How to Choose the Right Weight and Size of a Weighted Blanket?

Based on the Deep pressure stimulation technique, Weighted Blankets are becoming more popular day by day. In fact, this proven therapeutic tool offers great benefits in treating anxiety, depression, neurological and attention disorders. In addition, according to studies, individuals who sleep with these weighted blankets get a good night’s nap with less agitation and restlessness.

The blanket is filled with cuddly, warm, and comforting pellets and offers you a restful Hand Hugs therapy or deep pressure touch that effectively reduces anxiety and arousal levels. But if the blanket is too heavy or light, it will be deprived of its usefulness. Hence, the question arises what should be the right weight and size of a weighted Blanket?

In this post we will provide a thorough explanation about the Right Weight and Size of a Weighted Blanket according to every person and its effect after wearing it.

Let’s talk about weight first.

A wide range of weights to choose from

I. 2-3 Kg Weighted Blankets

The initial weight range starts from 2-3 kg, which is quite a good weight for 2-6 years children. In fact, weighted blankets are safe and sound for young ones. But still, it would be wise to consult a medical professional to determine if the weighted blanket is the right choice for your kid or not because every child has a definite medical condition; so are their weighted blanket necessities.

II. 4-4.5 Kg Weighted Blanket

Based on the ten percent rule, 4-5 Kg weighted blanket can accommodate a 38-65 Kg person. The individual weighing more than 38 can go for 4.5 kg or a few kilos more weighted blanket. It personally depends on the choice of whether you like slightly lighter or heavier.

III. 6.5 Kg Weighted Blanket

A person having 65 Kg or more can use a 6.5-7.0 Kg weighted blanket. Again, it is your preference to choose a slightly heavy or light blanket, and when calculating between 5-12 percent of body weight, 6.5 kg can be suitable for people who weigh approx. 56-96 Kg weight.

IV. 9.0 Kg Weighted Blanket

A 9.0 kg weighted blanket is ideal for those weighing between 75-125 kg weights. However, if you feel a little light, you can add a few kilos more to the 9.0 kg blanket.

What is the ideal weight for a weighted blanket?

The general rule for weight is 10 percent of the sleeper’s weight. However, the heaviness of the weighted blanket can vary between 5-12 percent of the body weight.

It is always preferable to look for a blanket that provides comfort and is safe to cover while resting under it.

Suppose a person weighs 65-68 kg, he would get a 6.0 -6.5 kg blanket. For adults, a few kilos more than ten percent of their body weight can never be harmful. But, still, if it feels heavier while resting beneath it, go for the typical ten percent rule.

Choosing the Right Weight for a Weighted Blanket Based on Your Body Weight

For your convenience, we have prepared a weight chart according to the specific body weight range. It will definitely give you helpful guidance while getting the right weight of the weighted blanket. Take a look!!

Body Weight (Kg)Weighted Blanket Weight (Kg)
11 - 27 Kg0.5 - 2.5 Kg
15 - 38 Kg1.5 - 3.5 Kg
10 - 54 Kg2.25 - 5.44 Kg
27 - 65 Kg2.5 - 6.3 Kg
34 - 81 Kg3.5 - 8.5 Kg
38.5 - 88 Kg3.6 - 9.0 Kg
45 - 108 Kg4.5 - 11.0 Kg
50 - 120 Kg5.0 - 12.0 Kg
56 - 136 Kg5.5 - 13.5 Kg
68 - 163 Kg7.0 - 15.0 Kg

Choosing the Right Weight of Weighted Blanket For Children

A child needs a warm feeling while sleeping, like someone is hugging them. It makes them feel secure and cuddled. Weighted blankets can provide caress experience and are considered safe for children above three years who weigh approximately 22 kg.

Many bedding manufacturers have now started making weighted blankets for children also. And these blankets are entirely safe to use, which typically weigh between 1.5-5.5 Kg.

But, you have to be very careful that the blanket should be only 10 percent of the body weight while picking out a weighted blanket for your kid.

Now, we will talk about the size.

What is the ideal size of a weighted blanket?

Just as weighted blankets are available in different weights, similarly, these blankets are found in different lengths and widths. Here, the thumb rule for the size and dimension of a weighted blanket is the Chin-to-Feet rule. It is just like the 10 percent rule applies for weight.

Weighted blankets are available in different sizes for different-sized people. Although you will find varying sizes of Weighted Blankets available in the market, we recommend choosing the right size to suit specific personal needs.

The point to note here is that if you are using weighted blankets, they should be long enough to cover a person’s neck to their feet. And, its width should be such that the whole body can wrap securely under it.

How to find the right weighted blanket size [Guide]

If it is in your mind that the blanket should be big enough to cover you completely and also hang off the bed’s edges, then the same does not apply to weighted blankets. The heavy weighted blankets are much smaller than normal blankets. Moreover, the size may vary from person to person, and so the weights.

It comes in more than five sizes, including kid-size, twin-size, full-size, king-size, queen-size, and throws blankets.

It would be better to choose a weighted blanket that will work the best for your age, size, and body weight. Let’s have a brief discussion on different weighted blanket sizes.

Twin Size

Twin size blankets are good for children and teens. The ideal measurement of a twin-size weighted blanket should be 38 inches by 72 inches. However, normal twin-size blankets are 65 inches by 90 inches. But a weighted blanket is only meant to cover the whole body and not an extra part of hanging from the bed. So for a slightly wider weighted blanket, 50 inches by 72 inches would be better for growing kids.

Queen Size

A queen-size bed accommodates two sleeping partners very comfortably, and a 60 by 80 inches weighted blanket will fit the Queen Size bed flawlessly. It would be best to use a weighted blanket that is 56-62 inches wide by 72-80 inches long. However, if there is a big difference in the weight of both of your partners, then we suggest that you use two different blankets.

Full Size

Mostly a full-size weighted blanket is available in 50 inches by 72 inches dimension, and it can accommodate only one person sleeping in a full-size bed. It is just 15 inches broader than a regular twin-size bed. Oversized blankets are better suitable on a king-sized or queen-sized bed to comfortably cover one person all over the body.

King Size

King size blankets are usually large blankets in which mainly two people can sleep comfortably. The king-sized weighted blankets are 80 x 87 inches in dimension and weigh approx. 11.5 kg or even more.

However, it could be too heavy to lift for normal-weight people or too light for weighted people. Hence, it is recommended that you go for a king-size blanket with an average weight, neither too heavy nor too light, as per your preferences. Because of its large size, it covers every inch of your body well. But still, avoid using King Size blankets on smaller beds, or you will be tiring just lifting them the whole night.

For adults to experience a peaceful sleep at large, these king-size blankets are the best way to create rejuvenating effects and a comfortable experience.

Child Size

Whether your young child sleeps on a full-size bed, the weighted blanket selection for him should be based on the child’s weight, not the beds. An adult size blanket will be too heavy for a young child. Apart from the child’s size, a 2.5 kg weighted blanket is best enough to give a relaxed and cuddled feel.

The most important thing is that the child should get comfort from the weighted blanket and not the distress. Wearing a weighted blanket forcibly on a child will make him irritable and tetchy, which sometimes causes counterproductive results.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are generally smaller in size and are more versatile. It is not like big-sized quilts, bedspreads, or comforters. It is exclusively designed for comfort and to keep you warm in any room. It enhances a coat of smoothness, casualness, and warmth to any space.

Weighted Blankets Size Chart

You can check the sizing chart for better selection, as most manufacturers provide a detailed listing of weighted blanket sizes. Generally, the width of the weighted blanket ranges between 30-38 inches for kids and 36-40 inches for grown-ups.

As for length, the small-size blankets range between 42- 60 inches long, and full-size blankets range between 50-80 inches long. But, all in all, your preference is primary. You should go for your choice as well as comfort.

However, most individuals prefer different lengths for their blankets. Below we have mentioned a general graph on the length of the weighted blanket based on a particular height.

Person's Height Weighted Blanket Length
5' - 5'4"50" to 56"
5'4" - 5'8"54" to 60"
5'8" - 6'2"58" to 66"
6’2” +64” +


Weighted blankets are just meant for a soothing effect. We hope that information given above will help you to a great extent and will let you choose the right weight and size of the gravity blanket for yourself. For satisfactory results, use weighted blankets correctly with each safety measure and size them correctly for better outcomes.

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