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The Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Salt Lamp

In the realm of natural wellness and holistic decoration, salt lamps, especially those made of Himalayan pink salt, have become increasingly popular. Touted as a source of negative ions, which are said to purify the air, along with many other health benefits, salt lamps have made their way into many homes. But, before you go ahead and purchase one, there are some important things you must consider. In this article, we will discuss seven crucial aspects you should take into account before buying the best salt lamp.

What to Look for Before Buying a Salt Lamp?

1. Authenticity

Genuine salt lamps are carved from pure Himalayan pink salt, mined from the western side of the Himalayan Mountains, mainly in Pakistan. When looking for an original Himalayan salt lamp from India, ensure it is sourced from these mines. Be cautious of counterfeit lamps, which might be cheaper but do not offer the same benefits or aesthetic value.

The color of these lamps can range from light pink to a pinkish orange due to the high concentration of minerals. If a salt lamp is white and sold at a low price, it may not be genuine Himalayan. White Himalayan salt exists but is rarer and more expensive than the colored varieties.

Quality of the Salt Crystal

The quality of the salt crystal used in the lamp determines its effectiveness and durability. Lamps made from high-quality salt crystals are likely to last longer and provide better luminosity. The lamp should be free from visible impurities, and it should have a rough, unpolished surface, which increases the emission of negative ions.

Size and Weight

The size of a salt lamp should be chosen based on the area you plan to cover. As a rule of thumb, a larger lamp will have a greater effect on the surrounding air quality because it has a larger surface area. Typically, a 5-7 lbs salt lamp is effective for an average-sized bedroom, while larger spaces will require heavier lamps. While the size should be suited to your space, be aware that a larger lamp will have greater potential benefits.

Quality of the Base

Another critical factor is the quality of the lamp’s base. Genuine Himalayan salt lamps are heavy and therefore require a robust base to prevent tipping or falling. A sturdy base made of quality materials like neem or other hardwoods is essential.

Bulb and Heat Production

One significant aspect of the Himalayan salt lamp’s functionality is its heat production. The warmth of the bulb inside the lamp heats the salt and promotes the release of negative ions. Therefore, the lamp should have a heat-producing bulb and a system that can handle heat without posing a fire risk.

Brightness and Dimming Options

Salt lamps are often used as night lamps, offering a warm, comforting glow. Some people may prefer a brighter light, while others might want a dimmer one. It’s advisable to choose a lamp with a dimmer switch, which lets you adjust the brightness level to your preference.

Potential Side Effects

While Himalayan salt lamps are generally safe, some potential side effects should be noted. Too much exposure can lead to salt poisoning in pets, making it important to keep salt lamps out of their reach. Moreover, these lamps can attract moisture and could potentially cause electrical problems. It’s crucial to heed the Himalayan salt lamp warning and use them responsibly.

Spiritual Benefits

Many people believe in the spiritual benefits of a salt lamp, stating it helps to cleanse the energy in a room and create a peaceful, relaxing environment. They are often used in spaces for meditation or yoga. If you seek these benefits, it’s important to consider the best place to put a salt lamp. Ideal locations could be a bedroom for improved sleep quality or a workspace to help reduce stress.

Safety Standards

The lamp should also have a quality electrical cord and a reliable certification for electrical components to ensure safety standards are met.


Finally, the cost and the brand reputation are key factors. The best salt lamp doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive, but you often get what you pay for. The cost of the lamp can be an indication of its quality. Genuine Himalayan salt lamps are not cheap due to the cost of the raw materials and the manual labor involved in carving and shipping them. If you find a salt lamp that is unusually inexpensive, it may be an imitation or of low quality. Look for a reputable brand that guarantees the authenticity of their lamps and has positive customer reviews.


Salt lamps require proper care to ensure they last. They can attract moisture and dust, so they should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth and dried thoroughly. A well-constructed lamp should be easy to clean and maintain. If you live in a particularly humid area, consider that you may need to care for your lamp more frequently, as the salt can attract excess moisture and begin to dissolve.


In conclusion, while salt lamps can bring a warm, soothing atmosphere to your home, and potentially offer health benefits, it’s essential to choose carefully. Make sure your lamp comes from a reputable source, meets safety standards, fits the size of your space, and suits your budget. By considering all these factors, you can enjoy the maximum benefits that salt lamps have to offer.

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