How to Choose a Weighted Blanket | Weighted Blanket Buying Guide

Buying a weighted blanket is definitely the best decision if you are facing any sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, etc. Unfortunately, your regular blanket will not work here. So, if you are planning to replace your traditional blanket with a weighted blanket but don’t know what to consider before buying the one, we are here with our complete weighted blanket buying guide for you.

Have a look at some of the most important features that you must look at before buying a weighted blanket for your needs.

Things to Look For Before Buying a Weighted Blanket

1. Usage

First of all, you should know your requirements. For example, folks with sleeping problems can use the weighted blanket to reduce anxiety and insomnia, but if it is age-related sleeping problems such as breathing issues or feeling suffocated should avoid using heavy blankets.

It is suggested that young children or older people who have difficulty breathing consult a doctor first before using blankets with a lot of weight.

2. Size

Weighted blankets should cover your entire body, from neck to toe, without a lot leftover. As a general rule of thumb, you should choose a weighted blanket that is the same size as you or slightly larger.

While buying a weighted blanket for you, make sure that it should be only long enough to reach your chin to feet. In terms of width, it should be wide enough to comfortably cover you underneath it.

Above all, Weighted blankets are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions. To get the right size suitable for your needs, please read our Weighted Blankets Size Guide.

3. Weight

After size, weight is another important thing to consider before purchasing a heavy blanket.
Now the question comes, how heavy should a weighted blanket be? Weighted blankets are available in the range weighing from 2 Kg to 14 Kg. But, how do you know what weight is right for you?

  • For optimal comfort, we recommend you choose a weighted blanket that is ten percent of your body weight.
  • For children or older adults, the blanket should weigh about 10 percent plus one to two kgs of their weight.

To know more details on choosing the correct weight of the heavy blanket, please read our blog on Weighted Blanket Weight Guide.

Some Safety Tips for Children Using Weighted Blankets

  • Children under 9 Kg should never use a weighted blanket of any kind.
  • Weighted blankets should not be used on children or infants who are under two years of age, even if their body weight exceeds 9 Kg.
  • It is not recommended for children to use adult-sized weighted blankets.
  • For children, weighted blankets should not exceed two pounds more than 10 percent of their body weight.

4. Weighted Blanket for Couples

It is no surprise that couples share the same blankets among themselves. But what if it is a weighted blanket? The weight of the blanket varies, and the body size and weight of the couple also varies. So, what next? How to choose the ideal size weighted blanket?

It is a good thing if you both feel comfortable with a load of gravity blankets, whether it is king size, queen size, or any other size blankets.

Instead, the weight of a blanket is more uncomfortable when there is a difference in body weight between both couples. However, it is suggested that if you both have a big difference in weight, then do not share the same blanket. It is always beneficial to buy the blanket based on the ten percent rule, and for couples, it can be considered by their average weight.

5. Thickness

Considering the thickness of the weighted blanket is equally important as size and weight. Weighted blankets are generally thicker than normal blankets because they are stuffed with weights. The type of fabric and the type of weight used as filler affects the thickness and density of the weighted blanket. In general, these heavy blankets are about one inch thick, depending on the type of filler used as weights.

6. Filling

The filling of the weighted blanket is important for both comfort and hygiene. These blankets are available in different types of fillings.

  • Micro glass beads fillings are the most popular. This kind of stuffing is the heaviest blanket that usually comprises larger grains of sand. It is absolutely environmentally friendly and fully hypoallergenic.
  • Micro steel shot stuffing is soft, smooth, and highly durable. Its smooth surface prevents dust and dirt makes the blanket clean and allergen-free.
  • Sand, rice, or other grains are also common fillers, but due to the effect of moisture, they tend to clump or decay, which is not good for comfort and hygiene.

7. Does it have a Removable Cover?

Choosing a blanket with a removable cover is the best way to avoid stains or pet hair getting into it. Cotton- and Minky-based covers are available for weighted blankets, and both are the best options.

If you want a breathable fabric, cotton is the best option for summers. On the other hand, Minky-based covers are warmer and cozier for those chilly winters. Some of the weighted blankets come with these removable covers, while some are not. In those cases, you may need to purchase the cover separately.

8. Weighted Blankets for Hot Sleepers

If you are a hot sleeper, cooling weighted blankets are there for you. These blankets are made with bamboo or cotton as a cover and glass beads as fillers that provide you with the ultimate comfort while sleeping.

9. Portability

Along with the size and weight of the weighted blanket, you also have to keep in mind whether you can lift it and move it around. Weighted blankets should have freedom of movement. Considering mobility issues is not a crazy thing, but it is good to avoid inconvenience in lifting or covering your body with such a heavy blanket.

If the weighted blanket is primarily used for sleeping on a bed, a more oversized blanket is a good option. But, if it is used for traveling, such as flight journeys or long car rides, a smaller blanket would be better. The small size makes it easy to move it around while traveling; after all, you just need to drape your legs for a calming and relaxing effect. People who have ADHD should also consider small blankets or throw blankets for traveling.

10. Weighted Blanket Fabric

Weighted blankets are made from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, fleece, flannel, satin, velvet, or polyester, etc. Choosing the fabric totally depends on your preference. You need to consider a few factors before making your final fabric selection.

First, consider your temperature. If you are cold in nature and love to bundle up in a heavy-weighted blanket that provides you warmth, consider choosing fabric like flannel or fleece.

On the other hand, if you sweat too much at night, the lightweight cotton-blend fabric will be the most ideal choice.

Next, people with sensory-related issues may choose cotton or satin fabrics in their weighted blankets.

11. Price

Weighted blankets are typically more expensive as compared to regular blankets or quilts. But the benefits it offers justify the price tag completely. The cost of a weighted blanket depends on various factors like size, filler, fabric, etc.

Generally, the best quality weighted blankets range from Rs 5000 To Rs 75,000. You may choose the one suiting your preferences and budget both.

12. Research and Customer Reviews

Choosing the best quality weighted blankets that are worth the cost needs proper research. Go for the right size, fabric, filler, and most importantly, a good manufacturer and brand. You can do proper research on different manufacturers and read their product reviews and feedback on various websites to know about it.

Most manufacturers offer trial periods and at least a 14-day money-back guarantee on their weighted blankets to ensure their quality.

13. Care and Maintenance

All the good quality weighted blankets come with the tag of care and wash guidelines. Make sure you choose a weighted blanket that is easy to care for and maintain. We recommend selecting the one that comes with a waterproof cover, the fillers in the blankets can be washed easily and should be lightweight enough to fit in your washing machine for easy cleaning.


Buying a good quality weighted blanket helps you reap amazing health benefits. Hope, this weighted blanket buying guide will help you understand the important things to consider while choosing the right weighted blanket for you. Please read our post on Best Weighted Blankets in India to find the appropriate one for your needs.

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