8 Best Nebulizers for Medication to Use at Home 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Nebulization is one of the best treatments offered to the patients suffering from various breathing disorders. These disorders include asthma, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, COPD, etc. In these cases, the patients can take medicine via the Nebulizer Machine. By having the best Nebulizer Machine for your home use, you can get the quick relief from any breathing disorders.

Also, in this Coronavirus Pandemic, it is one of the most important medical equipment that you all must have at your home. But choosing the right one requires a lot of considerations. For an in-depth detail on how to choose the best nebulizer machine for your needs, please head to our Comprehensive Buying Guide Section.

Key Takeaways

Here is a quick summary(TL:DR version) from this article.

  • In our review, Omron NE C28 and Dr Trust Bestest is the best bet for your money when buying the best Nebulizer machine for your family. Go for it, we recommend it.
  • If price is a concern for the above models for you, we recommend Control D which is inexpensive but works well for your needs.
  • To select the best one, you should look for warranty, capacity of medication, medication delivery and noise level. If you are looking for an adult and a kid both, then check if it has a suitable mouthpiece and facemask for both of them.

What is a Nebulizer?

Nebulizers are the medical device through which medicine is transmitted to the patients suffering from breathing disorders in the form of mist. The purpose of this medication is to ensure that the medicine goes directly to the patient’s lungs to make them feel relaxed from the breathing issues. The best part is that it is faster, easier, and provides proper relief instantly than any other oral medications.

Top 8 Best Nebulizer Machines in India

Here is the quick list of our best-picked nebulizers that you can buy in India.

Nebulizer MachineMedication CapacityNebulization RateWarranty
Omron NE C28 Compressor
Read Review
7 ml0.4 ml/min1 YearCHECK PRICE
Dr Trust Bestest Compressor
Read Review
8 ml0.5- 5 ml/min6 monthsCHECK PRICE
Control D Compressor
Read Review
5 ml0.4 ml/min1 YearCHECK PRICE
Omron Microair NE-U100 Mesh
Read Review
Philips Home Nebulizer
Read Review
5 ml0.25 ml/min1 YearCHECK PRICE
Equinox EQ-NL 72
Read Review
7 ml0.4 ml/min1 YearCHECK PRICE
Nulife Handyneb
Read Review
10 ml0.18 ml/min1 YearCHECK PRICE
Dr Odin Nebulizer
Read Review
10 ml0.2 ml/min1 YearCHECK PRICE

Best Nebulizer in India- Reviews

Now have a look at the detailed review of all these nebulizers to pick the best one.

1. Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer For Child and Adult (Best Overall)

Omron NE C28 Best Nebulizer

This one from Omron is our top pick for the best nebulizer machine in India. From performance to features as well as price, the products fits best in all the aspects. The unit is featured with powerful compressor technology to deliver higher efficiency. And is best suited for the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies, etc.

This nebulizer includes a unique Virtual Valve Technology that ensures you inhale maximum amounts of medicine and thus no wastage of medicine at all.

What is best is its huge 7 ml medication capacity that ensures you can have the best nebulization session in one go without any need to refill it again and again. Plus, the high nebulization rate of 0.4 ml/min allows fast and reliable treatment in each session.

With a sturdy and robust construction, the product is durable and long lasting. Even more, it’s one button operation makes it extremely easy to use for anyone. More than that cleaning of the machine is super easy and hassle free due to its water-protected switch.

Key Features

  • Virtual Valve Technology for highly efficient nebulization with minimum medicine wastage
  • High nebulization rate of 0.4 ml/min
  • Medication capacity 7 ml
  • Usable for both adults and child
  • 1 Year Warranty on the product
  • Includes: Compressor, nebulizer kit, air tubes, 5 pieces replacement filters, mouth piece, adult mask, child mask, instruction manual and carrying bag


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Simple and user-friendly product
  • Its light-weight design makes it easy to carry around
  • Delivers medication efficiently


  • No downsides noted yet

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2. Dr Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer Machine (Runner Up)

Dr. Trust Compressor Nebulizer

Having the equivalent features as well as quality, this one from Dr. Trust comes as our runner up pick. So, in case if our top pick is not available, you may surely consider this one to treat your breathing issues instantly.

The first thing that we like about this product is its handy and ergonomic design that makes it convenient to use for anyone. Plus, the classy white color option makes it more appealing.

This nebulizer machine delivers the medication straight to your lungs by converting them into fine particles in the form of cold mist. So, you can get instant comfort from asthma, bronchitis, cold & cough and other conditions.

The medication delivery rate range for this machine is 0.5- 5 ml per minute, so you can adjust it according to your comfort. Moreover, it also comes with a chamber capacity of 8 ml that is pretty good enough to hold that much quantity of medicine for a complete nebulization session.

What makes it ideal to use for adults as well as children is the availability of two different sized masks and a mouthpiece. So, inhalation is easy for your entire family.

Key Features

  • High quality medical grade nebulizer
  • Small and portable
  • Flow adjuster to adjust the airflow accordingly from 0.5-5 ml per minute
  • Chamber capacity of 8 ml to hold the medicine
  • Low noise operation
  • Includes two varied sized masks and a mouthpiece
  • Warranty of 6 months


  • Build quality is outstanding
  • Very easy and safe to use
  • Easy to clean
  • It is compatible with doctor prescribed medicine or can be used only with saline water
  • Can be used both for adults as well as a pediatric nebulizer


  • No downsides noted yet

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3. Control D Compressor Nebulizer (Best Budget Pick)

Control D Best Nebulizer

Tight on pocket but still want a performance and feature-rich nebulizer machine? If yes, then this model from Control D is absolutely a great choice. The product features an ergonomic design that can easily fit anywhere, thus also making it easy to carry around. Even with durable materials construction and a powerful piston compressor, it describes an amazing quality to be used for both home and professionally.

The product facilitates adequate and complete inhalation of varied kinds of respiratory medications. Thus, it is a very helpful device in treating asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD and other breathing disorders.

A simple one button operation makes the device absolutely effortless to use. Plus, the availability of both the adults and child kit make it best to use for both of them.

Key Features

  • Delivers super fine particles, thereby making inhaling medicine easy
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Non-toxic materials construction
  • Reusable
  • Medication capacity 5 ml
  • One year Warranty


  • Strong built
  • Very easy to use for both adults and children
  • Kind of quiet
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Effectively delivers the medicine to the lungs without any wastage


  • No downsides noted yet

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4. Omron Microair NE-U100 Mesh Nebulizer

Omron Mesh Nebulizer

Treating simple cough to asthma to another severe breathing conditions is now easier with this super compact mesh nebulizer from Omron. It is a small, handheld, and battery-operated device that you can use conveniently on-the-go.

This high volume nebulizer from Omron is designed for shorter treatment times. So, no more hassle at all even for kids and old aged people.

The best thing about this product is its unique 360 degree operation that allows you to use it in perfect comfortable position whether laying down or sitting up. And therefore, making it easy for the users to inhale the right quantity of effective medicine.

Another great feature is its super silent operation that never bothers you as well as your family members while taking the treatment. Even though, its compact sporty design makes it appealing and easy to carry anywhere.

Key Features

  • Mesh Nebulizer
  • Small handheld device for easy operation
  • 360 degree operation to use it in a comfortable position
  • Unique mesh technology for silent operation
  • Compact sporty design for easy transport


  • A sturdy, well-built nebulizer
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Low noise
  • Works very fast


  • No negative reviews

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5. Philips Home Nebulizer with SideStream Disposable Kit

Philips Home Nebulizer

This nebulizer from Philips is the great choice that offers high-quality aerosol therapy for the effective management of respiratory conditions. This nebulizer is combined with the highly efficient SideStream nebulizer to draw more air in through an active venture system. And it results in fast medication delivery and short treatment time. Its innovative jet design produces the high-quality aerosol consistently for effective treatment.

Key Features

  • Effective therapy
  • Treatment in 6 mins
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Low noise


  • Economical choice
  • Functions excellently
  • Ultimate design
  • Suitable for all kids and adults
  • Easy to use and carry


  • No downsides for the product

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6. Equinox EQ-NL 72 Nebulizer

Equinox EQ NL 72 Nebulizer

The Equinox EQ- NL 72 is a great device for effective medication for asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and other respiratory disorders. The nebulizer converts the liquid drug into very minute particles called aerosol that can easily pass on into the patient’s body suffering from respiratory ailments. The device is very easy to operate, and its portable design makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Key Features

  • High efficient nebulization
  • Non-heating compressor
  • Easy-to-use
  • Portable
  • It comes with a unique VVT (Virtual Valve Technology)
  • In-built nebulizer kit storage area


  • Extremely helpful to use at home
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Up to the mark performance
  • Effective medication
  • Great for all age people


  • No negative reviews

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7. Nulife Handyneb Aerosol Therapy Compressor Nebulizer

Nulife Handyneb Nebulizer

The NuLife HandyNeb Aerosol Therapy Piston Type Compressor Nebulizer is designed for an effective treatment of respiratory or breathing disorders. The device ensures medication is atomized into fine particles faster, and reaching the respiratory tracts more effectively. Thus, resulting in a better medication compliance. This nebulizer is also equipped with safety fuse for safety. And its anti-shock case with handle makes it easy to carry.

Key Features

  • Light and compact
  • Easy to carry
  • Anti-shock case with handle
  • Very powerful & reliable piston compressor nebulizer
  • Best for both professional and intensive use


  • Very light in weight
  • Easy to use
  • Nice product to use at home


  • A little bit noisy

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8. Dr Odin Nebulizer with Piston Compressor Technology

Dr. Odin Compressor Nebulizer

This is another best nebulizer for the effective medication of asthma, severe bronchitis, and other respiratory issues. This nebulizer creates a stream of air that travels via the clear tube to the device. And when the air enters the device, it will convert the prescribed medication into the very fine aerosol mist for easy inhalation. It is very small in size and compact so you can easily tuck it away in your cabinet. It also has very low noise levels, so not disturbing the user.

Key Features

  • Piston Type
  • Low noise level
  • Adult Mask and Child Mask included
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • Great performance
  • Very easy to use and handy nebulizer
  • Easy to clean


  • No negative reviews

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How to Choose the Right Nebulizer Machine? (Buying Guide)

Choosing the right and best nebulizer machine for yourself is quite a tricky job. With the below mentioned Buying Guide you will surely get the best piece for your needs. So, before purchasing the one, you must consider the following factors, so that you may not end up on investing in the wrong product.

Basic Categories of the Nebulizer

1. Tabletop Nebulizer Machine

The tabletop Nebulizer machine is designed to use on a sturdy and even surface and is meant for indoor use. This one variant is suitable for small children and old aged people who need to sit stationary while taking the treatment. Generally, these are less expensive over a handheld nebulizer machine and come with a longer warranty duration.

2. Handheld Nebulizer Machine

As the name says, these are handheld devices with being compact and small in size. Therefore, if you want something for on the go use, these are best portable nebulizer machines. The good part is that these are very easy and convenient to use.

Different Types of Nebulizer Machines

When it comes to type, you will find adult nebulizers and pediatric nebulizers that are designed to use specifically. Apart from these, there are many types of nebulizer machines available in the market that you can choose accordingly. So, let’s have a detailed look at all these types.

1. Compressor Nebulizer

The compressor nebulizer is also known as jet nebulizer or atomizer and is the most common type and older one. It includes a nebulizer cup that is connected to an air compressor via a tube. The compressor pushes out oxygen or compressed air which then passes through the fluid medicine at high speed. Thus, transforming it to an atomized mist that you need to inhale for getting relaxation from breathing issues.


  • These are best for clinics and hospital use.
  • Very easy to use and are also ideal for children.
  • It supports almost all types of medication
  • Very reliable and cost-effective


  • Bulky and noisy
  • Requires power outlet for operation

2. Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer

This type of nebulizer is the most latest and trendy version with a lot of stunning features. It includes a membrane or mesh with 1000 to 7000 laser-drilled holes. The membrane vibrates on the surface of the liquid, and thus pushing out a mist of vaporized medication through the holes.


  • Simple one-button operations
  • No noise operation
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Operates at all angles


  • Very expensive
  • Requires more thorough cleaning especially for the mesh

3. Ultrasonic Nebulizer

It is also the latest variant that comes with an electronic oscillator to generate a high-frequency ultrasonic wave. This ultrasonic wave causes a piezoelectric element that causes vibration. Even when it stays in contact with the liquid medicine and its high-frequency vibration turns the fluid into vapor.


  • Very easy and quiet operation
  • Some ultrasonic nebulizers also work as humidifiers


  • Expensive

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Nebulizer Machine

1. Tank Capacity or Volume

The tank capacity of the nebulizer machine determines the amount of medicine it can hold at a time for a nebulization session. It is typically measured in milliliters. However the capacity is different for each type of nebulizer machine.

  • For compressor nebulizer, you must consider the tank capacity of at least 100 ml.
  • For ultrasound models, the tank capacity range is 50-70 ml, and one refill is enough for the nebulization procedure.
  • Mesh type nebulizers come with smaller tanks up to 15 ml and are quite enough for a nebulization session.

2. Speed of the Medication Delivery

Checking for the speed of medication delivery is one of the most important aspects before investing in any particular model of the nebulizer machine. It determines how faster it will deliver the entire dose of medication to your airways per minute. A nebulizer capacity to deliver medicine falls in the range anywhere from 0.15 ml/min to 0.70 ml/min.

If you are choosing it for your little ones, make sure that it comes with a higher medication delivery rate to end the process faster. Choosing the product with higher medication delivery rate is also suitable for the people suffering from acute asthma or other severe respiratory conditions.

3. Pediatric Nebulizer or for Adult

If you are purchasing the one for your child, you can find various pediatric nebulizers in the market. These come in bright colors and attractive shapes, some even in the shape of animals, allowing your child to enjoy the nebulization session.

Check here, for the Best Pediatric Nebulizers

On the other hand, for adult use, there are various advanced nebulizer machines available in the market with distinct features as well as appearance and design.

4. Noise Level

Who doesn’t love a noiseless machine that never bothers you? Though the nebulizer machines have some noise, there are many latest models that operate silently too, but are on the expensive side. So, if you don’t want any disturbance, choosing a quiet nebulizer machine is the best. Keep in mind-

  • Mesh Nebulizers are very quieter with the noise range of up to 20 dB.
  • Ultrasonic nebulizers are louder with the noise range of 40-45 dB.
  • The compressor nebulizer models are the loudest with the noise level range of 45-55 dB.

5. Weight and Portability

Tabletop nebulizers are great that work efficiently for the medication delivery directly to your lungs. But these are only for indoor use. On the other hand, if you travel often and need nebulization therapy on the go, the handheld machines are the most ideal choice. These are lightweight and portable machines that you can easily carry around. There are some battery-powered devices available too, that are suitable for easy carrying along with you.

6. Ease of Use

Choose the device that comes with an easy interface as well as one touch operation. Since, the nebulizers come with many parts and accessories, make sure that they can be easily disassembled for cleaning and then easy to assemble as well.

7. Price

Various versions of the nebulizer machine come with varying price ranges depending upon its working mechanism as well as features present in it. It is always recommended to choose a machine that fits best of your budget even without compromising on features and quality. The best quality nebulizer machine ranges from Rs 800 to Rs 10,000 (acoording to type and featues).

8. Warranty

Warranty on a nebulizer machine determines its authentication and longevity. It also assures that you may not have to spend extra on its maintenance if any malfunction occurs within that period. Go for the device that comes with a minimum 1-2 years warranty.

The Essential Components of a Nebulizer Machine

  • Air Compressor
  • Nebulizer cup
  • Medication
  • A face mask or mouthpiece
  • Compressor tubing

How to Use a Nebulizer at Home?

The basic steps to use a nebulizer machine correctly are as follows:

  • Firstly, place the air compressor on a flat and sturdy surface and plug it into an electric outlet.
  • Before using the machine, wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water and allow it dry completely.
  • Now put the correct dose of medicine into the nebulizer cup and dilute it properly.
  • Afterwards, assemble the nebulizer cup and use the mask or mouthpiece according to the instructions.
  • Connect the compressor tubing to both the nebulizer cup and the aerosol compressor.
  • Now turn on the device and sit up straight on a chair in a comfortable position.
  • If you are using the mouthpiece, keep in mind to place the nebulizer in an upright position.
  • Take a deep and slow breathe during the process (better to hold your breathe for 2-3 seconds before breathing out). It allows the medication to settle in your airways.
  • Continue the treatment until the medication doesn’t get finished.
  • Once done, clean the unit properly for further usage.

  • If the medication sticks to the sides of the nebulizer cup while taking treatment, you can shake the cup to loosen it.
  • If you feel anxiety or dizziness during the process, stop the treatment and take rest for about 5 minutes. Then start it again. Still if it happens, consult your doctor.
  • Always have an extra nebulizer cup, mask or mouthpiece while taking treatment.
  • Follow the instructions of the manufacturer for proper cleaning, assembly, or filter replacement of the device.

How to Clean a Nebulizer Machine?

Cleaning and disinfecting your nebulizer after each use is very important to prevent any infection. You can follow the following tips to maintain hygiene and stay away from breathing the germs the next time when you use it.

  • The first and foremost thing is to read and follow the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Disassemble all the parts of the unit. Wash the nebulizer cup, mask or mouthpiece with warm water and mild detergent. Allow all the parts to air dry completely.
  • You can also disinfect these parts using a vinegar/water solution (½ cup of white vinegar with 1½ cups of water) or any readymade disinfectant solution.
  • Never soak the compressor or the tubing in water. You can clean it using a damp cloth.
  • Air compressors of the nebulizer machines work on filters. So, you must change it at a regular interval following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Storing Tips for a Nebulizer Machine:

  • Cover the machine with a clean cloth when not in use.
  • Never put the compressor on the floor either for use or for storage.

Nebulizers Vs Inhalers

Nebulizer Machines and Inhalers both the devices are used for taking medication directly to your lungs. But both have their pros and cons.

  • Inhalers are portable handheld devices while the nebulizers are electric or battery-operated machines that turn the liquid medicine into a fine mist to be inhaled into your lungs.
  • The nebulizers come in varying shapes and sizes and are bit bulkier and noisier than the inhalers.
  • Nebulizers are very easy to use for children in comparison to the inhalers.
  • A nebulizer takes longer to deliver medicine, usually 5-10 minutes, but inhalers use very short time for the delivery of medicine to your lungs.
  • Inhalers are cheaper than the nebulizers.

Benefits of Using the Nebulizer Machines

Nebulizers are the most popular medication equipment to get relief from respiratory issues. Here are some of the main benefits of a nebulizer machine:-

  • It provides faster, instant, and long-lasting relief from breathing issues than any other medication can.
  • Since it delivers the medicine directly to the lungs, it is a far more efficient and faster way to treat respiratory problems, or even common cold, cough, and nasal congestion.
  • These are particularly ideal for kids, adults, and old aged people.
  • Using a nebulizer is as easy as breathing. You just need to find a comfortable place to sit, measure your medication and put it into your nebulizer unit and then start your treatment by breathing in and out—it’s as simple as that.
  • Using the nebulizer machine doesn’t have any side-effects.
  • It can improve your long term health.

Nebulizer Machines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the best nebulizer brands in India?
The best nebulizer brands in India are Dr. Trust, Omron, Control D, Dr. Odin, etc. They made high qaulity nebulizers with super impressive performance. Alos, in terms of customer service all these brands are good.
2. Who needs a nebulizer?
A nebulizer machine is for the people who have chronic breathing disorders like asthma, bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), etc. It is also a useful medical equipment for treating common cold and cough in both adults and kids.
3. What are the components of a nebulizer machine?
The main components of a compressor nebulizer machine are air compressor, nebulizer cup, a face mask or mouthpiece, and a compressor tubing.
4. How do I know which nebulizer machine will offer me the best treatment?
The efficiency of the nebulizer machine is determined by how fast it can transfer the medication to your lungs to complete the treatment. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time for a nebulization session. Therefore, seeking for the nebulizers that offer faster treatment. Though there are various types of nebulizers (Compressor, Mesh, Ultrasonic) available with significant levels of efficiency, you must discuss with your doctor which machine suits you best for your condition.
5. What is better to use while nebulizing- a face mask or a mouthpiece?
The mouthpiece is not best to use for infants, small children, and in some cases even for elderly too. Also, the mouthpiece is not suitable for longer nebulizing session. So, using a facemask while taking treatment is mostly recommended. But keep in mind that the mask must be of best fit and covers your nose and mouth completely during the treatment. Special pediatric and adult face masks are available that you can use for an efficient treatment.
6. How often should I clean my nebulizer system?
A nebulizer system must be cleaned after each use and before disinfection. However, you must check the instruction’s manual about its cleaning duration.
7. How often do nebulizer accessories need to be replaced?
As you all know, to avoid spread of germs, the nebulizer unit must be cleaned and maintained after each use. And there is some recommended duration of use for accessories like nebulizer cups, mouthpieces, tubing, or compressor air filters to maintain its effectiveness. Read the instruction manual carefully to know it better which items are reusable or disposable and how often these components need to be replaced.


I am sure the above-listed nebulizers will help you in picking out the best one. All these nebulizers are from the well-known brands, so quality is completely assured. Also, the list is regularly updated; therefore only the latest ones are featured here. Go ahead and choose the best one for you and your loved ones. As our personal recommendation, you can go with Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer for kids and adults.

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