Fruits and Vegetable Purifier

7 Best Fruits and Vegetable Purifier in India 2020: Review & Buying Guide

Germs, microorganisms, dirt, chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers are the main cause of contamination in fruits & vegetables that can cause various health issues. Using normal water for cleaning them is not enough. You can use a fruit & vegetable purifier to removes all the impurities and contaminants from them which makes them safe for consumption. Read the blog to choose the best model for your home.


12 Best Recliners in India 2020: Review and Buying Guide

Having a recliner at home offers you the ultimate comfort and relaxing position. Whether you want to get relax from your hectic and stressful day, or want to watch your favorite movie in a comfy position or even read your favorite book, the recliner chair or sofa is the best solution. Read this blog to pick the latest model of recliners with their complete buyers guide.

gravity based water purifier

7 Best Gravity Based Water Purifier in India 2020: Review & Buying Guide

Gravity based water purifiers are the best option if you want a cost-effective solution for getting safe and pure drinking water. Also, these operate without electricity and continuous water supply that is the biggest benefit, further saving more cost. Read the blog to get in-depth details on it, along with the full review of our best-picked models.

Front Load Washing Machine

10 Best Front Load Washing Machine in India 2020: Review & Buying Guide

Front load washing machine is the most efficient washer. It is not only used in laundries but also getting popular in Indian homes as one of the must have electronic item. These washer are expensive but comes with added features, colors and variety which make it most desirable washer. Read this review and choose which fits your requirement.

PNG gas geyser

Best 5 PNG Gas Geyser in India (2020): Buying Guide & Safety Tips

PNG gas geysers are not so common, the reason is limited availability of PNG supply in Indian cities. But wherever it is available, consider using PNG geysers instead of LPG. Comparatively, it is safer and you don’t have to worry about its supply. In this post, we have reviewed the best PNG water heaters available in India. We have mentioned necessary safety tips & compared it with LPG & electric geysers

Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines in India 2020: Review & Buyer’s Guide

Semi automatic washing machines are most affordable and budget friendly washer for middle class family in India. Many brands have flooded the market with semi automatic washer making it difficult for people to choose the right one. To choose the best one which is budget friendly & geared with all latest features we have reviewed best models in this blog.

Washing Machines in India

Best Washing Machines in India 2020: Washing Machine Buying Guide

Choosing the right type of washing machine is a daunting task. Selecting for the right capacity, which type to choose, what is your daily laundry cleaning requirements, do you want semi automatic or fully automatic washing machine- these question arises in your mind while you are planning to buy the one. Remove all your confusions with this ultimate buying guide on choosing the right washing machine for your home.

French Door Refrigerators

Best French Door Refrigerators in India 2020- Review of Top Models

French door refrigerators are one of the most trendiest variants nowadays among various styles of refrigerators. With the most pleasing aesthetics and well-organized spacious set-up, it is a great addition to your kitchen. Check the blog for the review of top-rated models and the complete buying guide on French door refrigerators.

Side by Side Refrigerators

Best Side By Side Refrigerators in India 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

Having the massive capacity to store food items in large quantities as well as a bigger freezer section, a side by side refrigerator is an excellent buy for big and joint families. Also, the modern, stylish appeal of these refrigerators adds a touch of grace and style to your kitchen interiors. Check out the list of best models and our complete buying guide to choose the best one.

Triple Door Refrigerators

Best Triple Door Refrigerators in India 2020 (Top Multi-Door Fridge)

Triple door refrigerators are one of the best versions of various refrigerator types. Since it comes with three separate compartments for different storage needs, it is an ideal choice for the medium-sized family. Also, these are less expensive than other high-tech variants of refrigerators. Read the blog to get your favorite model from our curated list.

3 Liters Electric Pressure Cooker

Best 3 Liters Electric Pressure Cooker in India 2020

An Electric Pressure Cooker is a must-have appliance for your kitchen that cooks faster and retains the taste and nutrients in the food. But, choosing the right capacity of it is also very important. If you have a small family, choosing an electric pressure cooker of 3 L capacity is ideal. So, check the blog to pick the best one as per your budget and preferences.