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7 Best Popcorn Makers in India 2023 | Top Electric Popcorn Makers Reviews

Whether you are watching your favorite TV shows or movie in your home theater or having a cup of evening tea or coffee, a bowl of popcorn makes it really awesome. Gone are the days when people were using the gas stove for popping up the popcorns. This traditional way of making popcorns left behind some unpopped or burned kernels, spoiling your mood and is tricky too. This is where comes the role of most handy appliance- the Best Popcorn Makers, you can use very easily at home.

With different types of popcorn makers available, we have compiled here the best Hot Air Popcorn Makers and their reviews so that you can make the best pick.

7 Best Popcorn Makers in India

We have picked some of the best popcorn makers that are very easy to use, budget-friendly, and can get your popcorn popping in no time. These electric popcorn makers are also not so messy in making your favorite snack. From the size, design, functionality and of course the convenience, we have taken all these things into consideration so that you can make only the best pick. So let’s have a look on our top picked models.

Popcorn MakersCapacityPower ConsumptionWarranty
Hamilton Beach Electric Popcorn Popper
Read Review
24 cups--CHECK PRICE
Cuisinart CPM-700 EasyPop Popcorn Maker
Read Review
16 cups-3 YearsCHECK PRICE
Oango Hot Air Popcorn Maker
Read Review
60 g1200 W-CHECK PRICE
Nostalgia SP660SS Popcorn Maker
Read Review
24 Cups-1 YearCHECK PRICE
Sheffield Classic Popcorn Maker
Read Review
50 g1200 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
Nova NPM-3772 Pop Corn Maker
Read Review
80 g1200 W1 YearCHECK PRICE
Libra LPM01 Popcorn Maker
Read Review
60 g1200 W3 MonthsCHECK PRICE

Best Popcorn Maker Machines in India – Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper – Best Pick

Hamilton Beach Popcorn Maker

Homemade popcorn is now getting easy with this popcorn maker from Hamilton Beach. Its hot air circulation technology and simple one switch operation make popcorn making no hassle at all.

The first thing that we love about this product is its appealing design in red color followed with a transparent lid. The lid keeps all the kernels contained during the popping process, thereby making no mess on floor. The lid also doubles as a serving bowl.

This popcorn maker also includes a motorized stirring arm that agitates continuously to pop up the corn kernels. You can add oil or butter as per your preferences to add more flavor.

The another best part is its non-stick heating plate that ensures easy clean up with just a simple wipe. Even the stirring arm is also easily removable that ensures better cleaning as well.

The appliance is able to make 24 cups of popcorn in one batch, so whether for party, gathering, or any occasion, you can simply treat your friends with the flavorful and healthy popcorns.

Key Features

  • Straightforward one switch operation
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Pops speedier than a microwave
  • Less energy consumption
  • Nonstick plate for easy cleaning


  • Ergonomic design and excellent build quality
  • Good and fast output
  • The thermal cut off feature is very nice
  • Pops the kernels completely
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Consumes less power


  • Expensive

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2. Cuisinart CPM-700 EasyPop Popcorn Maker – Runner Up

Cuisinart CPM 700 Popcorn Maker

You will definitely love this electric popcorn maker from the brand Cuisinart because of its amazing features. Its compact profile doesn’t take much space of your kitchen countertop. Plus, the stylish design adds a grace of appeal to your kitchen interiors.

With its quick and efficient operation, this popcorn popper is capable of delivering up to 16 cups of gourmet corn in just 3 minutes. The one key operation makes it so easy to operate, even no longer to wait for your favorite crispy and delicious popcorns. It also includes a motorized stirring arm for even mixing.

Talking about the construction, the quality material including brushed stainless steel base with a removable non-stick aluminum cooking plate makes it study and durable. Also, cleaning is a breeze, just need a simple damp cloth wipe to give it a shiny finish.

And the best part is that it uses hot air for popcorn popping, so a healthier alternative for your favorite movie-time snack.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Capacity to make 16 cups of popcorn at a time
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • High-quality material
  • Super easy cleaning


  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Quality of the product is awesome
  • Delivers crispy and crunchy popcorns in just 3 minutes
  • Easy to operate without a mess
  • Great to use for party and gatherings
  • Cleaning is also very easy
  • All the removable parts are dishwasher safe


  • Expensive

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3. Oango Hot Air Popcorn Maker – Best Budget Pick

Oango Hot Air Popcorn Maker

This popcorn maker from the brand Oango combines quality, performance, and versatility all in one. And thus a great pick for getting your favorite snack anytime. You can enjoy not only the tasty and flavored popcorns but also other snacks too with this popcorn maker. This popcorn popper lets you make a variety of delicious snacks including roasted peanuts, dry fruits, and namkeens, etc. It comes with a heating element that helps you to make your favorite snacks in no time.

Key Features

  • Halogen heating element
  • Detachable non-stick cooking plate
  • Rolling stirrer
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Cook and serve bowl


  • Build quality, performance and reliability is very good
  • Option for with and without oil cooking is great
  • Delivers crispy and crunchy popcorns and other snacks
  • Cleaning is super easy


  • It tends to get foggy inside the lid while using oil/ghee or sometimes even with only the seeds

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4. Nostalgia SP660SS Stainless Steel Stir-Pop 6-Quart Popcorn Maker

Nostalgia Best Pocorn Maker

The other best popcorn maker in our list belongs from the house of Nostalgia. For the perfect super fluffy, crunchy, and delicious popcorns and other snacks to make, this one electric popcorn maker is the worth purchase.

When it comes to design, it is extremely eye-catching in classy silver color and a transparent lid over there. Moreover, the compact profile ensures easy storage as well. The stainless steel construction makes the appliance durable and long-lasting.

This simple appliance uses quick heat halogen technology to make popcorn in no time. There also comes a motorized stirring rod that even distributes the kernels for perfect popping of each.

The best thing is its higher capacity of popping kernels. In one batch, you can make 24 cups of popcorn, to treat your guests without running out of popcorn.

Key Features

  • Quick heat halogen technology
  • Can make 24 cups at a time
  • Vents allow moisture to escape
  • Motorized stirring rod for even popping and also avoids popcorn from burning
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Makes other snacks too
  • Transparent lid doubles as a serving bowl


  • Superb quality product
  • Smart design
  • Delivers fully popped kernels in no time
  • Performs very well
  • Easy to operate and clean


  • No downsides noted yet

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5. Sheffield Classic Popcorn Maker

Sheffield Classic Popcorn Maker

This is another best hot air popcorn maker from the brand Sheffield. If you want to make the fluffy popcorns in just one minute, this one is absolutely a great purchase. Not only a popcorn maker, but this is a multi-purpose snack maker too. You can easily make other snacks like roasted peanuts, cashew nuts, rice tubes, finger-chips, coffee beans, papad, etc. in this snack maker. Since this popcorn popper uses the hot air technology for making popcorns, it is a great and healthier alternative to no-oil cooking.

Key Features

  • Hot air circulation technology
  • Powerful 1200 W Motor
  • Easy to operate
  • 40-60g capacity per shot
  • Multipurpose lid acts as a serving bowl


  • Nice build quality
  • Good for an oil-free snack
  • Its multipurpose lid can be used to serve snacks also
  • Easy to clean and operate


  • No downsides noted yet

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6. Nova NPM-3772 Pop Corn Maker

Nova Hot Air Electric Popcorn Maker

Making popcorn is super easy is with this hot air popcorn maker from the brand Nova. It can pops greatly flavored popcorns in a matter of minutes. The best part is that it uses hot air circulation technology for making popcorns, thus providing you a healthier option without even using butter or oil. It is well built with sturdy construction and cleaning of it is really a breeze.

Key Features

  • Hot Air Circulation Technology
  • Heavy-duty popcorn maker
  • Easy one-touch operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Less power consumption


  • Classy and elegant design
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe to use
  • Delivers crispy and crunchy popcorn without using oil


  • Takes too long to pop

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7. Libra Popcorn Maker

Libra Popcorn Maker

This simple yet efficient electric popcorn maker from Libra can get its job done very perfectly. It uses the hot air circulation technology to make the popcorns without using butter or oil in a matter of minutes. Thus, providing a healthy option for your favorite crunchy snack. It comes with a nonstick frying bowl and rotating bowl that pops great tasting corn evenly without leaving it unpopped. It has a multipurpose lid that you can also use to serve the popcorns.

Key Features

  • Powerful Motor for the speedy operation
  • Hot air circulation technology
  • 40-60g capacity per shot
  • Nonstick chamber
  • One-touch operation
  • Compact design


  • Nice built
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers oil-free snack and thus a healthier option for our favorite snack
  • Cleaning is very easy
  • Amazing speed of operation


  • No downsides noted yet

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Hot Air Popcorn Makers Buying Guide

What is a Popcorn Maker Machine and how it works?

Popcorn makers also known as Popcorn Poppers are really one of the most easiest technological machines to pop the heated kernels of corn for the crunchy and puffy popcorns. These are absolutely the safer and healthier alternatives towards popping the popcorn in a microwave. It just needs no additives, salt, or oil, and makes the super crunchy snack in a matter of minutes.

Even there are various types of popcorn makers available in the market which we are going to discuss in the next section, the use of each of them is almost the same. You just need to add the corn kernels in the chamber of the popcorn popper and switch it on. Wait for a few minutes and its ready now. So isn’t it very simple? For extra flavor to enjoy, you can add more seasonings to it.

Why Choose a Popcorn Maker Machine for Home?

There is no doubt that with its crunchy, salty, and buttery flavor, popcorn is the world’s best versatile snack, everyone has the cravings for. Even, it also comes with an awesome nutritional punch. So, why don’t you have a popcorn machine in your kitchen to make healthy, tasty and fresh snack whenever you want.

The latest variants of popcorn makers allow easy popping of the kernels from the comfort of your home. So, you can have your snack anytime whenever you want.

Also, if you are more concerned about your health, and don’t want to consume store-bought or pre-packaged varieties of popcorn drenched in artificial ingredients, and other unhealthy additives, it is best to have a popcorn maker at your home. This way you can make the healthy, tasty, and crunchy popcorn from the comfort of your home.

Different Types of Popcorn Makers

1. Hot Air Popcorn Makers

These are electric machines that use hot air to pop the kernels and send the finished popcorns out of a shaft in front of the appliance. The best part with hot air popcorn makers is that you don’t need any fat or cooking oil for popping up the popcorns. And hence you will have only fewer calories with this machine. It is very easy to use. You just need to add the kernels in the chamber and let’s do their work.

2. Microwave Popcorn Popper

As the name says, absolutely these are the poppers that you can use in a microwave. This is the easiest way to cook the popcorn in few minutes only. The microwave popcorn makers are made of silicone and other microwave-safe materials. Here, you just need to add the kernels in the popper and microwave it for a few minutes with or without oil. And it is done.

Check here for the Reviews of Best Microwave Popcorn Makers

3. Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Stovetop popcorn makers also known as hand crank stirrer, pops the same way like electric popcorn makers. But instead of the electronic base, it comes with a pot to sit on the stove. A crank and stirring rod is there to move the kernels while they are popping. And its built-in lid keeps the popcorn in the pot. The very best part is that you can add extra seasonings or flavor while doing the popup process to spread the goodness to your popcorns.

4. Commercial Popcorn Makers

The commercial popcorn makers are large units with a nostalgic look and operates through a cylindrical unit near the top where you pour either oil and kernels or the commercial popcorn packages. These are ideal to use in carnivals, entertainment centers, etc.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Popcorn Maker for your home

1. Type

We have already discussed about different types of popcorn makers in the above section. If you are going to buy the one for your home, you have to select among stovetop, hot air, or microwave popcorn poppers. So, it depends on you which one you want.

2. Size

Size is the most important factor while buying a popcorn maker for your home. Choose the one that easily fits your kitchen cabinet. Hot air poppers, stovetop poppers, and microwave poppers are ideal if you have less space in your kitchen. But if you have enough space in your kitchen, you can also buy the large oil popcorn makers.

3. Maximum Capacity

Capacity is another critical factor that decides how much amount you want in one go. So, it is always suitable to buy the one having large capacity if you want more and more servings in one batch.

4. Ease of Cleaning

If you have made your popcorns with ease in the popcorn maker, it’s time to clean it up. Is it tedious? So, always go for the popcorn poppers which are easy to clean. Another best option is to choose the one that is dishwasher safe making your cleaning task even more easier.

5. Quality

Quality is one such important factor before purchasing any product. And in case of popcorn makers, considering this aspect is very important. It is suggested to always choose the model made up high-quality material and durable too. Also, check that is doesn’t leave the corn kernels unpopped or burnt.

6. Build Material

You must choose a popcorn maker with the topmost build material to ensure its durability and strength. It is always wise to select a model consisting of ABS plastic as it is BPA-free, non-toxic, and food-grade safe.
High-quality build material makes your popcorn completely harmless to eat and ensures its permanence too.

7. Price

While purchasing any appliance, price is another essential feature which you need to consider. It is not always necessary that a high-priced product is well worth it. Sometimes it does not work as promised. Hence, it is always wise to check the features of the product first and compare its price. If you get the expected feature in a given price range, it will be ok to go for that.

For popcorn makers, the price depend upon its type. As we have already discussed the different types of popcorn makers, the best electric popcorn makers come under the range of Rs 1000 to Rs 15000. Choice depends on you.

8. Warranty

Warranty on any product ensures you its endurance. It is always beneficial to get a product that has a minimum 1-year manufacturer warranty. If the products you purchase have some fault in their operation, you can get instant service from a professional if it is in warranty period. The electric popcorn makers come with the warranty duration of 1 year to 3 Years.

Electric Popcorn Maker Cleaning Tips with Important Safety Measures

  • The cleaning procedure of each and every model is different. Hence, it would be best to check the user guide for cleaning recommendations. Nearly every microwave popcorn machines are dishwasher safe. You can wash the popcorn bowl in the dishwasher but make sure don’t deep-set the electrical components in water.
  • The Stovetop models need to be wiped with a damp cloth after each use to clean any oil residue. These models may not be dishwasher safe, but they can be washed manually over and over again.
  • However, if talking about hot air poppers, they don’t get too dirty because it doesn’t use oil for popping the popcorn. It is ok to wipe with a damp cloth to cleanse the surface. The removable parts can wash with a warm soapy solution.
  • The commercial popcorn makers take the most effort to make it sparkling and hygienic. The kettle can be mopped up with paper towels between uses to remove the oil residue. And, once in a while, wash the interior with a warm soapy solution to chuck out oil buildup.

Cleaning Regimen

Before you start the process, unplug the machine and let the kettle cool down completely. You can mix non-ammonia-based Kettle Kleen solution with water to clean your popcorn machine throughout that time. Now follow these simple steps:

I. Pour the soapy solution into the kettle.
II. Plug-in the unit and let the kettle’s solution heat up.
III. Turn off the high temperature and cool the kettle.
IV. Shake well the soapy liquid and then empty the kettle.
V. Clean the rest of the kettle using a rag.
VI. Repeat the steps for stubborn oil residue.

The above procedure is provided for kettle cleaning, and cabinet cleaning is the next step. For this, Wipe the floor plating inside the breakfront and then take out the crumb tray. Make it spotless with a metal-safe solution. Wipe down the frame of the unit as well as windows with a liquid-cleaner and mop. It will quickly remove the stains.
After cleaning the cabinet, kettle, and plating, you are now ready to reassemble the unit. Once it gets organized, you are done for further use!

Safety and Precautions to Follow While using a Popcorn Maker Machine

Cleaning a popcorn maker is not that much a hectic and tedious task, but it is important to know some safety steps as a preventive.

  • First of all, do not clean the kettle just after popping the kernels because the machine gets extremely hot while in operation. If you are non-experienced, it is suggested to avoid touching it or clean the surface.
  • The second thing is to wear protective gloves while cleaning. These gloves will save your bare hands from coming in contact with a harsh liquid solution. It would help best if you use a liquid solution that has less ammonia.
  • Make sure your popcorn machine is unplugged and turned off. Let it cool properly after use before cleaning the surface.
  • Lastly, place the liquid cleaner in a safe place far from the machine; otherwise, it may easy to bump, so it is best to store these redundant materials somewhere safe once cleaning the popper.

The Secret to Make Perfect Popcorn (Smear with oil)

For flavorful popcorn, you need to use the best kind of oil for popping the popcorn. Seeing as virgin coconut oil and canola oil is best for making popcorn as it has its benefits and taste. It is low in cholesterol but rich in flavor. You can prefer any of them as per your taste.

However, popcorn lovers are free to use any oil to make them tasty and flavorful. Apart from coconut or canola oil, you can add soya oil, peanut oil, or sunflower oil to add flavor. It is always best to prefer the oil that you love the most.

To get crunchy and fluffy popcorn, you need to spray the preferred oil on the surface and wait for the popcorn kernels to pop.

Having a popcorn maker is very beneficial as you don’t need too much oil, and it is effortless to clean the greasy surface because of the non-stick plate. Hence, no matter what’s your preferred oil, just sprinkle a little oil to the grains and give a good flavor to your crispy and fluffy popcorn.

Popcorn Makers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is a popcorn maker worth it?
Yes. Watching a movie and eating popcorn is a really great combination, and of course, everyone likes it. If you are purchasing a popcorn maker for home use, it is definitely worth it. The freshly popped popcorn tastes better and gives you the same feel as you are enjoying in Movie Theater. Making it on the electric or hot air, or microwave popcorn maker is just as good and very simple as well.
2. What oil is best for popcorn?
If you are looking for a healthy option, then using olive oil is best of all. Coconut oil is perhaps the most famous and delicious. Seeing as movie theaters make popcorn in coconut oil and it’s that homesick flavor everybody tempting.
You can also choose virgin coconut oil, a healthier option than the highly refined coconut oil used at Cineplex. Sunflower, soy, peanut, and canola oil are also used a lot to make delicious popcorn. Among all, canola oil contains the slightest amount of cholesterol and body fat content.
3. Can I make popcorn with butter instead of oil?
Yes, instead of using oil, you can go with melted butter to add flavor to your popcorn. However, popping popcorn with melted butter is a tricky procedure. Compared to oil, the burning point of butter is lower, which makes it complicated to cook.
Since oil has a higher burning temperature, it becomes easy to pop the corn seeds rather than use butter.
4. Can you pop popcorn without oil?
It is a fact that oil or butter is not necessary to pop popcorn kernels. It is just for adding flavors to popcorns and maybe to keep the corn seeds from sight burning. Rather than using oil, all you need to make your fresh-popped popcorns in a non-stick pot with an air-tight lid.
Here’s how you can make pop your popcorn kernels:
Take a heavy air-tight-lidded pot and fill the bottom with few corn seeds. Pour some water on the corn seeds not like floating, just appropriately covered. Now put the completely lidded pot on the stove, and cook it on medium-high. Shake the pan once in a while. Cast iron pot is ideal for making popcorn at home.
5. Can I use regular popcorn in a popcorn machine?
Generally, there is only a single variety of maize that will turn into popcorn is –Zea mays everta. The corn that we usually eat is different from the corn seeds that become popcorn. There are typically two types of kernels: snowflake popcorn and mushroom popcorn. Snowflake kernel is also known as butterfly popcorn. Both the kernels yield popcorn which is dissimilar in structure but gives an enriched flavor.
However, the Zea mays everta is the independent seed that can pop on high flame and develop into a yummy snack.
6. How many watts does a popcorn machine use?
A popcorn machine uses just about 1500 watts on average.
7. What should you need to figure out when buying a popcorn machine?
Whether buying a popcorn machine for home use, always try to find a premium quality machine with a strong and durable body made of steel. You may find a machine with a cheap quality plastic material that almost looks similar to the better quality popcorn machine. But in the long run, the longevity and performance of the machine will be affected drastically.
Excluding these, it would be best if you look for the size, capacity, ease of usage & cleaning, and quality and price of the machine to ensure its durability.
8. How do you use an electric popcorn popper?
Using a hot air popper, you would require to place a suitable capacity heat-resistant bowl in the popping channel. Plug-in the popcorn maker into a 120 V AC outlet; once the popping begins, the procedure will complete within 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle melted butter on the popcorn and lightly toss the kernels. And, this will be ready!!
9. Can you flavor popcorn before popping?
When it comes to cooking popcorn at home, you have two chances to add flavor to your popcorn: pre and post-popping. Flavor means fat… However, the pan should be greasy before adding the popcorn seeds so they don’t burn up or stick to the bottom. For buttery flavor, you can add melted butter before popping, but this can be tricky.
10. How to clean the electric popcorn maker?
The cleaning procedure is very simple but requires some preventative measures. Follow the below procedure to make your popcorn maker clean and hygienic:

  • Unplug it first to avoid shocking mishaps and wait for at least 30 minutes to let the machine cool down completely.
  • Remove the kettle from the machine and rub down to remove any oil residue. Wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Now clean the interior glass surfaces of the popcorn machine with a non-ammonia-based solution.
  • Let the main unit dried up completely for further use.


This is all about best popcorn makers for a healthy snack. With the buying guide, we have provided in the blog; I am sure you are very clear about how awesome to have a popcorn machine at home. All the models and brands we have mentioned above come with special and unique features that we have described in detail in their reviews. So now, it’s up to you. Choose your favorite one and enjoy the healthy and crispy popcorns whenever you want.

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