension: 30cm x 33cm x 94.3cm
  • Always allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area/room, else cooler won’t work effectively
  • Dura-pump technology and empty water tank alarm
  • System restore function and high-efficiency honeycomb pad
  • Full function remote with 7-hour timer
  • Powerful air throw with auto swing
  • Ice chamber and inbuilt remote dock


  • Decent product
  • Perfect cooling
  • Air throw is very good for small to average room
  • Water tank capacity is good so no need to refill frequently as it lasts for 6-8 hrs


  • No negative reviews

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10. Symphony Hicool i 31-Litre Air Cooler with Remote-For Medium room

Symphony Hicool i Air Cooler

Now last but not least, again a model from Symphony that is rated as the smartest and best air cooler in India. With its high intelligence and effective cooling feature, the model is sure to cool a room down in minutes. It has a water tank capacity of 31 litres. This water cooler has a high air delivery rate of 1,750 cubic metre. This air cooler also comes with a high-quality ice chamber to ensure that the water remains cool throughout the day, This air cooler is also featuring humidity control, along with a honeycomb cooling pad. You can control its speed, switch it on/off and also set a sleep timer with the help of a user-friendly remote control.

Key Features

  • For rooms up to 50 m3/ 1750 ft3 within the maximum temperature range of 42 Degree
  • Product Dimension: 500mm x 380mm x 915mm
  • Always allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area/room, else cooler won’t work effectively
  • Dura-pump technology, empty water tank alarm and system restore function
  • Full function remote with 7-hour timer
  • Powerful air throw with auto swing
  • Inbuilt remote dock and high-efficiency honeycomb pad
  • Cooling Area (Mtr.3/Ft.3): 50/1750


  • Excellent product
  • Good built and nice design
  • Good cooling and air flow
  • Great for small to medium rooms


  • Not good for large rooms
  • Don’t have humidity controller

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How to Choose the Best Air Coolers?(Buying Guide)

Types of Air Coolers

Different types of air coolers are available in the market like room coolers (used for bedrooms, small offices), jumbo coolers (used for large halls, bigger offices), duct coolers (used for central air cooling), etc. based on the area they cool. But the basic principle of working remains the same for all of these air coolers. Let’s have a look at different types of air coolers.

1. Desert Coolers

Desert coolers are intended to be used for bigger areas having the water tank capacity of about 40-60 liters. These are very powerful in cooling and ensure better performance during the hot and dry weather conditions. These coolers come with powerful pumps and huge fans, making them able to work for long hours. Even having the castor wheels these ensure easy mobility from one place to another.

The desert air coolers are ideal for bigger rooms, halls, banquets, etc. You can also use them for outdoor as well.

2. Room Coolers or Personal Coolers

These air coolers are smaller in size as compared to desert coolers and have the water tank capacity of about 20-30 liters. So, it works well for smaller areas only, like your bedroom, living room, or dining room, etc. The biggest benefit of these coolers over the desert coolers is that they consume less electricity and make less noise. These coolers also include the castor wheels for easy shifting of it from one place to another.

3. Tower Air Coolers

Tower coolers are the most beautiful versions of air coolers. It comes in a pleasing aesthetic that adds a touch of grace to your room decor. Even if space is a constraint for you, this version is the best to go with. Its slim and sleek design easily fits in small areas and occupies less floor space. Having the water tank capacity of 20-40 liters these can work for long hours. And the caster wheels included with it offer the smooth movement of it from one place to another.

4. Window Coolers

Window coolers are also known as duct coolers and much similar to a Window AC. These are installed in a window to cool the room. The plus point of these coolers is that they occupy very less space and are great for indoor use. These come with the water tank capacity of up to 40 liters for long operational hours.

Factors to Look for Before Buying an Air Cooler

1. Cooling Capacity of the Cooler

Choosing the right size of air cooler as per the room size is very important for better cooling. For this, you need to assess the air delivery rate of the cooler. The airflow of the cooler is measured in terms of CFM (cubic feet per minute). It determines the airflow in a room per minute to cool the room. You can calculate the correct size of the air cooler required for your room by calculating the CFM.

You can simply calculate the CFM using the following method.

Air delivery of the cooler (CFM) = [Area of Room (sq. ft.) X Height of the Room (ft)] /2

For example, If the room area is 200 sq. ft. and the height is 8 ft., then

Air Delivery of the Cooler (CFM) = (200X8)/2 = 800 cu. ft. per minute

So, it determines that for this room size, you need an air cooler having the minimum air delivery rate of 800 cu.ft per minute to get better cooling.

2. Cooling Pad Type

Cooling pads are the most important parts of the air cooler responsible for cooling. The air coolers generally come with two types of cooling pads- honeycomb and aspen wool wool.

The Honeycomb cooling pads, like the name, come in a honeycomb shape and are made up of cellulose material. These are excellent in terms of durability and efficiency. And the best part is that it requires very little maintenance. The only downside is that these are a bit expensive over the next variation.

The Aspen Wool Wool cooling pads are made up of synthetic fibers of the wood and are cheaper. But these are less durable and less efficient over the honeycomb cooling pads. They also require a lot of maintenance.

3. Construction Material

The air coolers come in two material variants- fiber body and the steel body. Fiber body offers more pleasing aesthetics as compared to their steel counterparts. But for the cooling aspect, steel coolers are always better than the fiber body air coolers.

4. Water Tank Capacity

We have already discussed above the different types of air coolers as well as their water tank capacity. The one that comes with the bigger water tank capacity requires not frequent refilling and works for long hours. But choosing the right water tank capacity also depends on the size of the room you want to cool. For a small room, the capacity ranging from 15-30 liters is quite enough. But, for medium-sized or bigger rooms, you may always opt for the cooler with larger water capacity.

5. Design

The latest air coolers come in a modern, stylish design that offers a graceful appeal to your room decor. Various compact models are available that don’t take too much space. And if you are more short on space, tower air coolers are the preferable choice for its sleek and smart design. These air coolers are now very trending for its slim profile.

6. Budget

The budget is always the most important consideration before buying any product. Any good quality air cooler from the top brands ranges from Rs 5000- Rs12000. However, the price increases with the increment in features as well as the water tank capacity. So, the choice depends on you. If you want the one with some advanced and extra features, you will have to pay extra. And if you are okay with the minimum functionalities, you can go for the budget models.

7. Warranty

It is always better to choose only the branded models as it ensures performance, reliability, and durability all. And the most important thing is a good warranty tenure that only the branded one offers. Some of the top brands like Bajaj, Orient, Symphony, etc. provide a minimum one year warranty, even extended warranty on their air coolers.

Some More Smart Features to Look For

1. Remote Control Operation

Various latest and advanced models of air coolers come with the remote control feature. It allows you to operate the cooler conveniently using the remote, exactly like you do in an AC.

2. Variable Speed Settings

Unlike the traditional models that come with only one fan speed, various latest models include the adjustable speed settings for the fan, including low, medium, and high. So, you can choose the preferred speed of the cooler’s fan using this function.

3. Compatibility with Inverter

You already know that air coolers consume less power for its operation. And its compatibility with inverters makes it more energy efficient. Many latest models are inverter-compatible, easily run on inverters, and consume 50% less power, which is the biggest benefit.

4. Ice Tray

You can find an ice tray section in various latest models of the air coolers. It lets you keep the ice cube tray there, and when this ice melts and mixes with the water present in the reservoir, it offers more cooling to the room.

5. Empty Tank Alarm

It is one of the most beneficial features of an air cooler and found only in the hi-tech models. You know it well that a cooler requires a certain level of water for its efficient operation. If the water level is low, the cooler will not work properly. So, the empty tank alarm feature always notifies you about the water level in the cooler through its beeping sound. The alarm beeps when the water level is low, ensuring that it needs refilling for its efficient operation.

Air Coolers Vs. Air Conditioners

The Advantages

  • Air coolers are much affordable over the air conditioners.
  • The coolers consume less electricity than air conditioners. Thus, it saves a lot on your annual electricity bills.
  • Air coolers use water for cooling rather than using the refrigerant like an AC does. Thus, it makes the air cooler an environment-friendly gadget.
  • An air conditioner requires a fixed installation. Thus, it can not be moved from one place to another. On the other hand, air coolers are portable and can be moved easily from one place to another.

The Disadvantages

  • The fans of the air coolers are quite annoying. You don’t face this issue in air conditioners, as it works noiselessly.
  • Air coolers work best only in hot and dry climates. It does not work effectively when the humidity level is high, and that is not a case with the ACs.
  • The cooler needs water for its working. So, if there is an issue of hard water in your area, it may result in the corrosion of its internal parts.
Note: To ensure the better cooling of air coolers, good ventilation works very effectively. Ensure to keep it near the window as it offers faster cooling of the room. Also, keep the doors and windows open for fresh airflow in the room.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance of Air Coolers

Below are some useful tips for the cleaning and maintenance of the air coolers.

  • Clean the whole body of the cooler using a wet or damp cloth to remove the dust from it.
  • Always fill the fresh and clean water in the water tank.
  • Clean the water tank completely once in a week to avoid bad smell.
  • When not in use, drain out the water tank completely.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of cooling pads. Use a soft brush to clean dust from it. It is better to replace it every year.
  • Also, check the fan condition and clean it using a cloth to remove dust from it. If there is any crack, replace it asap.
  • Use a good lubricating oil to the pump and motor of the cooler to ensure smooth functioning of them.
  • Always fill the air cooler with the necessary water level for its best performance.
  • Never leave the water in the air cooler if not in use for a long period.
  • Store the cooler at a safe place away from dust when not in use for a longer duration.

How does Air Cooler work?

The air cooler works on the evaporation method to ensure better cooling, thereby also known as evaporative coolers or swamp coolers. It comes with a fan, pump, cooling pad, and reservoir for storing water.

When you switch it on, the pump of the cooler diffuses the water to the cooling pad. It also draws the outside air, which again goes through the cooling pad. When hot air from outside is passed through the water present in the cooler, it gets evaporated. And this transfer of heat from the air to water decreases the air temperature, making it cooler. Now, this cool air is then dispersed into the room by means of the fan present in the cooler.

This way, an air cooler continues the same process again and again and decreases the room temperature making it cool.


That’s all about the best air coolers in India that you can buy to beat the harh heat of summers. All these models are picked from the well known brands and are listed with both positive and negative customer reviews. So just look at the features, reviews, and specifications of all the above listed air coolers and pick the one according to your preferences and budget. As our personal recommendation, you can go with Crompton Greaves Ozone Air Cooler that s best in performnace and features.

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